Smog is currently dead. He lived to be 17 moons. His last mate was Clover. He was an offical deputy of Thunderclan and an offical medicine cat. He trained many cats including Bluewhisper and Sagegaze. His best friend was Falcon. Smog was a dark brown colored tom-cat with a black underbelly and dark grey stripes. He was born a rogue to Alle808 and Firestar. His step-mother was Eclipsing.



Bogwhisker is currently alive. She is 19 moons old. Her mate was Pitch. She was a leader of a group known as The Survivalists of the Swamp, she got her name based on the swamp. She trained 1 apprentice of thunderclan (Sandpaw). Her best friend is Tangledclaw. Bogwhisker is a dark brown she-cat with black stripes. Her mother was Lily and her father was unknown. She was born blind but a vet took the cataracts off her eyes. Her mother and two brothers were then killed by a badger when she went into the forest for the first time with her mom. Bog died on 4/3/16. Pitch and her are no longer together.


Pretty gray and white cat

Speckledleaf is a white she-cat with ivory flecks, dappled across her pelt, thus giving her the name Speckled. She recently turned 19 moons on 6/6/16. Her mother was unknown but her father is Frostheart. Her brother is Echostar, leader of Skyclan and Aquastar leader of Riverclan. She is persuing the career as a medicine cat. She had become Skyclan's medicine cat when Wheatgaze died, her former mentor when she was in Thunerclan. She had then left to remake Shadowclan. Her clan now thrives under her leadership. She had to kits with Lionstar, and Capo. She is currently mates with Onz.



Kava is a gray, black and tawny Timber wolf. She is abnormally tall and extremely dangerous. Her mother is Blame (Windstorms) and her aunt is Fatima (Communicatings), the rest of her family is lost in history. Her previous mate was Capo (Imledendary). She currently has no mate or pups. She is currently alive and well.



Olivepaw is a tawny tom with ginger markings, with gray eyes. He was a former medicine cat apprentice of Tropicalclan. He is a strong swimmer with big, webbed paws. His mentor was Windstorms. He currently is a kittypet. He has no known family but is known to live in a two-leg nest with his best friend Disco. His twoleg is very old and when he died he plans to live in a barn with Disco.



Stoateye is a handsome ginger tom with 1 white paw. He is the son of Firestar (Eclipsing) and Alle808. He was a former Windclan warrior, the older sibling of Lionpaw. He was proud, wily, and ambitous. He was based off my AJ brother's OC Stoatclaw.


Conch is a pale, ginger she-cat with cream colored dapples. She has bright, spellbinding green eyes and long legs. She has silky fur and a long tail. She is currently a Locum of Alkali Ocean. Rumor has it she is Speckledstar, but the sun and the sand caused a reflection on her fur for so long, it actually turned the color of the sand.

Pale Ginger Cat


Animus was a pale, ginger tiger. Jet black stripes soared down her pelt. She has a strong head and thickly built shoulders, paws, and bony haunhes. She has long legs and