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This character has been remade as "Bumblefur."

“Dying is easy young man,

Wrenfang is wrenfang

Living is harder.”

—George Washington in Hamilton


Current Name Wrenfang
Past Name(s) Wrenkit, Wrenpaw
Nickname(s) n/a
Age 24 Moons
Current Group ThunderClan (Madjasterxyz)
Occupation Warrior; Hunting & Fighting.
Past Group(s) ThunderClan (Madjasterxyz)
Gender Male // Tom
Sexuality Heterosexual
Mate haha loser
Past Mate(s) n/a
Love Interest(s) n/a
(Confirmed) Cat(s) Crushing On loser!!!
Apprentice(s) n/a

Past Apprentice(s) 

Themesong 7 Years - Lukas Graham
Roleplayer Animus


(not so) Brief Description Wrenfang's fur is mainly a shade of red, orange and brown. His underbelly is slightly darker shade of red, with a bright white spot of fur on his chest forming an ombré white to red stomach. His markings are almost a shade of black placed on his forehead, along with lighter spots. Wrenfang's eyes are a vibrant green, with barely visible hazel flecks placed along his pupils. He is 24 moons, and resembles a Somali cat, but is a moggy.

From shoulders to toes, Wrenfang roams at about 9.6 inches, and in weight he is 9.5 pounds. His ears are large and easily rotate for easy hearing, and are a shade of mixed dark red and brown. His eyes are a vibrant shade forest green, as a shade of hazel surrounds his pupils. The arch of Wrenfang's nose is a deep red, and fading into a lighter brown. His top nose arch is heart shaped, small in size in all. The nostril area is in a half circle, and then as the ridge falls to his mouth making an arrow shape. The inside color is black.

Down to his cheeks, they are pure white with tiny hints of tan fur. Black dots align with the ends of his whiskers. Said whiskers fall from his face longingly. His chin is a pure white, and if you were to get close enough you can see the pale pink skin beneath. His teeth are a pale yellow-not really any traces of red blood-and he has a constant need to clean his teeth.

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Wrenfang masks in a laid-back, joyful mood almost all the time. He is sort of anxious all the time, because he doesn't talk too much and is constantly drowning in thought. He has the slightest problem fully dedicating himself fully, and is kind of an underdog. He wouldn't enjoy being the most powerful, most praised cat in the world, but rather the appreciated and thought of(every so often). He has a "problem" where he must have his teeth & claws cleaned when ever he is done hunting or fighting, basically anything that involved making his teeth feel slightly sticky, so his general tooth health is quite alright. Mental health may be on a limb, but he is doing fine. On physical health, he is doing fine; maybe a bit thin but he is a feral, so that is most likely normal.



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Favorite Prey

Wrenfang has no specific taste, but chooses to eat rodents quite more. It may be some physicalogical thing, his name being after a bird and all. He often finds himself plucking the smallest prey from the pile, no matter what it is. 


Eye Candy

Wrenfang's visual preference of fur length is medium-short, but he enjoys the feeling of silky, long fur. He enjoys the warm colors of black and brown, and perhaps a silky white. Onto eye colors, he enjoys the cooling shades of mint, and then sky blue. Fluffy, long tails also interest him, too. cute pink noses

(Note that all of these do not apply to anything but LOVE-LIFE; Wrenfang is an open cat for friendship.)

Mental Candy

Wren is interested in a she-cat of morality and loyalty. A hint of sass maybe, but somewhat more on the side of a nice mindset, and perhaps sort of laid-back.

(Note that all of these do not apply to anything but LOVE-LIFE; Wrenfang is an open cat for friendship.)


A spontaneous, unapologetic cat will certainly cause Wrenfang to turn his nose up. A cat who is very dislike-able is, well, disliked. On the outer side, bright red fur(unlike the low undertones of red he, himself has) and bright orange fur do not appeal to him. Obviously furless cats are an odd sight and unpleasant.

(Note that all of these do not apply to anything but LOVE-LIFE; Wrenfang is an open cat for friendship.)


Offense 7 | 10
Defense 8 | 10
Agility 7 | 10
Stamina 9 | 10
Intelligence 8.3 | 10
Stealth 7 |10
Swimming 3 |10
Pace 8.4 | 10
Hunting 9.5 | 10
Best Ability Hunting
Worst Ability Swimming


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