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vV The young, tawny Tribe cat wandered around, her paws aching from the change from hard rocks to soft, wet grass. Scenting a camp near by, she dropped into a crouch picking her way through the bushes, her slender body threatening to snap Vv

.: A sleek, silver bengal shecat with greenish-yellowish eyes crouched in a tall, strong maple that towered over the camp. She was nothing more than a homeless rogue. She was rather thin, and she watched the clan cats bustle around camp, not noticing the loner isolated from the camp in her tree. The wonderful aroma of freshkill drifted up to where she sat, making her mouth water. :. "What I would give for some of that..." .: She murmured longingly. :.

:: A oddly fluffy she-cat was sat in the trees listening to every word that the cats said.A grin slowly spread across the grey tabby's maw. ::

:: back at camp Phoenixstar began to break the hunter's up into team's to go out and hunt while she trained some apprentice's :: ::.

:: The brown and tan shecat padded through the forest swiftly, her paws looked like if they were boucing on the ground::

::The grey tabby followed the Tan shecat with a look of amusement on her face.She copied a toms voice while speaking to fool the female. "Hello, hello, hello.I see you there...."

:: Phoenixstar padded toward's her brother's mate :: hey Thunder! :: .:: The shecat´s ear twitched::. Hi Phoenix! .:She smiled:. ::

Mimic sneered while talking in Tom."Hello phoenix-star... I knew you would come for me..." .

:: Thunderstar left ear twitched::. Who´s there?

Mimic carried on in the voice of a tom "Ohh.... You know... Whitestar.."

Wh-whitestar...? .:: The shecat head tilted::.

Come out, whoever you are! .:: Thunderstar protested::.

"Do you not remember the vision we had? A large bird flew up inside a thunderstorm... with white petals floating..." A seemingly white tom lept out the large tree.

a vision...? .:: She spoked, as she tried to remember that, but nothing came::.

"I guess you forgot..." The 'tom' sighed and padded in between the two smaller trees.

.:: Thunderstar tilted her head confused, then she spoke::. Are you trying to fool me...?

'He' looked shocked. "What?" The 'toms' tail moved in a hypnotic way making it so if you looked at it for so long you (might) be confused.

.::She looked at the tail for a time and then shook her head, feeling dizzy::.What are you trying to do?

"Nothing..." 'His' voice wavered along with the tail-making a slightly soothing noise-but also hypnotizing

.:: Thunderstar stood strong, before she could almost faint::.

Phoenixstar snarled at the so called tom :: I've delt with this stuff before, we aren't fools, show us who you really are!

"Sleep and see the paths.." 'he' whispered. As soon as you fell asleep you are met with darkness and thousands of golden paths.

.:: Thunderstar snarled, feeling strong again::. Show us, who you really are!

"You wouldn't like that.I'm closer than you think." Mimic then ran up to you and forced you to eat sleeping leaves.You are met with darkness and thousands of golden paths.

.:: Her ears pinned down as she snarled low::. i wont eat that!

The golden paths glistened. Edit

.:: The shecat´s blind eyes shined with a bright gleam::.

Every path was able to be seen.

.:: Thunderstar´s jaw dropped a bit::. Wow...

A voice whispered. 'Choose a path.. choose the one your heart pulls you to..'

.:: Thunderstar gulped::. ( Can you put the examples of the paths please? XD )

Thousands of paths stood in the endless tunnel. Every path you stepped close to whispered their name. Some where... Path of lowered mewls. Path of snowy paws. Path of golden feathers. Path of starry wings.

.:: Thunderstar eyes still glowed as she thought::. Give me a clue, Starclan... What path should i chose?

One path,the path to your northwest, seemed to glow brighter than the others.

.:: Thunderstar padded slowly near the path that was glowing Brighter than the others , a bit scared of what would happen::.

'Path of Golden Antlers!' A white light appears and swallows you up.A doe appears infront of you, smiling.

.:: Thunderstar ears pinned down, thinking she made a wrong choice, she then lightly smiled back::.

"When you wake up, dear queen, follow the hoofprints you shall see. It will provide a safe area for your kits to play and have fun.. your camp cats might want to come.." the doe smiled then the light slowly faded to your vision.

.:: Thunderstar nodded slowly, her eyes stopped glowing as the light faded::.

Deer tracks made a path. You where awake..

.:: She opened her eyes, she looked around the place, noticing the vision ended::.

Deer tracks waited on the lush,vegitated ground and stood out as a path.

.:: Thunderstar stood, she stretched before she started her quest::. .:: She ran swiftly, following the Hoofprints, her tail swayed as she ran::.

