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Wolves of


Imperial Silence

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. ~Martin Luther King Jr.


Skillful ⚜ Brave ⚜ Mysterious




Each wolf in Imperial Silence has a slender build with enhanced hearing and vision than that of the average wolf. In human form, members can range from muscular to skinny frames, whatever the case may be. In wolf form, they can deliver much more damage than the average and their speed is heightened. Imperial Silence is mainly lively and agile no matter the terrain they live in, confident with each paw step. While in wolf form, Imperial Silence's pelt colors range from a series of blacks, grays, and browns with quite a combination of hues mixed in. It isn't uncommon to find a dark-colored pup amongst any of its lighter colored siblings.


Roleplay in the pack can range from traditional to even a bit of vocabulary. While in casual roleplay most types of roleplay styles balance quite well. Each member of Imperial Silence always plans to make roleplay plots an enjoyable time for everyone involved. WOIS is mostly friendly and respectful towards allies that have gained their trust. It is quite fun for them when it comes to meeting new people or groups.

☯Pack Traits☯

Members of Imperial Silence are kind and respectful to new members and old ones. They are very loyal to the pack they call home and are quick to aid those in trouble or in need of help. Members who have caused trouble or disrespect in the pack will receive the cold shoulder. Loyalty is expected of every wolf in the pack, no matter the rank or complications they face.



For centuries the human population began to dwindle in size, although their curiosity increased. They wondered about the creatures which lurked deep in the heart of the forest, blanketed by the darkness as nightfall came. The creatures never revealed themselves to the public knowing that it could become unsafe and therefore stayed hidden. Eventually, amongst the group of creatures rose two powerful Canis Lupus of their race. 

They led the group of wolves throughout the woodlands guiding them with each paw step. The creatures were tightly knit as a family and would risk so much as life to save another of their pack. The ones who took the lead of the pack were powerful and commanding in their right and rarely any would go against them in a challenge. United as one the Alphas has enough power to unleash upon those who defy them.

To this day they still roam the forest, humans continuing to ponder what they truly are and why they choose to stay hidden in the silence of the night. By their choosing this pack hunts, fights, and sleeps in the silence, for they believe it is their most deadly choice of weaponry. The one who created the Alphas and the pack created a race.

The Great Luna created and shaped us into what we are now; we are the Wolves of Imperial Silence.



Founders werewolfguy345, Siberianwolfpackxx
Camp kittigirl7's den
Status Active
Member Count 47/50
Orientation Neutral
Species Lycanthrope (werewolf)
Roleplay Style Traditional
Moral Pacifist

☯Roleplay Info☯
Season Late winter
Location North German Plain (Germany)
Camp kittigirl7's den
Accepting Forms? Yes
Territory Kilimanjaro
Current Conflict w/ None

1) Theonelynx

2) kittigirl7aj

3) kittigirl7

4) allaboutcandy346

5) Xxsnowybeast91qxx

6) desire1010

7) rageryansharpzelclaw

8) Girlofgermany

9) Galaxtorthelostrogue

10) vampires111

11) Thomas9343

12) Jammer8nt4m

13) Carlpoppaxx

14) Mwuhahahahahah

15) Jammer02vrh

16) animal79993

17) werewolfguy345

18) ct81836

19) Jeffreythexillerfan

20) o0forbiddensoul0o

21) Britishmococows

22) Jacobthegingero3o

23) Theboondocksaint01

24) Xxsamuel4996

25) fluttershy37070

26) fluttershy370backup

27) Mysoulhasnosoul

28) Candice21009

29) Xxlogicwolfx

30) Stayingalive

31) Sãcredempirè

32) Theharmonyoflife

33) Terminatorgenysis

34) Ellipticalgalaxies

35) Severedsouls

36) Deviledexistence

37) consumedsoul3855

38) Tainteddreamsxox

39) catsrfluffy

40) Siberianwolfpackxx

41) Demoniccc

42) Øptømisticserpent

43) allthekitties

44) Xplodinremixpuppy

45) Cranphobia0368

46) winterwiinds

47) Hallucinatingrebels



1) Artemis/dasorius/Inactiveness


3) Cloud/shaiakia/Leaving

4) Lily/happyjammer347/Leaving



I. Activity

Please, for the most part, attempt to be active with us. If you know ahead of time if you'll be inactive, notify The First Four and you may most likely be excused.However, if you haven't shown for any roleplay plots/sessions in over a week you will be required to be online and have a valid excuse/reason.

