Wolfsong profile
Status Inactive
Roleplayed By hallowedmagician
Gender Tom
Age 25 moons at death
Allegiance StarClan
WindClan (formerly)
Rank Warrior (Crafter)
Mentor Goldenfall
Apprentice Spottedpaw

Swiftpaw (formerly)

Close Relationships Unknown
Family Beetleheart (father)
Featherstep (mother)
Theme Song American Noise (Skillet)

Wolfsong is a slender, brown mottled tom with green eyes. He is a member of StarClan and a former warrior and crafter of WindClan.


Though a considerably weak fighter, Wolfsong is a rather lithe feline. He was, however, an above average hunter, and a skilled crafter. Eventually, he decided to indefinitely leave the clan to be less dependent on others, but soon rejoined.


For the most part, Wolfsong has a rather calm and easygoing demeanor. Among other things, he tends to have a somewhat high sense of justice, believing it to be important for a clan to function properly.


Wolfkit was raised in WindClan by a glossy black tom, Beetleheart, and a mottled brown she-cat with white feet, Featherstep. For roughly a moon or so, the kit was noticeably weak and was noted by the clan's medicine cat to have an uncommon pelt for a male cat. This led to the assumption that Wolfkit would be sterile.

Once Wolfkit became six moons old, Dunestar held an apprentice ceremony. He was assigned to Goldenfall, a pale golden tabby she-cat, and received the name Wolfpaw. When she took him into the territory to show important landmarks, the two cats spotted a rabbit and begin to give chase. The rabbit ran dangerously close to the gorge, and Goldenfall had to grab Wolfpaw by the scruff to prevent him from falling. The rabbit long gone by then, Wolfpaw was given a lecture about how dangerous the gorge was on the way back to camp, but, given the other events that day, he didn't mind too much.

Beetleheart decided that it'd be a good idea to take his son outside of camp to hunt, and took another warrior to accompany him and Wolfpaw. Unfortunately, a duo of rogues caused Wolfpaw's father to change plans. Told to hide somewhere, Wolfpaw reluctantly agreed and set off for one of the scarce bushes in the territory, concerned about his father. Unable to see what was going on, he heard a fight break out between the two warriors and rogues. What felt like a long time, Wolfpaw heard a triumphant cry from his father, and began to slowly leave his shelter, seeing one of the rogues pelt away. However, Beetleheart's cry was cut short, as the other rogue sank his teeth into Beetleheart's neck, resulting in him becoming limp. The accompanying tortoiseshell warrior dove under the assailant's belly, furiously clawing out the cat's fur. The remaining rogue fled, but the damage was already done. Following the tortoiseshell warrior solemnly, the nine moon old Wolfpaw insisted on taking his father's body back to camp.

Finally time for Wolfpaw to become a warrior, Dunestar called the cats into the clearing. Goldenfall and Featherstep were sitting nearby, observing with pride. For Wolfpaw's agility, calm demeanor, and surprising grace, he was granted the name Wolfsong. Once night fell, he needed to stand guard at the camp's entrance, as part of tradition. Though gradually becoming weary, Wolfsong could have sworn he felt Beetleheart's presence at one point.

Easily adjusting to warrior duties, Wolfsong began considering requesting the role of a crafter. Once he was roughly seventeen moons, and shortly after ShadowClan made attempts to claim WindClan territory, he finally asked Dunestar. Wolfsong was granted the role without hesitation, and he spent his free time tinkering with materials to discover uses for them.

Though Wolfsong didn't have any qualms with any member of his birth clan, he felt it was time to part ways for an unknown amount of time. He began wandering the land as a loner, hoping he won't feel overwhelmed by clan ways, and to do some self reflection.

A couple moons have past, and the tom has decided to return to WindClan, though he was a bit apprehensive. Wolfsong was half expecting to not be accepted back into the clan, but some of the members happily welcomed him back.

As time progressed, the feline's health seemed to have been gradually deteriorating, though few symptoms were noticeable. Though he visited the fresh kill pile less and less, Wolfsong still appeared fit. The clan's leader, however, appeared to have noted some unusual behavior as the warrior didn't bother grabbing anything from the fresh kill pile.

Dunestar organized a dusk hunting patrol, which included Wolfsong and Stormfeather. Hearing a rustle from one of the few bushes in the territory, he turned his head to see a rabbit pelt past him. He broke into a sprint, tailing the prey. The white rabbit made a sudden turn at the gorge, not giving any time for Wolfsong to stop. His paws slipped from underneath him, causing him to lose balance and fall into the gorge. The tom was tossed around in the water's current, his spine breaking once he was thrown against the rock wall.