It leads to a large meadow protected by large stags. They smelt thunderstar before letting her inside. As soon as inside, it looked almost like a cat camp. The head stag and dow reside near a large blossom. Warrior bucks stay near the trampled and barren patch. Pregant does and shecats stay near the large logs and the cave filled with herbs-the herb den.

.:: Thunderstar´s blind eyes glowed, then she thought::. But, sharing it with stags/deers...?

One of the shecats beckoned thunderstar over. "Welcome to Path of Golden Antlers.I know it seems

weird but sharing with them means more eyes looking after our young ones."

.:: Her tail swayed slowly as she sighed::. Maybe, this could be an extra part of Mistclan´s camp or maybe a shelter place if Mistclan´s camp is in danger? .:: She said in a low voice:::

"Come and sit with us and have some prey." The shecat offered while she flatterned a patch of grass for thunderstar to sit on. She then placed down a rabbit for her.

.:: Thunderstar lightly smiled as she sat down on the patch of grass::. Thanks for the prey! .:: She started eating the rabbit::.

"Your welcome. Anyways, I am fern. I was fernheart but my leader was crazy and exiled me for helping another clans medic apprentice.."

.:: Thunderstar finished eating the rabbit, she cleaned the crimson off her muzzle::. "Nice to meet you, Fern, but, why that Med Apprentice needed help..?" .:: She asked curiously::.

"They needed help to get stoneflower. They had dogcough."

" Dogcough..? never heard of it, but, your leader exiled you for nothing, because the last rule in the warrior code says, Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect each other . Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall." .:: Thunderstar said::.

.:: Waiting for Fern´s answer, Thunderstar glanced at unknown camp, with her blind eyes glowing::.

.:: She then sighed sadly, thinking about her dissapeared beloved mate, all the memories of her time with her mate played in her mind as a tear fell from her eye, she muttered::. Oh, Darkclaw... You don't know how much i need you in these moments...

The shecat sighed and nudged Thunderstar."I'm sure he is there.Looking after you in his heart and mind."

.:: Thunderstar wiped her tears and smiled weakly to Fern, trying to be happy ::.

Fern padded over and nudged Thunderstar."I better show you around camp, might I?"

.:: Thunderstar nodded::. Yes, you can

Fern smiled and helped her up. "Do you smell the blossom? The leaders are there.And the flat grass marks the Apprentice and Warrior den.The Cave is the Herb den.The mossy area is the Fawn and Kit/Nursery."

.:: Thunderstar sniffed the air, recognizing the scents, she lightly purred::.

"Now... You can join as a Fawn Carer/Queen or an apprentice.Don't worry by the way. You can leave and rejoin whenever you want." Fern purred.

" i can't join, i need to lead Mistclan, but, i wish to ally with this place, and well, use it for a shelter when my clan camp is in danger with the others leaders' approval." .:: Thunderstar said, a little embarrassed, if she offended Fern::.

"Of coarse you can Ally and use it as a safe place!" Fern smiled. Fern padded up towards the Blossom. A large Stag stood and looked at them.

.:: Thunderstar followed Fern's scent as she padded to her, she recognized another scent near Fern, it was a stag's scent::.

The stag looked down. "I heard you two.You can ally us and use this as an emergency camp."

.:: Thunderstar dipped her head in respect ::. Thank you...

The stag raised his head as he saw some cats from thunderstar's clan run at the stags.

.:: Thunderstar recognized a familiar scent, it was Mistclan cats' scent, But what where they doing here?::. .:: She turned her head::. What is my clan doing here!?

Suddenly the scent of deer blood rose in the air.

.:: Her eyes pinned down and her eyes widen ::. Mistclan cats, Stop! .:: She said as she thought her cats where killing some deers ::.

The largest stag walked through the camp gate. He looked down at the blood covered cats and the wounded deer.

.:: She recognized the scent of her cousins and sister aka Mistclan's head warriors ::. Lionfur, Nightclaw, Chaos! For Starclan sake! What the hell do you three think are doing!? .:: She said snarling low ::. Go back to camp!

They glared daggers at the deer. Chaos snarled. "They took you! We have the right to attack!" Lionfur and Nightclaw nodded their agreement. They ignored your order and hissed.

.:: Thunderstar sighed stressed::. "No!, Look you three, go back to camp, when i return to camp, i'll explain what happened, Don't worry, i'm fine, the kits are fine, too."

Slowly they settled and padded back to camp while the guard deer went to the herb den.