II. Double Grouping

Double Grouping is strictly forbidden in WOIS. If you are ever caught doing such, you will be punished accordingly by The First Four.

III. Obey The First Four

If given a duty or order by The First Four, then do it. Refusing to obey or carry out your duties will result in punishment or forced submission. Listen to them, for their word is law.

IV. Drama

Drama is not tolerated in WOIS unless it is in a roleplay plot. Other than that it is considered unnecessary and well, irritating. Leave the drama out of serious situations (gatherings, alliance meet-ups, etc).

V. Betrayal

If you betray the pack you will be immediately exiled without reason (killing a packmate, etc).

VI. Respect

Every member of WOIS is to be respected, no matter the rank

VII. Powerplaying

There will be zero tolerance for powerplaying in WOIS whether it's a plot or casual roleplay. NN, NM, ND, NH aren't allowed and are considered powerplaying.


Chain of Command

The First Four

Alphas [x2/2][Closed]

Badge: Star

Beta [x1/1][Closed]

Badge: Lightning


The Alphas oversea and control the entire pack. They have the power and authority the submissives and lesser dominants don't have. The Alpha female is given the title "Luna" because of the influence she has on the moon and the pack. This rank is to be respected at all times and if disobeyed then him/her will be punished accordingly.This rank must be earned, it cannot be applied for.

The Beta is Second in Command, basically next in line as Alpha. Him/her will do the tasks and duties the Alphas do not have the time for. The one given this rank is chosen out of trust, loyalty, and overall dominance. This rank is to be respected at all times and must be earned, it cannot be applied for.

Delta [x1/1][Closed]

Badge: Phantom

Epsilson [x1/1][Closed]

Badge: Wolf


The Delta is third in command, behind the Beta. He/she doesn't have the full capability the Alphas and Beta have regarding power and authority. This rank is to be respected at all times although it isn't as dominant as the Alpha or Beta. This rank must be earned, it cannot be applied for.

The Epsilson is the Guardian of the pack. He/she is assigned a packmate to protect, whether it be the Alphas son/daughter, a Healer, or a Novice. This rank is to be respected at all times although it isn't as dominant as the Alpha or Beta. This rank must be earned, it cannot be applied for.

Dominant Trait
Jakori kittigirl7 M N/A Alpha Male Sarloos Wolfdog High-minded
Jewel Cranphobia0368 F Jakori Luna Texas Wolf Faithful
Mist allaboutcandy346 F N/A Beta Canis Lupus Dignified
Animal animal79993 F Joey Delta Alexander Archipelago Wolf Independent
Adam Xxsnowybeast91qxx M Healer Iris Epsilson Canis Lupus Forthright

Combat/Pursue Division

Combatants [x17/20][Open]

Badge: Lion

Hunters [x14/20][Open]

Badge: Snow Leopard


The Combatants make up the general interior of the pack. They are responsible for helping the Alphas plan out attacks, raids, or battles against rivalry groups. This rank isn't as dominant as The First Four, therefore doesn't have the ability to force lower ranks into submission.

The Hunters are the wolves responsible for finding prey and bringing it back to the pack. This rank isn't as dominant as The First Four, therefore doesn't have the ability to force lower ranks into submission.


Diversity desire1010 M Faith Canis Lupus
Apollo rageryansharpzelclaw M N/A Iberian Wolf
Sophie Girlofgermany F Torn Northwestern Wolf
Mark Galaxtorthelostrogue M N/A Red Wolf
Torn vampires111 M Sophie Canis Lupus
Isaac Thomas9343 M N/A Red Wolf
Meadow Jammer8nt4m F N/A Timber Wolf
Severus Carlpoppaxx F N/A Canis Lupus
Oak Mwuhahahahahah M Sage Iberian Wolf
Crow Jammer02vrh F N/A Timber Wolf
Violet kittigirl7aj F N/A Hudson Bay Wolf
Arrow werewolfguy345 M N/A Iberian Wolf
Emerald ct81836 M N/A Canis Lupus
Joey Jeffreythexillerfan M Animal Canis Lupus
Hope o0forbiddensoul0o F N/A Egyptian Wolf
Grey Allthekitties F N/A Manitoba Wolf
Victor Hallucinatingrebels M Sienna Mexican Wolf


