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"Maybe if you'd keep quiet I wouldn't have to explain all this to you."
Name: Whitestar

Rank: Retired leader in StarClan

Last Rank: Leader

Past Inhabitant: ScarClan

Breed: Spotted tabby mix

Species: Felis Catus

Sex: Tom  


Mate: Ravenstar

Former Mate[s]: Flameclaw, Scorchfeather, Forestfeather . . .

Offsprings: Stonekit, Wolfkit, Snarkykit, Crimsonkit, & Nightkit

Mother: Lynxtail

Father: Duskstar

Littermates: Gingerleap, Beestripe, & Dart

Neices: Strike, Icekit

Nephews: Turtletail 

Grandfathers: Raggari & Amberstorm

Grandmothers: Finchtail & Mapleleaf


Whitestar is a grey and white spotted tabby mix with a tail ring white as-well. Whitestar is fairly large - having light, medium sized paws; his right hind leg is grey and his rest are socked white. Whitestar has sharp green eyes - almost the colour sage but a bit lighter; Whitestar has two deep gashes [scars] on his neck from a badger fight and nicks at his right ear from training as a apprentice.


Whitestar is usually cheerful, he tries to stay out of fight and talk over problems. He is serious, and does have a slight playfulness in him. WIP

Likes & Dislikes



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