.:: She sighed as she padded to him, following his scent::. Sorry about my cousins' misunderstood and My sister, Chaos' acttitude, its just that her past was rough, and she sometimes think that kill and attack its the right thing to do, also for my security. .:: She said apologizing::.

The stag flicked its ear and nodded. "That is fine. Next time tell them we are allies."

.:: She nodded ::. Alright

The stag dipped it's head and gave you a bundle of herbs.

.:: Her left ear twitched and she dipped her head in Thanks ::. .:: She then looked at the sunset ::. I think i should be going now..

The path gathered at the gate. "Farewell!" They all said waving.

.:: Thunderstar tail swayed and she smiled::. .:: She then ran swiftly through the forest, scenting her clan's scent to guide her::.

" Now i gotta explain what happened to Chaos " .:: She thought as she knew she was very near her clan's camp::.

.:: Thunderstar got into the camp entrance, she sniffed the air, looking for Chaos' ::.

Chaos was waiting, her tail lashing.

.:: She padded to her sister, following her scent ::. Hey... I'm back...

"In great starclans name... why did you go play with deer all starry farry?" Chaos snorted.

.:: Thunderstar took a deep breath::. I was stretching my legs in the forest, i meet with Phoenixstar, but then another strange shecat came at us and forced us too eat some strange leaves, thats when i had a vision,many golden paths, one was shining more brighter than the others, i took that path,a doe came at me and told me to follow some hoofprints and with that i'll find a safe place, then the vision ended, when i woke up, i followed the hoofprints and it lead me to that place, its name is:The path of golden Antlers, it was a herd of deers, mixed with a clan, cats and deers lived together on it, thats when i met Fern, she told me that her leader exiled her for helping other clan med apprentice,Anyways, thats when she offered me to join, but i told her about Mistclan and i offered her to ally and if that place could be a shelter for Mistclan, when its in Danger, they accepted the alliance, and thats... When you guys attacked... They accepted my apology for the attack, and the Deer guardian gave me some herbs .:: She dropped the herbs on the ground ::. And then that's all...

Chaos nodded "We've all been seeing these paths. Every single cat in this clan as had a vision. Starclan must be trying to tell us something."

.:: Thunderstar nodded in agreement ::. But... What they're trying to tell us...?

"No Idea. Maybe there is an attack coming and we need to take shelter?"

.:: Her blind eyes glowed for a bit ::. Maybe..., Anyway's you should go sleep, sister, its getting late... .:: She said after she shook her head quickly ::.

Chaos nodded and flicked her tail. "Night sister."

.:: She smiled ::. Night.. .:: Thunderstar yawned, she curled up and fell asleep ::.

Chaos snarled in her sleep. She wished she knew what path to take! "Fine! I give up! You win starclan! Now just tell me what path.."

.:: Thunderstar purred in her sleep, she was dreaming about the reunion with her mate, Darkclaw ::.

Chaos shrugged and lept into the closest path::.

.:: Thunderstar tail swayed happily ::.

Chaos dissapeared. Body and all.

.:: After waking up she yowled as she sniffed the air ::. Chaos! Sister, are you fine!?

" C-chaos? S-s-sister? " .:: She called in a worried tone ::.

Chaos was nowhere to be found.

Chaos! .:: She yowled ::.

== '~ In Thunderstar's dream ~ ' ==

.:: She nuzzled her mate ::. i missed you so much, my love, why did you left me?

.:: Darkclaw purred::. Me too, I'm sorry, i left for a few time, a pack captured me, but, i luckily could escape .:: He kissed Thunderstar's forehead::.

We're going to have a 6th litter... .:: Thunderstar meowed ::.

I know, My Thunder... And i'm happy for that! .:: He answered as he purred ::.

You should go see Chaos... .:: He said ::.

W - w - what!? Why!? Darkclaw wait!

.:: He kissed her mate lips as she suddenly woke up ::. Wait! .:: She yowled ::.

== ''' '~ In Phoenixstar´s vision ~ == .::Phoenixstar only saw two paths, one of darkness filled with glowing red eyes and blood dripping tree's with her father in the front, and a light path filled with the sun and her family and loved one's with her mother, brother, sister in law, and mate in the front, torn between witch way to go she closed her eye's and walked forward::

.::The red pelted shecat swiftly pads through the forest, wincing every now and again::.

