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At The Wrong Time

A few members go on a patrol in the Abandoned City to make sure it's clear from humans. However, many of them randomly appear, ambushing the group as everything descends into chaos.

Date: 7-6-17, Participants: 7

Out of The Dark

TUN and WOIS gather to have a late-night dinner in honor of having stabilized peace between them both. However, that peace turns into the unexpected, leaving members from both groups distraught, confused, and angry with one another. With one member out of everyone determined to rise above all and have full power over the Canis Lupus race.

Date: 7-13-17, Participants: 9

Out of The Dark pt. 2

After an assassination attempt on the current-reigning Alpha failed, Goron fled, leaving behind destruction, death, and a missing mate. Meanwhile, he seeks aid from a witch to continue his way to power. And, the ways Goron do so will cripple the German Beta Merle in ways that could destroy the newly discovered bond with his mate. While he is working his way to gain power, Imperial Silence's camp mysteriously goes up in flames - as if it were being maneuvered by someone. With Chase alone and injured, he receives help from the most unexpected form...

Stumped, Blaze must use all of his resources to find a way to destroy a witch, lift a curse from Merle and reunite him with his mate, and solve a mystery that's surrounded Imperial Silence for over two centuries.

Date: 7-15-17, Participants: 8

Error In Project C

A typical day for roleplay in camp, everything happened to be going smoothly. Though Imperial Silence felt as if something was off, and they were correct. Blaze, their Alpha, was acting strangely. With dark impulses, a throbbing headache and foaming at the mouth he abruptly snapped, going feral. He killed one packmate with no remorse after being provoked by another. To the pack, it was shocking and nerve-wracking for all who were present. Never in centuries has a mated male ever gone feral, at least not with any members of WOIS.

Now Imperial Silence must put their heads together in order to solve what caused Blaze's strange behavior and how to help their Alpha before time runs out.

Date: 10-29-17, Participants: Everyone

A DIstant Light

While some packmates stay back and discuss what to do about Xavier, Healer Jacquelyn and Sophie decide to pay The Great Luna a visit in hopes of finding out what really caused their mother's death. When they do, however, they receive some intriguing news from their Creator. Back at camp, a secret is unexpectedly revealed, which may test the limits of one man's sanity and question the trust of another pack member.

Date: 12-21-17, Participants: Everyone

Save Yourself

Ever since Xavier's return, Blaze wanted to learn more about how Project C truly worked, and how his Beta could've gotten himself in such a situation. So he took it upon himself to take a trip to Crazy's "lair" as he called it. However, as the Alpha made his way inside a siren started blaring and the following message was given: All mortal subjects of Project C must evacuate- I repeat all mortal subjects of Project C must evacuate immediately. A toxic chemical was released in an accidental manner. All mortal subjects make your way to the exits at this time. Do not stop or slow down, this is not a drill.

Date: 12-22-17, Participants: Everyone

A Spiritual Chase

A few curious packmates go along with Jakori to investigate where Blaze and Xavier had died. As they do so a bright light is cast throughout the room temporarily blinding everyone inside. As the light recedes, a spiritual wolf is revealed and provokes the pack members into chasing it. They chase the spiritual canine through the territories until it vanishes inside a brightly colored building with an odd, pale blue mist surrounding it. After some convincing, Jakori leads them into the building for further investigation.

Date: 1-1-18, Participants: Everyone

A Dangerous Game

With multiple dominant males in the same area, you never know what could happen, especially with unbonded males who have yet to find their mate. Ever since returning from their investigation, a couple of the mated males are able to sense something generally off with a majority of the others. The females are able to grasp it as well. Tensions are growing high, threats are made, and it soon turns into the game kill or be killed. The darkness welling up inside each unmated male is becoming too much, resulting in them taking their anger out on each other and going straight into kill mode. All they see is red, and each male has the intention of ripping one's throat out without an ounce of remorse.

