Midnight of the Midnight Prowlers


Midnight is a pure black wolf with deep blue eyes. Her tribe name is Midnight of the Nocturnal Owls.

Her parents are Fang(Dead) and Flutter(Dead), her brother is Pine.Our last name is Evergreen.

Pine and I where born in BloodPack, my fathers pack, but our mother took us when I was 10 moons and my brother was 7.Beacuse there was a new leader, so that meant they would kill the old alpahs pups,Me and pine..Soon after my father, Venom found us and we were back togeather, but the new alpha, Kion was angry, BUT... it would be against the WolfCode to attack a wolf that's not in your pack or territory..But that didn't stop him.....Stop him from killing my father...My father grew angrier and angrier, so Anethema was pleased....He join Anethema's side...1 moon later my father came back..He...He tried killing me and pine..But my mother, Flutter didn't want that to happen, she fighted him off, but to be killed from the puncture wounds left in her side and neck.... That's how they got wings. My Father for killing, and My Mother for saving a wolf...So know, I..Midnight of the nocturnal owls pleadge my aligiance to The midnight Prowlers....::She howled::


The Evergreens family (Midnight and her family) (1srt wolf: Dead mum :() (2nd pic: Brother pine, ALIVE!) (pic 3: Evil dad, DEAD) (4th pic: old friend Bone)

(5th pic: ME! midnight)