.:: Greypaw ran up and halted in front of her mother:: "Mom mom, whats wrong? I'm not taking nothing for an answer." :: she added dangeruosly, then a light appeared:: "Must-Not.. fall asleep.." :: she muttered::

~In Greypaw's vision~

.:: She bit her lower lip, there was 2 paths, she started cry in hopelessness, ::

" Uhm..... does this mean I'm supposed to choose between my family and my clan?" :: she muttered, then she saw her family, alive and happy on one of the paths, and her clan and thunderstar on the other :: "Starclan!! Help me!" :: the golden path with her clan glowed pearly white, then seeing her brother's smile, and running towards her family, forgetting the pearl path, then a dark voice spoke:: "Youu have chosen what you desire, there's no going back" :: As vines curled around her legs, Greypaw screamed in fright before waking with a jolt::

"Greypaw, what's wrong?! .::She examined her daughter carefully::. And I have a large scratch, no biggy.."

.::Greypaw looked at her mother, her eyes were duller than usual then she began to relive what she saw in her vision::

"Greypaw!?" .::She started panicing::.

.:: she shook her head and told her mom what happened in the vision::.

.::She thought for a couple of minutes of awkward silence::. Is there a way I can sacrifise myself for the family AND Thunder?.. .::She said seriously::.

The shecat,Mimic,lept down. "Well, well. You two follow me."

.::Greypaw nodded, then followed the white shecat:: Edit

The shecat leads her to a tunnel. Its dark but has light in some spots.

.:: Greypaw looked uncertainly at Mimic before going through the tunnel::

.::Redleaf jumped infront of Greypaw, protectively::.

"Mom, mom, Imma go inside" ;;Greypaw said:: "I wanna change my vision" :; she added without anyone hearing::

Mimic ushered greypaw inside of the tunnel and whispered "This is where you can see paths."

Greypaw Nodded and went inside, seeing the paths again, she closed her eyes and.... slammed into a tree, shaking her head she chose the path::

Path of Snowy Paws is whispered while a white light covered your greypaw's vision. A male lynx then appears.

::Greypaw blinked twice and waited for further instructions::

The lynx nodded at greypaw and spoke. "Follow the pawprints when you awake. They will lead you."

.:: Thunderstar ran swiftly through the forest, a few tears fell from her eyes ::. CHAOS! .:: She yowled ::.

Greypaw nodded and woke Edit

.::Redleaf quickly caught up with Thunderstar::. THUNDERSTAR! .::She jumps in front of her::. What happened!? .::Her voice cracked::. Some mimic took Greypaw... .::She looked into the dark depths of the forest::.

Its my sister Chaos! She dissapeared after we talked about the weird thing of the Golden paths! Im searching for her! But, Nothing! .:: She said a bit tired ::.

.::The wind bristled her fur as she tilted her head::. G-Golden paths? .::She shook her head::. Have you been drinking the creek water again? ( XDDDD )

What!? No!, Look, that same " Mimic " Forced me and Phoenix to eat some strange leaves, that made me have a visión/dream with some Golden paths, i dont know if Phoenix had the visión/dream too but i did, it seems that " Mimic " had told everyone about those Golden paths, Since i told Chaos about the Golden paths and we fell asleep, she disappreared... Maybe she had dreams with the Golden paths, im not sure... .:: She sighed deeply ::.

.::She snarled::. lead me to the cat! I'll shred 'it' to pieces! Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, messes with MY CLAN, or MY FAMILY! .::She glanced around::. Where's Nightstorm... .::The deputy sneered and looked back over::. You sure about the creek water?

I don't know where Nightstorm is... .:: She answered ::. and yes, Redleaf, im sure... .:: Thunderstar sighed sadly and deeply::. First Darkclaw, now Chaos... i hope no more cats dissapear...

.::She mumbled::. Greypaw went missing....


.::Redleaf jumped up::. Let's go find, IT! .::She Tugged Thunder's tail and started running deeper into the forest::.

.:: Greypaw ran after some large pawprints, taking huige breaths, she stopped at a high rock, with R=Thunderstar and Redleaf leaving it:: "Mom! Wait" ::Then she saw more of the pawprints, and she ran after them into the darkness::

.:: She stopped as she Heard Greypaw´s voice, Thunderstar´s ear flicked :. Greypaw! Are you fine!? .:: She followed Greypaw´s scent, as she ran after her ::.

.:: she ran and ran till a lynx appeared and ran next to her, he whispered in her ear:: "Your doing great, keep going"" ::Greypaw nodded and ran around a mountain and halted in front of the Moonpool where the footprints ended::

.::She paused::. Greypaw!? Is that you!? .::She jumped up onto all 3 legs and russled through the bushes::.

"Quick listen"' ::the lynx hissed in her ear:: "Come and seek us when our voices sound, when you come to us you will seek, and you'll recover what fate took." ::a mystic voice sang,Greypaw understood and ran back to camp: .