Date: 1-12-18, Participants: Everyone

So Close But Yet So Far

After the abrupt lashing out between the unmated males, all three Healers gather together in a private location to discuss the matter. Jacquelyn can't help but have an empty, hollow feeling inside. She is the only Healer without a mate and knows it's only a matter of time before her soon-to-be mate loses control of the darkness swirling inside him. If only Jacquelyn knew who he was...

Meanwhile, Jakori decides to reach out to Faith, ruler of The Peaceful Skies. He himself has grown tired of being trapped in wolf form and wishes to be able to regain his human self once again. Hoping she'll have the resources to help him regain control of his human form after many years, the only thing the Alpha can do is pray that a being as powerful as her can aid him in such times.

Date: 1-27-18, Participants: Everyone

>> Upcoming Events <<

Type of Event
Required Attendants
- - - - - - -
Bond Ceremony Alpha, Jewel, Beta, anyone else To be fully bonded to one another kittigirl7's den 2.17.18 11:05 pm Success
>>A quick guide to our pack regarding mates, pups, and families<<

Guide to Mates

I. You can only have one mate, and only one in our pack.

II. Do not try to steal someone else's mate, or you'll most likely cause a fight to break out.

III. And, for love of God, do not be all lovey-dovey with your mate 24/7. It is quite unnecessary.

IV. The maximum limit of pups you and your mate can have is up to five (but that is only if one-two of your pups are deceased).

V. The gestation period for female werewolves in our pack is 65-67 days.

VI. Each female will go through a heat cycle once a month, so please, don't make it overly descriptive or dramatic.

VII. Lastly, do not try to randomly kill off your mate because, if you didn't read our Beliefs Section, your OC automatically ends with your beloved due to the Mental Bond and the Blood Rites.

VIII. When any females are in labor, their mate and Healer will the only members allowed into the Healers den. The rest of the pack will be forced to their dens to wait and not crowd around the Healer's area.

Guide to Offspring

I. Offspring must be at least six weeks of age before being promoted to the Novice rank.

II. They can open their eyes only a few days after being born.

III. If any Offspring are being given a tour of camp, they must be accompanied by a higher rank or one of their parents.

IV. If the parents haven't chosen a name, the Offspring can suggest names for their OC if they wish.

V. Do not interrupt during meetings nor disrespecting higher ranks.

Guide to Families

I. Once your pups are of age to venture camp, the parents must return to their normal duties.

II. Parents who cannot have pups are unable to steal another mated pair's pups, it could result in a fight or punishment.

III. Do not kill your pups, or expect a punishment.

IV. You can only teach your pup the ways of an Alpha if your pup will become future Alpha/Luna of WOIS.


Q: How many OC's can we have?

A: Each member is permitted to two OC's only.

Q: Can I edit the page?

A: We ask you do not edit the main page or any of the subpages. The First Four has worked hard on outlining/planning the page and coding it as well.

Q: When do we do another Roleplay Plot?

A: Whenever a packmate fills out the RP Plot form.

Q: Do we have to believe in The Great Luna?

A: When you join WOIS, yes you are expected to follow our Beliefs even if they seem unusual to you. But, if you are unsure of what The Great Luna is, you may explore this link to learn more about her.

The Great Luna

Q: What are The Blood Rites and The Bond Ceremony?

A: Learn about both of them here: Blood Rites Ceremony

Q: Can an Alpha and Healer be mates?

A: No, they cannot be. Firstly if an Alpha and Healer were to become mates, it wouldn't make sense since the Healer cannot be two ranks at once. 

Q: Who hosts a Bond Ceremony when the Alpha finds their mate?

A: Normally once the Alpha finds their mate, the next in command (aka Beta) would host it as the Alpha would.


All of our current advantages will be listed here. (We aren't meaning to brag at all with this)

☪Being able to run at wolf's speed☪

☪Having wolf hearing☪

☪Having wolf vision, whether day or night☪

☪Ability to heal within minutes, if deep wound (cut, gash, etc.) possibly hours☪

☪Agiler than the average wolf☪


Now, our disadvantages will be listed here.

