“There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you…" ~ Zima

Contact Me -Edit

AJ Username: Anitabonita

Wiki: Anita525

Zima's Information -Edit

Breed - Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia)

  • Zima
  • Rawr ~
  • Banzai (left) & Zima (right) "We Are One.."
  • Banzai's & Zima's Cubs

Species - Feline

Gender - Female

Name(s) - Zima, Zema, Boo, Zip, Zippy...

Age - 42 Moons (3½ years)

Father - Unknown/Deceased

Mother - Unknown/Deceased

Brother-In-Law - RisingStar (Communicating)

Mate - Banzai (Galaxies7)

Offspring - Amaya (Rose14560) & Chii (Elizabeth3123)

Pack/Clan/Tribe Currently In - CorruptClan

Rank - Leader

Theme Song(s) - Warrior by Beth Crowley, You Can't Take Me by Bryan Adams

Battle Theme Song - Any Other Way by We The Kings

Sparring Theme Song - Get Off Of My Back by Bryan Adams {hehe you still wanna spar me? x3}

Family Theme Song - We Are One by {pshh idk..} The Lion King XD

Appearance -Edit

Zima is a regular sized female snow leopard. She has magnifcent fluffy, thick, white/grey fur with black spots and unusual grey/icy blue eyes. She stands about 27 inches tall (ground to shoulder) and is about 4ft long. She has a thick fluffy tail that is about 40 inches (3ft) long that helps her with her balance. Zima also has massive paws that act like snowshoes. She is very stealthy and fast, and excellent in battle. She is also an amazing hunter since she can leap up to 9 meters (29ft).

Personality -Edit

Zima has a big heart, she is kind and will help almost anyone in need. She is loyal to her clan and would even give up her own life for her family and clan. In battle, Zima may, or may not have the strength to fight her opponent head on, so instead, she will use her surroundings at her advantage against her opponent. She is smart and cunning and will always outsmart her opponent. Anyone who harms, or criticises her family, better run....and run fast..because she will not tolerate it.

Statistics (Out of 100%) -Edit

Climbing - 100%

Intelligence - 100%

Leadership - 99%

Mothering - 98%

Battling/Fighting - 97%

Defense - 97%

Confidence - 96%

Strength - 96%

Speed - 95%

Hunting - 95%

Flexibility - 95%

Swimming - 90%

Self-Control - 90%

Healing/Herbs - 85%

Signature Battle Move -Edit

Zima's most popular move when she is in battle, is she will often first barrel into her opponent's side. Making them fall over and causing them to loose their breath for a few minutes. Within that time, she locks her powerful jaws around her opponent's neck, sinking her large sharp canine teeth into the soft flesh of the neck and ripping at it aggressively. At the same time she is using her strong, powerful forelegs to continually smash into the opponent's side/rib cage... Eventually crushing the ribs and lungs. When she is finished, her opponent's side is practically crushed in, and their neck is torn open. It is very unlikely for anyone to survive this attack...