"Mom!!! Mommmmmmmm..." ::Greypaw called:: "Daaaaddddd, Hellllloooooo?"

The lynx appeared and guided Greypaw onto the correct path.... away from the moonstone.

.::Greypaw glanced at camp and followed the lynx leaving a faint smell of her presense in the camp:: "Wait!! Where are we going?" ::she called after the lynx while runing her fastest::

"Just follow me, Greypaw." :;Greypaw huffed and ran after him, she climbed the rocky path, jealous of the lynx's climbing skilz:: "WAIT!! WAIT UP!!" :;she yelled, she slipped on a stone but regained footing, her heart beating fast, she climbed on it and followed the lynx::

.:;Greyheart stopped at the top of the mountain where the lynx was standing, he spoke in a mystic voice: "Jump down." ::he pointed to the golden, bottomless valley:: "Jump down and you'll be safe, then yell what you see," ::Greyheart hestitated, then jumped before she could change her mind, golden light enveloped her and she felt herself floating:: "I-I see Stormpaw, alive and happy with mom, dad and Moonlight.." ::she stammered, her voice cracking::
"What else do you see?" There was lynxes and cats playing together. Stormpaw was sat with them. Moonlight was helping an elder up while 'Mom' and Dad where sitting and talking to some cats and lynxes. The clan was currently training with smiles on their faces.
:Greyheart wept as she saw the calming comfort, longing to join them::
"Do you wish to join them, young Greyheart?" ::Greyheart thought and decided:: "Yes,"

"Close your eyes..."

.::Redleaf sniffed the ground and gasped silently::. She was here... .::She mumbled to herself and glanced around::. .::She began running through the forest after the smell::.

The path leads up towards the mountains.

.::The sky got darker as the shecat found a patch of moss and slept::. .::Redleaf had a dream::.

Thunderstars RP Edit

:: Thunderstar sighed and ran back to the forest ::.

Mimic stood on the trees, watching the matter.

Meanwhile, chaos was somewhere, but her scent lingered.

.:: Thunderstar kept calling for her sister ::. Chaos! Sister! Can you hear me?

The scent got stronger the closer you got to the swamp...

.:: Thunderstar ran to the swamp, feeling her sister's scent ::.

There was chaos....... and a tom?

.:: She recognized another scent ::. C - chaos? Sister...? .:: Thunderstar called out ::.

Chaos looked towards Thunderstar. "Come here Thunder!"

.:: She padded closer to her sister ::. What is it? .:: Thunderstar asked curiously ::.

"I met somebody from a path." Chaos waved her tail calling thunderstar over.

" Path? You mean from the Golden paths...? " .:: Thunderstar asked ::.

Chaos nodded.

" Who is the cat you met? " .:: She asked again ::.

"He wants to be my apprentice." Chaos said, stating a fact.

" That sounds great!, Mistclan needs more warriors, and i think its time for you to be mentor, Chaos, Anyways, whats the apprentice, name?" .:: Thunderstar meowed ::.

The tom spoke with a light in his eyes. "I'm Tropic from Path of Weakened light!"

" Its a pleasure to meet you Tropic, but if you want Chaos to be you're mentor, you must join Mistclan, and you have to prove you're loyalty to us " .:: Thunderstar said in a calm and normal tone ::.

Tropic nodded "How do i prove myself?"

" Showing us that you're heart is with Mistclan " .:: She answered ::.

Tropic nodded. "Then i'll do that."

" Anyway's lets take you to the camp ::. .:: The three cats padded through the misty forest, they crossed the big river, and entered the tunnels, as they entered to camp, many cats rounded Tropic in a circle, snarling and growling, their claws unleashed. " Calm down, cats, its just a newcomer, he is not a threat,go back to your dens, Lionfur .:: She looked at her cousin ::. Organize some hunting patrols, go to the Big river, Now, Chaos show Tropic, around the camp " Tropic glanced at the cats with a smirk,saying in his mind, Can't touch me.

.:: Thunderstar eyes narrowed ::. Chaos, show him around, tell him the rules and who are the higher commands.

Tropic padded after Chaos. He looked at all the dens muttering things. Edit

.:: She pointed with her muzzle at 2 caves::. This is the warriors den, junior warriors sleep at the top, senior warriors at the bottom, and head warriors in the middle or wherever they want, Mistclan's head warriors are: Lionfur, who is out in a patrol, Nightclaw .:: She pointed at the black shecat that was resting ::., Thistlefur .:: She pointed at the calico shecat resting next to Nightclaw ::. and me.

