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Wounds and Diseases (A Medicine Cat Guide to Injuries)

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Hello, I am Morrowpaw, or as some as you may know me, s29094. Many cats get many injuries, but many don't know if it's that lethal or not. So, I present to you, in order from most lethal to harmless..... Wounds and Diseases- A Medicine Cat's Guide to Injuries! (Edited and checked by Morrowpaw and all the other meds of the world?)

-Lethal is bolded, in-between (could be lethal if not treated) is italicized, while least harmful is normal font.-

Warning: Some of these can be a bit sick too look at? Well, you were warned.

Injuries Edit

Head Edit

Torn out eye- This is where the cat's eye has been torn out, and what is left is a gaping hole in the socket. Nothing yet is known for exact cure; simply apply many cobwebs inside, and have the cat drink lots.

Neck Edit

Cut throat- This is very lethal, as could easily lead to death. Cobwebs are to be applied quickly, or can result in death from blood loss.

Scratched neck- Not as lethal as a cut throat. Cobwebs are to be applied quickly as possible, as it can lead to infection or blood loss.

Body Edit

Gut wound- Gut wounds are incurable. A gut wound is when a cat's underbelly is ripped open entirely, and the insides are revealed. This is incurable because, since the underbelly is the thinnest layer of skin protected only by the thinnest layer of fur. These are easy to get, but not often at all.

Paws Edit

Cracked paws- This happens when a cat is walking for long distances on unfamiliar territory, or simply stone, or rough surfaces. Easily healed with coltsfoot.

To be continued! WIP

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