☯Wolves of Imperial Silence/Memorial Page☯

Purpose: To remember packmates
Founder: kittigirl7 Editor(s): kittigirl7
Species: Lycanthrope Total Deaths: 13

Those We've Lost

1. werewolfguy345/Fang

2. Siberianwolfpackxx/Raven

3. o0forbiddensoul0o/Autumn

4. Mwuhahahahahah/Shadow

5. Theharmonyoflife/Willow

6. Mysoulhasnosoul/Broken

7. kittigirl7/Xavier

8. Theonelynx/Blaze

9. kittigirl7aj/Ivy

10. Galaxtorthelostrogue/Jeffrey

11. Thomas9343/Titan

12. Sacredempire/Chase

13. Xxsamuel4996/Samuel

  These wolves have passed and their spirits roam freely alongside The Great Luna. 

Cause of Death
Last Words
Autumn F o0forbiddensoul0o Sacrificed self Healer "I-I'm so glad y-you were mine..."
Shadow M Mwuhahahahahah Went feral Hunter "Thank you Alpha..."
Raven F Siberianwolfpackxx Old age Luna (Founder) N/A
Fang M werewolfguy345 Old age Alpha (Founder) N/A
Broken M Mysoulhasnosoul Went feral Hunter N/A
Xavier M kittigirl7 Chemical poisoning Beta "Tell The Great Luna I tried..."
Blaze M Theonelynx Chemical poisoning, broken skull Alpha "Save yourself..."
Ivy F kittigirl7aj Unknown Luna N/A
Jeffrey M Galaxtorthelostrogue Went feral Combatant "You don't know what it's like!"
Titan M Thomas9343 Went feral, killed by Ghoul Combatant N/A
Chase M Sãcredempirè Went feral, killed by Titan Hunter N/A
Onyx M Xxsamuel4996 Went feral, killed by Jakori Hunter N/A

This section is for any member of WOIS free to write 2-4 sentences to any deceased member, whether its feelings for them or fun-filled memories you guys shared. Put who it is to and who it is from. 

~Fang, I cannot express how much I long to see you again, or simply for us to laugh at the dumbest stuff. You were a great Alpha, a great friend, and a wonderful father. Who do I laugh with now that you're not here? -Alpha Blaze

~Healer Autumn, I miss you. Even though I have passed along to you, I just miss you. I hated having to raise our boy with you, not by my side because it pained me. Even Slate knew that, ain't it crazy? But what matters is now we're together again and we can roam free with our creator. And so Brown Eyes, we finally meet again... -Shadow

~Raven, you were amazing, just an amazing Alpha and leader. You were so easy to get along with and talk to, sometimes I thought you weren't there. But now you really aren't here. What now? You left behind so much, including a pack who longs to see or hear your voice for that matter. I do as well, and I wish I could get to see you again. Thank you for being an amazing mother-in-law <3. -Luna-Willow

~Shadow, where do I start? It never meant to turn out how it did, and I am truly sorry. I never wanted to be the one to put you out of your misery, but what matters is you are pain-free now. However, I am thankful that you get to be with my little girl again, our precious Healer who's time was cut too soon. I never really wanted to accept that you were the one for my daughter but, I guess I finally have done just that. Thank you for loving her and protecting her in all that you could. I shall keep your promise like you said before I took your life from you. -Alpha Xavier

~Shadow & Autumn, are you both gone forever? Grandpa told me what happened, but it's okay. I know why you (daddy) became a broken man and lost control, I know why you (mommy) did what you had to do for Aunt Sophie. But I miss you guys, and grandpa promised he would take care of me, or maybe Aunt Sophie can (I hope auntie can :D). I wish you guys were still here though, to watch me grow up. Just you both wait, I'll become the best Combatant just for you guys! I love you, mom and dad, <3... -Slate

~Xavier, you haven't even been gone for twenty-four hours and I miss ya man. Truth be told, Ivy will miss you more than I but you were a good friend, a good father, brother, grandfather, and Alpha. So until next time, it was a pleasure Xavier, Alpha, friend, and brother from another mother :). -Alpha Blaze

~Willow, it was a pleasure knowing you. You made my twin happy, you kept his feet on the ground, and most importantly you let him have the opportunity to be a father. And, he was pretty good at it I'll admit. Thank you for helping me when times were rough, when I didn't know what to do, or when my man was being a total pain in my butt. I hope to see ya soon. -Ivy, Luna of WOIS

~Xavier, you're actually gone huh? Well, too soon it seems. I know we didn't get on the right foot but, let me just say this. Even though we never could've become mates, you'll always have a special place in my heart <3. -Crimson

~Xavier, I miss you so much. Everything just seems different now that you're gone. You were the only one out of everybody else that I was excited to see and talk to every day, well besides Joey since he's my mate. I'm protecting Jacquelyn like I promised, and I'm not cursing in front her, ok? I just wanted you to know this, du warst das beste Geschwister, ich hoffe, ich sehe dich im Jenseits, sobald ich sterbe, Bruder ( you were the best sibling ever, I hope I see you in the afterlife once I die, brother ) - Animal

~Onyx, I don't know what came over me. I couldn't control it... I'm sorry that I can't remember what I did. -Alpha Jakori