Tropic nodded but was curious. "Do we have special attacks/defense/hunting moves?"

Yes, we do have a few, Anyways this is the apprentice den .:: She pointed at another cave ::. This is will be your den until you become a warrior.

Tropic nodded and laughed "I could teach you some things!"

.:: Chaos nodded and chuckled a bit::. But first the tour .:: She pointed at a big cave with blossom trees around ::. This is nursery, Queens and their kits, live here. Except for Dawnkit, Sunsetkit and Breezekit, they sleep in the Leader's den with their mother Thunderstar. .:: She pointed at another cave ::. This is Elders, You need to give High respect to our elders .:: Between the two dens there was a big den ::. Thats the med and med cat den, High respect to our Medcats, we have many though. .:: In the middle of the clearing was the highrock::. Thats the Highrock .:: She spoke ::. See that hole there? Thats the entrance to the Leaders den, Thunderstar and the deputy sleep there, i know it seems strange but since the deputy is Thunderstar's mate, they sleep together, The deputy name is Darkclaw, but well .:: She sighed ::. He went missing, and we are sending many patrols often to found him, The co - deputy is Cloudtail, she is one of kits of the first litter of Darkclaw and Thunderstar,she is on a patrol, right now, and well thats the tour.

"I heard about them. Apparently your ally helped with something.."

" What do you mean? " .:: She asked, her rough acttitude was gone for a bit ::.

Tropic shrugged.

Goldstar waited by the border.

" Tropic? Speak! " .:: She narrowed her eyes ::. .:: Chaos shook her head as she saw Thunderstar padding out to the forest ::. Thunderstar? Where you're going!?

" To see Goldstar, i left Nightclaw in charge of Dawnkit, Sunsetkit and Breezekit, dont worry" .:: Thunderstar padded out ::.

Hello Thunderstar. Goldstar dipped her head in a brief hello. I have seen an increase of twoleg activities in your area.

" Greetings Goldstar" .:: She dipped her head ::. .:: Thunderstar snarled low ::. Twolegs... It had to be them, always!

I also heard you have allied with Path of Golden Antlers.

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. Yes, i had.

Goldstar nodded. I would suggest you take cover from the twolegs while they build a Den...

.:: Thunderstar sighed sadly ::. I know, this is not of your clan or your interest, but, Have you smelled or have seen, Darkclaw in or near your territory? .:: She asked with sadness on her eyes ::.

In fact, I have. It smelt it near the giant pinetree near your border.

.:: Her left ear twitched ::. Really!?

Goldstar nodded I can escort you to where I smelt him, but I also smelt a path..

" Lead me there " .:: Thunderstar tail swayed slowly as she spoke ::.

Goldstar nodded and walked slowly towards the border. The large pinetree stood tall. Darkclaw's scent was clear on the wind. .:: Thunderstar sniffed the air, recognizing her mate´s scent ::. Darkclaw! .:: She yowled ::.

Path of Darkned Souls! Goldstar growled as she scented the Path of Dingos.

.:: Thunderstar left ear twitched ::. Do they have him!? .:: She growled ::.

They must have.

.:: Thunderstar growled loudly ::.

Goldstar stepped forwards.A musty and sweet smelling plant was in her maw. "

Whats that? " .:: Thunderstar asked ::.


" What is that for? "

Goldstar laughed. Never heard the stories of the DNA Plants?

.:: Thunderstar shook her head ::. " Nope, i havent "

I'll tell you after then. Goldstar suddenly lept onto the tree and into the path with extreme speed. She placed down a few DNA Plants then lept out again.

.:: Thunderstar tilted her head, confused ::.

The dingoes investigated it leaving Darkclaw the chance to escape-and he did.

.:: Her left ear twitched ::. Hmm?

He ran to thunderstar smiling.

.:: She sniffed the air, and purred loudly ::. DARKCLAW!

Darkclaw purred but pushed Thunderstar away from the dingos.

.:: Thunderstar nuzzled him ::. Did you know? We´re going to have a 6th litter..

Goldstar chuckled and walked along side them. DNA Plants are plants infused with other animal DNA.They are very rare and I Horde them.. She whispered the last part.

Darkclaw purred "Yes I do Thundie"

.:: She dipped her head in Thanks at Goldstar and licked her mate´s cheek softly ::.

Goldstar smiled and dipped her head. I wish the best luck to you and Darkclaw. Goodbye. Goldstar then trotted off to Tundraclan.