Wolfsbane: A purple/yellow flower with small, sharp coarse teeth around inside of petals. Symptoms: Numbness, burning headache, confusion, dizziness, sweating, and difficulty breathing

Silver: *'Can be converted to liquid form* Symptoms: Headaches, irritability, stupor, coma, convulsions, and possible death

Rye: A grass grown as a grain, can be used against werewolves. Symptoms: Sickness, hallucinations, and confusion

Mistletoe: Poisonous. Symptoms: Hallucinations, tremors, confusion, and memory loss

Kanima Venom: Paralyzes werewolves from the neck down. Symptoms: None known

Lunar Eclipse: Reverse of the full moon, all shapeshifters revert to their human form and cannot phase until it is over.

Digitalis: Produced on a tall spike, are tubular, and vary in color with species. It ranges from purple to pink, white or yellow. It is more commonly known as Foxglove. Symptoms: Blurred vision, confusion, depression, disorientation/hallucinations, fainting, headache, irregular or slow heartbeat, loss of appetite, lethargy, low blood pressure, rash/hives, stomach pain, nausea/diarrhea/vomiting, weakness or drowsiness

Menispermum: A small genus of deciduous climbing woody vines in the moonseed family. Plants in this genus have small deciduous flowers and clusters of small grape-like drupes. The juice produced in the plant is fatal (if a few drops are consumed). Symptoms: Convulsions, may be fatal

Mallotus philippenis: Plant in the spruge family, known as the Kamala Tree, Red Kamala or Kumkum tree. Symptoms: None known

The Plague: A deadly illness within our pack that in minutes can weaken the strongest of our wolves. It normally starts up during Winter/early Spring. We think it is a deadly version of the Spanish flu. The Plague is a total of four stages, each listed below with a brief explanation.

Stage One: Fatigue, chills, sweats, coughing fits, and nausea (Person will begin feeling weak, unable to carry out their duties as often, occasionally breaking out in sweats including nausea)

Stage Two: Muscle weakness, high fever, aching pains, sweats, coughing fits (Muscles will weaken rapidly, high fever and uncontrollable coughing fits become noticeable, person will complain of chills and aching pain)

Stage Three: Fatigue, chills, high fever, coughing, muscle weakness, bloodshot eyes, loss of sleep, chest pain (Person will experience pain in the chest region, grow too weak to move and be forced to den rest, fever rising to dangerous levels. Delirium will set in due to lack of sleep)

Stage Four: Delirium, fluid buildup, extreme fatigue, and nausea, choking (Nausea, fatigue, and delirium will become more frequent. Blood will slowly start filling the lungs, blocking off the airway causing it to clog. The person will begin choking, unable to breathe. The Healers will be called in, using what resources they have to keep the person alive. Victim will have a tube in their throat to receive oxygen until they regain consciousness and can breathe on their own)


>>Highmoon Howl<<

The Highmoon Howl is an event that takes place every third Friday of each month in the Frozen Tundra (Kilimanjaro). All mated pairs will gather in that area, be able to reconnect with one another and express affection toward each other. There will be dancing and howling sessions at the time.

>>Pass It On<<

This Tradition occurs when the Alpha pair has grown too weak or is nearing the end of their life due to illness, complications, or old age. Normally only The First Four will be present during this time in the Alpha's den, though a few others may be allowed. As time passes, the Alpha will ask the Beta to grab onto his hand, thus pressing their foreheads together. Eyes closed, the Alpha will send all of his memories from start to finish through a separate mind link to his Beta. He/she will receive all of the Alpha's memories once finished, so when it comes the time to receive the title of Alpha/Luna they'll know most things about the pack beforehand.

>>The Never Forgotten Scar<<

The Never Forgotten Scar is a tradition that occurs when the Alpha must choose a new Beta if the current Delta wishes to not move up a rank. Once the Beta is chosen, the duo will then leave camp and go to a secluded part of any of their territories. The Alpha will then have the newly appointed Beta make a loyalty promise before sinking his teeth into his/her shoulder (the opposite one that bears the mark from the Blood Rites). A scar will then be faintly visible on the skin, and they'll make their way back to camp. Nobody else in the pack knows of this tradition, for it is never spoken about again after it has been completed.