you would think i was bad enough by M Y S E L F.

but NO, i'm even worse.

i cursed the WOLVES,

and now i'll


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You padded through the lush undergrowth of the forest, which was unknown territory to you. Your muscles ached from traveling, and all you wanted was a safe place to rest. Exhausted, you flopped down under the shade of a tall oak. Thats when you saw a flash of white fur across your sleepy vision, and the next thing you knew, you had been pinned down.

The feline whom was pinning you down was an alabaster masculine with an achromic gaze, which as of right now was piercing straight into yours. You shuddered with fear and slight confusion; you had thought these woods were empty of other creatures. You twitched an ear at the unusual grey-black markings on the tom's pelt that made him look like a white tiger as he growled softly to you. "I would kill you right on the spot for being in my clan's territory, but Scorchstar wouldn't appreciate that. So come with me, and don't try running away because I'm faster than you." All you could do was nod at the tom's words as you slowly got to your paws. "Come," He meowed, and led you deeper into the undergrowth.

You arrived at what looked like some kind of camp. Cats were everywhere as the tom led you to a shady spot that you recognized as one of the dens, this one seeming to have more significance than the rest somehow. He turned to you, nodding. "Stay here, I'll be back in a second." He said. You nodded, replying: "Ok. And I never got your name?" His slate-hued eyes met yours. "I am Wolfcurse. Wolfcurse of Twistedclan."


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Wolf is Wolfcurse's prefix. This word is most commonly associated with the wolf animal, coming from the original Old English spelling: wulf. Wolf is this tom's prefix because of his ferocity. Wolfcurse is extremely skilled in physical combat, and therefore gave himself this prefix to describe his skill and fierce determination.


Curse is Wolfcurse's suffix. This word is most commonly defined as "the expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc., befall a person, group, etc.". Curse was this tom's original name until he became a clan cat. When Wolfcurse joined his clan, TwistedClan, he gave himself a name fairly similar to his rogue name. However, this new name was much more daunting, which Wolfcurse didn't mind in the slightest.


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Wolfcurse is a rather handsome tomcat. His pelt is mainly a soothing, alabaster white. That is not all, however. Quite unusually, Wolfcurse has dark grey stripe-like markings that give him a unique appearance. It is especially difficult for Wolfcurse to blend in around where he lives, which is mostly in forests, but he manages. With his pelt and muscular form, all of this together makes Wolfcurse look like miniature white tiger.

This tomcat's strong build isn't necessarily unusual, but he takes pride in it anyway. Wolfcurse is naturally built for fighting, and his days as a rogue especially assisted in building his muscles up. His legs are decently strong but nothing out of the ordinary for a normal clan cat, and his tail is average length as well. Most of his muscle is in his chest, shoulders, and back.

Besides pelt and build, Wolfcurse doesn't stop there. This unusual feline's eyes seem to be an amber-yellowish shade if you're not looking closely, but when you look close enough, they're actually pale, almost white even. His fur length is rather short, and because of this he hates cold temperatures. He surprisingly has no scars from his days as a rogue; we wouldn't want them to ruin his beautiful pelt, now would we?


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Wolfcurse, to some, is not the most pleasant tom to be around. It's not his appearance that's daunting; it's his presence. This unusual feline finds pleasure in scaring others. It makes him feel good; good, as in, strong and powerful. At some times, though, Wolfcurse doesn't need to scare others to feel good about himself. He always feels good about himself, which especially annoys some cats.

In other words, Wolfcurse is very self-confident. He can also be extremely cocky, too. He finds pleasure in annoying others. Additionally, being a tremendous fighter, Wolfcurse loves to challenge cats, or spar others in his clan to practice for battles. He is the type to enjoy battle, and he loves victory. Some may say he has no fears; it does appear so, but is that really true?


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Work In Progress.


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"You would think I was bad enough by myself. But no, I'm even worse. I cursed the wolves, and now I'll curse you."

"Throw me to the wolves. I'll return leading the pack."


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Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.35.35 PM