.:: She smiled ::. .:: Thunderstar nudged her mate with her muzzle ::. Lets go back to camp or hunt some fishes, my Little Mousebrain?

Darkclaw chuckled and nodded.

To the big river! .:: Thunderstar started to ran through the forest to the Big River ::.

Darkclaw ran after her, only to see a twoleg path going over it.

.:: She ran swiftly, the breeze waved her fur as she ran ::.

"Thundie! STOP!" Darkclaw ran after and caught her just before she ended up on the path.

" Huh!? " .:: She looked confused ::. W - what happened..?

"Sweet, you nearly went on the Monsterpath."

.:: She sighed stressed ::. Thats why i hate being blind! I´m a waste to everybody for being blind... .:: Her ears pinned down :..

"No. Your useful being Blind.You can hear things us seeing cats can't!"

.:: Her left ear twitched ::." i guess you´re right, Now lets keep moving! " .:: She waited for him, to run side to side eachtoher ::.

Darkclaw ran side and side with her.

They both stopped Running when they got to the big River, the both sat down, staring at the water

" i love you more than Starclan and the infinite, Darkclaw... " .:: She purred as she nuzzled him under his neck ::.

~ In Redleaf's Dream ~ Edit

.::She nuzzled Nightstorm::. Isn't it beautiful? .::Greyheart, Stormpaw, and Moonlight were messing around with lightning bugs::. .::The tom chuckles::. It's way more beautiful than beautiful. .::He wraps his tail around her::. .::Redleaf drifts to sleep, leaning on Nightstorm::. .::Puffing out his chest, Nightstorm calls the daughters and son over::. This is amazing, .::Greyheart says, waving her paw in front of Redleaf's face::. Zzz... .::Stormpaw was fast asleep in Redleaf's bushy tail::. Wheeeee! .::Moonlight splashed in the lake before Nightstorm picked her up and put her between himself and Redleaf::. I love you guys, .::Nightstorm says, he was finally the last one awake::. .::The family slept, Nightstorm smiled brightly and stayed guard the rest of the night::.

End of dream Edit

.::As the sun's ray hit her closed eye, Redleaf flinched and slowly got up::. If ony that's how things we're... .::She said, a small tear forming at her right eye::. Back to finding Greyheart. .::Her voice cracked, then jumped up and continued running towards her faint scent, slowly disappearing::.

.:: Thunderstar ran through the forest swiftly, her paws looked like if they were bouncing on the ground ::.

Goldstar stopped and paused as she heard them.

.:: Thunderstar sniffed the air, recognizing a familiar scent ::.

Thunderstar!? .::She called, looking at the brown and tan figure not far from her::. THUNDERSTAR! .::She called once more::.

" Redleaf..?, REDLEAF! .:: She ran to her following her scent ::. I'm coming! .:: She yowled ::.

" What happened!? Are you fine!? .:: Thunderstar to Redleaf worried ::.

Goldstar's ears twitched as she looked up at them.

.::Redleaf smiled::. Just a touching dream, enough about me! Why are you here? .::She directed her attention at Thunderstar::.

Goldstar padded up as she was confused.

.:: Thunderstar looked confused ::. Y - you just called me! .:: She sighed ::.

.::She made a face::. And YOU didn't answer me! Why are you near the mountains? .::She looked at Goldstar::. Why are BOTH of you here!?

" i did! " .:: Thunderstar sighed ::. " And i was just stretching my legs, expecting kits is sometimes, boring, though "

Goldstar chuckled "Walking to my clan."

I feel you Thunderstar. It FEELS as if i'm expecting but i'm not sure and afraid to take risks. .::She looked at her white underbelly::. Does anyone know where Greyheart is? I can't find her anywhere, and she's one daughter that I DO NOT want to loose.... .::She sighed::.

.:: She shook her head ::. I haven't seen her... Sorry...

Goldstar offered. "If you wish, you can come to Tundraclan and see if you are expecting..."

.:: Thunderstar's left ear twitched ::. And... Why you dont wanna take risks? Redleaf?

Goldstar sat down waiting for their action.

That would be great, Goldstar. And Thunderstar, I don't want to hurt the kits if there are any. Losing them before they're even born would be heartbreaking... .::She looked back at Goldstar::. Well, lets head to your camp. Thunderstar? You coming?

" Im coming " .:: Thunderstar meowed ::. " That can distract me from my problems "

"We shall take the wolf path. They can't jump like us." Goldstar padded onto the flatter path.

.:: Thunderstar nodded as she followed Goldstar's scent ::.

Soon they entered the camp. Tundraclan looked at the visitors then went on with their jobs.

