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Faith's Info Edit

Name: Faith

Species: Canis Lupus Baileyi

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Birthday/Age: 14 Moons, February 14 {I Know its Valentine's Day, Dont Judge}

Pack: The Pack of Shadowed Paws

Theme Song: Bottle It Up by Sara Bareilles;

Appearance: Faith is a 5 foot sized female, with a black underbelly and a grey overcoat. She has cream stripes, and pale blue beautiful eyes. She has long eyelashes and a silky pelt. Her breed is Pure Mexican Grey wolf.

Personality: Faith is a outgoing sweet, kind, and faithful {Hence her name} female who would do anything for her packmates. She does not care of what she has to do to protect them, even if she goes to Cassiopeia. She will fight for her pack. She will die for her pack.

Likes: Edit


Herbs & Medicine


Love & Ships x3

Dislikes: Edit

Rude/Sassy/Disrespectful Females

People who think they know everything and are better than everyone




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