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Active Yes 2 Combatants, Hunters, Neopyhtes

πŸƒ SEASON πŸƒ Edit

Falling Leaves!

-Trees of the forest turn golden and crimson and fall to the ground, creating a thick layer of these beautiful colored leaves. The forest, instead of being brown and green, turns into a spectacular scenery of red, yellow, green, and brown. The air is frosty and you can't trespass on the territory without hearing the sharp crunch of the leaves.


The wolves, although scary and vicious looking, are naturally friendly and kind. The wolves rely on neutrality to get through life. Although they are lighthearted, they tend to be more on the serious side and have a pleasure with fighting. They are collectors, meaning that they like to collect shiny stones or pretty flowers or big leaves. They often decorate their dens.


The wolves have big muscles, and thick fur. They are known to be good swimmers. Usually, they have large paws and long snouts, and their eyes are normally blue or yellow. They appear to be vicious, and often have scars running down their snouts or bodies from hunting and sparring.

πŸŒ™ Rules πŸŒ™ Edit

🐾 Your loyalty must lie to the Pack. 🐾

You can not be in other packs, with another o.c or not. If you are caught doing this, you will face little food or water, and the Chieftain's claws. You will be demoted to an Outcast, and will get no trace of respect of what you had before in the pack.

🐾 Respect all Pack members. 🐾

With no respect for each other, we wouldn't be considered a pack, kin, or even friends. There is nothing much more valuable to a Pack without respect. Without respect, there would be chaos and no order. Without order, there would be no Pack.

🐾 Do not give up. 🐾

This rule means that fight to the fullest, and never let your Packmates down. Never give up on your pack, as life is full of the most hardest decisions. The hard decisions are what guide is through life. Without the hard decisions, good or bad, life would be boring and nothing.

🐾 Dogs, cats, and other wolves aren't food. 🐾

Eating your own kind is vulgar behavior and proves a Pack is desperate to go cannibalistic for food. The Pack shan't be depicted as desperate or needy, as we are capable of hardship.

🐾 Do not go on raids or skirmishes just for your own pleasure. 🐾

This as well shows that we are untrained and need to do vile things for simple pleasure. If you have a reason you want to fight, tell the Chieftain. Unless you get her approval, you may not attack any creature, good reason or not. This also shows that the pack is untrained.

🐾 Chieftain's word is final. 🐾

Do not doubt your high ranks' words. Do what your Healer says if you're sick. Do what the Beta orders you to do on battlegrounds or hunting grounds. Do what your Chieftain says. The Chieftain's word is final. If you are unsure of something, please consult the Beta or Chieftain only.

🐾 Be responsible. 🐾

This means take blame for your actions, and be truthful. Without truth, there will be suspicions. When there's suspicions, the Pack is divided. When the Pack is divided, then there is no Pack.

🐾 Be realistic. 🐾

Do not be unrealistic. If you need a base for your oc breed's appearance, look up a picture of it. I will not tolerate unrealistic fur colors, no extinct breeds of wolves roaming around. We are a modern-day, 2015 pack.

🐾 Be mature. 🐾

This includes no text talk (slang/abbreviations like u, ur, rn, r, and lol) during roleplay. When the Pack is goofing off, then you can use such abbreviations. This rule also includes respecting others, being responsible, and generally not acting like an uneducated eight-year-old.

🐾 Roleplay in a way everyone understands. 🐾

In roleplay, communication is vital, as roleplay itself is communication. If you roleplay in ways (like different languages, advanced vocabulary, and anatomy) it will be hard to understand your actions, thus lacking communication in roleplay.

🌹 MEMBERS 🌹 Edit

❋ Chieftain ❋ Edit

β˜… Snow Rose β˜… s29094 Edit

Snow Rose is a large, muscular northwestern grey wolf with big paws, and a furry tail. She has bright yellow eyes and is a social, friendly canine to be around. However, if she is provoked, she tends to be vicious. She enjoys hunting alone, and her favorite prey is elk.

❋ Healers ❋ Edit

❋ Carers ❋ Edit

❋ Combatants ❋ Edit

β˜… Speckled Mud β˜… Rouge321 Edit

A tall, limber grey and white eastern she wolf with some brown streaks in her fur and orange eyes. She is surprisingly flexible, and very fast.

❋ Hunters ❋ Edit

❋ Neophytes ❋ Edit

❋ Mother Dogs and Pups ❋ Edit

❋ Elders ❋ Edit

πŸ’ DRESS CODE πŸ’ Edit

Head Edit

  • Skull helmets (regular wolves only)

Neck Edit

  • Spike collars (grown wolves only)
  • Leaf necklaces (all)
  • Jamaaliday scarves (all)

Back Edit

  • Worn blankets (all)
  • Spartan armor (all)
  • Pirate sword (all)

Legs Edit

  • Leg armor (all)
  • Elf bracelets (all)

Fur Edit

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White

Note: -Please try to keep your character realistic. Please try to base your o.c's appearance off of a picture of a wolf your breed. If certain colors your can't put on your avatar, I understand.-


🌟 ALLIES 🌟 Edit

☩ Pack of Faded Memories ☩

Leader- Kazure Β» {Rakugo}

☩ The Fog of the Waxing Moon ☩

Leader- Ibex Β» {PawsOfWater}

🌟 ENEMIES 🌟 Edit

☩ Creek ☩

Username: Calmriver.

Clan: HowlingClan. Creek is a godmodder, meaning that she makes you do certain actions. She supposedly put yew berries in an elk Chieftain Snow Rose caught, and threatened she had "four moons to live".

Notes: Purposely causes drama. Curses badly and rudely when she doesn't get her way. Refuses to stop lingering on the past (is "celebrating" Chieftain's loss, and is telling her not to use "her" name in the Pack's name). {direct enemy}

☩ HowlingClan ☩ Edit

Leader- Gentlestar Β» {Gentlecat} {group enemy}


Creek Wolf Woods Edit

The Pack's main territory and where the camp is located.

🐟 Prey 🐟 Edit

-Deer -Fish -Birds

-Mice -Voles

🌴 Landmarks 🌴 Edit

  • Creek/Camp

The creek is located right next to camp. The camp is where patrols are made, where the pack sleeps, and even eats.

  • Mossy Tree

The Mossy Tree is a tree covered in moss. It is good for bedding.

🐍 Threats 🐍 Edit

-Badgers -Foxes

-Snakes -Cougars

Dark Star Swamp Edit

This territory is far away from camp. It is not used as territory frequently, but prey is sometimes hunted there.

🐟 Prey 🐟 Edit


🌴 Landmarks 🌴 Edit

  • _______________

🐍 Threats 🐍 Edit

  • ________________