Quicksilver Britishmococows F N/A Canis Lupus
Cirrus Jacobthegingero3o M Crimson British Columbia Wolf
Solstice Theboondocksaint01 F N/A Iberian Wolf
Leo Xxsamuel4996 M N/A Iberian Wolf
Tsunami fluttershy37070 F N/A Canis Lupus
Haven fluttershy370backup F N/A Hudson Bay Wolf
Mako Mysoulhasnosoul M N/A Timber Wolf
Scarlet Candice21009 F N/A Grey Wolf
Samuel Xxlogicwolfx M N/A Timber Wolf
Holly Stayingalive F N/A Canis Lupus
Coal Sãcredempirè M N/A Mackenzie River Wolf
Ghoul Theonelynx M N/A Timber Wolf
Slate Xplodinremixpuppy M N/A Timber Wolf

Teaching/Healing Divison

Sigmas [x9/10][Open]

Badge: Wing

Healers [x3/3][Closed]

Badge: Leaf


The Sigmas are the teachers of the pack. They are responsible for helping teach the Novice they are assigned hunting, fighting and healing skills (if they show potential signs of becoming a Healer). This rank is considered submissive, for they obey the commands given to them by either a dominant rank or The First Four.

The Healers are responsible for helping aid in healing injured or sick wolves. They possess the healing abilities that no other do within the pack. During a battle, however, the Healers are to be protected at all costs while helping the injured due to the purity of their magic. This rank is considered submissive, although they are to be respected at all times.


Sage Theharmonyoflife F Oak Texas Wolf
Hunter Terminatorgenysis M N/A Timber Wolf
Aura Ellipticalgalaxies F Loki Northwestern Wolf
Loki Severedsouls M Aura Canis Lupus
Mercy Deviledexistence F N/A Canis Lupus
Sky consumedsoul3855 F N/A British Columbia Wolf
Crimson Tainteddreamsxox F Cirrus Alexander Archipelago Wolf
Viper catsrfluffy F N/A Canis Lupus
Twilight Siberianwolfpackxx F N/A Egyptian Wolf
- - - - -


Healer Iris Demoniccc F Adam Canis Lupus
Healer Jacquelyn Øptømisticserpent F N/A Canis Lupus
Healer Sienna winterwiinds F Victor Canis Lupus

Novice/Offspring Divison

Novices [x0/∞][Open]

Badge: Fox

Offspring [x0/∞][Open]

Badge: Raccoon


The Novices are the pups in training. They are assigned a Sigma to teach them hunting, healing and fighting skills. The Novices will stay with their mothers and once of age, they will be tested to see which rank will suit them best. This rank is considered submissive although it will be normal for the Novices to goof around at times.

The Offspring are either newly born or being cared for by their mothers. Once of age the Offspring will be moved up to the rank of Novice and be assigned a Sigma to teach them.


- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -


- - - - -
- - - - -

Ancient/Outcast Division

Ancients [x0/∞][Open]

Badge: Earth

Omega [x0/1][Open]

Badge: Zios mask


The Ancients are the old aged and ill wolves who are unable to carry out their duties any longer. Any who are either moving to the rank of Ancient or being removed from their current rank due to an injury that'll never heal fully will announce so. They also entertain Novices with stories and tales of the pack. This rank is to be respected due to the wisdom and knowledge these wolves possess from long-time service in Imperial Silence.

The Omega is the lowest and most disrespected rank of the pack. Him/her will be immediately demoted to this rank of they've disrespected one of The First Four, attempted harming a packmate, or have been given multiple punishments. The wolf in this position will be given little food and not socialize with the others. If they can prove themselves then they may be relieved of Omega and be able to return to their previous rank.


- - - - -
- - - - -


- - - - -


Code of Attire

Head: Skull Helmet, Flower Crown, Freedom Flower Crown, Head Flower, Fox Hat, Nothing

Neck: Leaf Necklace, Spiked Collar, Moon Necklace, Heart Locket, Jamaaliday Scarf, Pinecone Necklace, Nothing

Back: Elf Armor, Spartan Armor, Bow and Arrows, Sword, Jamaaliday Bow, Worn Blanket, Nothing

Legs: Rare glove, Silver glove, Legendary glove, Leg Armor, Elf Bracelets, Freedom Bands, Nothing

Tail: Elf Tail Armor, Flower Tail, Phantom Tail Armor, Skullies, Western Tail Scarf, Nothing

Acceptable Patterns: All patterns are allowed except for the hearts and rectangular spirals

Acceptable Colors (for human & wolf form):


Acceptable Eye Colors: Any colors are acceptable except for the pinks, purples or peachy/light yellow color. (Though it may depend on your eye color in human form and in wolf form)


Adult Ranks: Regular Wolf

'Novices: 'Fox (Member), Bunny (Nonmember)

Offspring: Bunny





Verbal Warning (3 max)

Caring for Ancients

Shredded ear or tail


Public humiliation by The First Four

Broken back

Public scolding

Parts of fur ripped from pelt in wolf form


Banished from camp and territories


Killed on sight

Demoted to rank of Omega (permanently)

Spar one of The First Four to the death



Frozen Tundra

Location: Mt. Shiveer (Kilimanjaro)


The Frozen Tundra is a rocky, snowy landscape with multiple mountain ranges and one large frozen lake. The atmosphere in this region is quite cold and bitter, leaving the smaller prey to have a lesser chance of survival in this frozen wasteland.

Threat Level: ☠☠☠

Predators: Polar Bears, Arctic Wolves, Arctic Foxes, and Brown Bears

Prey:  Lemmings, Patridge, and Himalayan Tahr


Abandoned City

Location: Jamaa Township (Kilimanjaro)


The Abandoned City is a region filled with old, concrete buildings all amongst the area. The streets are old and cracked, leaving the place basically abandoned by all life except for the occasional rats and pigeons who are scrounging for any food or prey lying around. Trees have begun replenishing, reclaiming the landscape that once was filled with the human population.

Threat Level: ☠☠

Predators: Humans, and Stray dogs

Prey: Rats and Pigeons


Desert Canyon

Location: Kimbara Outback (Kilimanjaro)


The Desert Canyon is the general hot spot for Imperial Silence during the cold season. The region has hot temperatures, and a vast landscape of rocky, dry terrain. There is only one source of water in this landscape, and a drought is common in the Desert Canyon. Smaller prey is able to be found here, but there are the occasional creatures that pose a potential threat.

Threat Level: ☠☠☠

Predators: Jaguars, Occasionally Bison, Mountain Lions, and Coyotes

Prey: Lyrebirds, Tiger snakes, and Cassowaries


Swampy Marsh

Location: Lost Temple of Zios (Kilimanjaro)


The Swampy Marsh is a wet landscape inhabited by a vast stream of water which may occasionally flow over during the rainy season. There is little vegetation here, but a few old buildings and trees that remain. Not much prey is around during the winter season, but predators are more common in The Swampy Marsh.

Threat Level: ☠☠☠

Predators: Black bears, Alligators, Bobcats, and Snakes

Prey:  Otters, Deer, Minks, and Muskrats


Whispering Woods

Location: Sarepia Forest (Kilimanjaro)


The Whispering Woods is a dark, misty forest region with tall oak trees inhabiting it. The temperatures here is rather mild with a strangely eerie scenery. Due to the large oak trees being closely knit together, little sunlight during the day is able to penetrate through the branches. While small prey roams these woodlands, larger animals are indeed a potential threat.

Threat Level: ☠☠☠

Predators: Jaguars, Leopards, and Bears

Prey: Chipmunks, Jackrabbits, Owls, and Deer


Leader History

Fang werewolfguy345 M Deceased First Alpha (Founder)
Raven Siberianwolfpackxx F Deceased First Luna (Founder)
Xavier kittigirl7 M Deceased Second Alpha
Willow Theharmonyoflife F Deceased Second Luna
Blaze Theonelynx M Deceased Third Alpha
Ivy kittigirl7aj F Deceased Third Luna
Jakori kittigirl7 M Alive Fourth Alpha
Jewel Cranphobia0368 F Alive Fourth Luna


5:00pm CST 5:00pm CST No Roleplay 5:00pm CST 5:00pm CST 10:30am CST 10:30am CST
7:00pm CST 7:00pm CST No Roleplay 7:00pm CST 7:00pm CST 1:30pm CST 1:30pm CST



True Mates
True Mates are an essential part of WOIS. They are the true love of a wolf who holds the other half of their soul and shares an intense passion for their significant other. Dominant males are quite possessive and won't allow their females/males to go near another without them. They can lose their tempers often when it comes to the safety of their mates and will tear anything in their path apart in order to find him/her. Once a bonded male dies, the other follows them into the next life for they cannot live without one another.
Mental Bond
The Mental Bond is a key asset regarding true mates. The bond symbolizes the ability for true mates to communicate with one another through a special link in the mind. It allows them to express their feelings and converse on private conversations without being disrupted. Once having completed the Blood Rites, the bond solidifies, growing stronger each day. Mates also have the ability to express touch through the bond without even being right beside their other half because it feels as real as the blood flowing through their veins.
The Great Luna
Similar to Starclan for Warrior Cats, but basically the opposite. We believe in a spiritual being known as The Great Luna. She is our Creator and protector, and our reason for us being created and put on Earth. She saw how her beloved creature, the wolf, was being hunted down to extinction by humans. Seeing how humans treated their young she joined the wolf spirit with the human, creating the Canis Lupus, a werewolf. And for each Canis Lupus, she created a true mate, the perfect half.



The Bond Ceremony

The Blood Rites

The Bond Ceremony is where two wolves (whether couples or ships) want to be fully bonded to one another. The Alphas will set it all up, including date and time. Usually, during Bond Ceremonies in our pack, only the family of that pair will show for it. But, if you'd like friends to come you are most welcome to do so. During the Bond Ceremony, the male presents three offerings to their mate to prove they can care and provide for them. Then, after vows are said they'll go off to complete the second part of the ceremony which is more of a private matter between males of our pack.

The Blood Rites is a more private matter between a newly bonded pair. They can either go to one of their dens or to one of the territories to do this. With the Blood Rites, it is an exchange of blood through a bite. Both must bite the spot just where the neck and collarbone meet. When the male bites, it'll leave a visible mark on the female letting all other males know she's taken. Once they've taken each other's blood their very souls will feel as if they're knitting themselves together to complete one another. The bond will continue to grow stronger over time until they die. However, because they shed blood to bind their souls together if one of them is ended the other will automatically follow their mate into the next life.

Feast of Flowers Novice Ceremony

The Feast of Flowers is a gathering of the pack that occurs February 14th, when the pack travels through the portal to The Peaceful Skies and get together to celebrate. We have a pack hunt, a feast, and dancing. This ceremony occurs Valentine's Day and is a day where all the pack is off duty. We have multiple dances and fun activities for the Novices and Offspring.

The Novice Ceremony is when a Novice in the pack is of age to be able to test on which rank him/her will join next. They Novice will go through a "Test" where they'll be tested on their hunting, fighting, and healing skills by one of The First Four. Afterward, it'll be announced of which rank him/her will be moving up to.

The Realms

The In-Between: The In-Between is located in Toxicpudding's den and is meant to be a rock-walled underground realm. Members of Imperial Silence rarely speak of this realm aloud due to the spine-chilling feeling from even the slightest mention of it. The darkness of this place is meant to dig out your deepest fears, as you're trapped in your own mind with no means of escape. If you fear the cold, you will be attacked by blizzards, frostbite will cripple your fingers and toes- your very veins will feel as if the blood is freezing in your body, slowly depriving your organs of the precious fluid they need to live. The ice never melts and dehydration sets in even though you would be surrounded by water. If the thought of the death of the one you care deeply for terrifies you, such as your mate, that fills you with such despair and dread. Then you will watch that loved one die over and over in the most gruesome ways known to mankind. You will try helping them, reaching out to them as they call out your name in desperation, but it is all in vain. Everything you see and feel in The In-Between appears as real to you as the blood flowing in your veins. While you are simply stuck in your mind to face your fears, your humanity gradually slipping away until you cannot take the anguish any longer, causing you to snap as the darkness consumes you and your wolf completely.

The Peaceful Skies: The Peaceful Skies is a nature-filled, calm landscape. It is surrounded by flowers, stones, and beautiful emerald grass. It is located in Jammer1yfh4's den and is meant to be a realm of reassurance and hope. If any of the pack are tense, or their emotions are running high, they have permission from the Alphas to go through the portal to this realm. It is also meant to calm you and let your fears or worries die down slowly. You are able to relax in the realm for as long as needed, but make sure to come back to camp after. It is a place for you to get away for awhile and simply think. If you have something troubling you, then sit in the realm and relax. Faith, a loyal ally to us will be present in the realm at times. She is kind and will listen if you wish to tell her what's on your mind. Faith isn't an enemy of Imperial Silence and will respect if you wish not to tell her of your troubles and such.



Will be cleared once or twice a week!

Format: MM/DD/YY

2/17/18 Jakori and Jewel are officially mates!

2/18/18 The Feast of Flowers will be hosted today!

2/18/18 The First Four and I will reveal Valentine's Day activity soon!



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Midnightclan Thunderstar, nasa178 Blacksun, Sorafireblast 6 Ally
Crystalline Cometias Adolpha, Dolphin1900 N/A 9 Ally







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