.::Redleaf smiled at the cats, apprentices, and kits she passed by::. Very lovely clan, Goldstar.

.:: Thunderstar sighed a bit tired ::.

Thank you. :she nodded towards the herbal smelling tunnel: That is the medic den. You might be suprised on who is in there though :chuckles:

" Is there here a place i can rest?, i feel tired " .:: Thunderstar asked ::.

.::Redleaf tilted her head and slowly padded into the Med Den, taking a wiff of the air::.

.:: She padded into the Med Den ::. .:: Thunderstar closed her eyes, starting to have a nightmare ::.

.:the medic flew over from the ledge at the top:

.::The red shecat jumped::. Wh-Who's there!?

.:the golden eagle collected some herbs: Only me-Goldenfeather the medic. I heard you outside.

Thunderstar's Nightmare ~ Where am i? " .:: Thunderstar asked ::. Oh, welcome Thunderstar... " .:: a tom voice Spoke ::.

" Shatteredscar.... " .:: Thunderstar growled ::.

Why dont you join the Darkforest? Its your destiny... " .:: Shattedredscar grinned ::. .:: Thunderstar snarled ::. " Never.. " Oh! Also.... I have allied with you mate's father..." .:: He smirked ::. .:: Thunderstar's ears pinned down ::. " Monster! " " Join me... Or do you want your friends to die...? " " Foxdung! I wont join you! " .:: She snarled ::. " Bad decision.... " Dark vines curled around Thunderstar's paws, dont letting her go, The vines started to curl around her entire body. Darkclaw! Redleaf! Chaos! Someone help me! " Her eyes turned Red and her sould darkened... Like a Darkforest cat... NOOOO! " HELP ME!!!!! " .:: Thunderstar yowled out loud as she woke up ::.

.::Redleaf looked at Thunderstar::. THUNDERSTAR!? What happened!?

.:the golden eagle watched with her eyes locked onto them: You came for medical attention to see to your kits.

.::Redleaf gulped and nodded::. Ca-Can we get on with it now?

Yes. :the golden eagle glided down near the shecats: May you open your mouth?

.::She nodded and opened her mouth, widely::.

.:the golden eagle placed an odd pink herb into her mouth:.

.::She jumped as the herb tickled the back of her throat. She then spoke, murmed out by the herb::. Ermph.. What's happening?

It's known as Kitmint.If you have developing kits it will cause them to move. Edit

.::She nodded and chomped down on the herb, making a face due to the bitter taste::.

Do you wish for a DNA plant to be given to your kits?

.::She looked at her stomach and felt a small kick and smiled brightly::. Is the DNA plant necassary? Is it helpful? Is It safe? .::She was loaded with excited questions::.

It isn't necessary but It's helpful and safe for kits.

.::She nodded::. Very well. I'll have a DNA plant.

(made a list of A DNA plants) Very well! What DNA plant? :the golden eagle put down many DNA plants:

.::She thought for a second::. Gien. Gien please. .::She looked at the eagle::.

Good choice. :the golden eagle placed the fluffy leaf.: you do have it eat it.

.:: Thunderstar padded out of the medic den, snarling and still shocked, the scent of fear on her could be notable, easily ::.

.::Redleaf chomped down on the leaf, coughing to it's fluffy remainings in her throat::.

" i hope she doesnt think i'm angry with her or something " .:: Thunderstar eyes reflected fear her scent did too ::.

.::Her green orbits directed on Thunderstar::. Thunder? .::She mumbled, padding up behind her::.

" Yes, Redleaf..? " .:: Thunderstar left ear twitched ::. " Something's wrong? "

.::Greyheart's scent was stronger here, meaning she had passed by, it lead to the mountains, before the scent dropped down from the cliff, but you could hear the shouts of Greyheart's words to the lynx::.

" Redleaf... Answer... Is something wrong...? .:: Thunderstar spoke trying to be stronger, but fear was still in her eyes and scent ::.

.:the golden eagle blinked.: Who are you looking for? Tundraclan can help.

.:: Thunderstar's eyes were staring at the ground, she mumbled snarling ::.:You won't get me Shatteredscar...

.:goldstar's ears twitched: Have you heard about the frozen bones the twolegs' found?

" Why would i care about what twolegs found? " .:: Thunderstar teased, trying to take her fear and shock away ::.

Because its bones! :goldstar smiled like a kit when they realized they where about to become an apprentice:

.:: Thunderstar chuckled, forgeting JUST a bit about her nightmare ::. Tell me about it, i havent heard of it

Sometimes twolegs like to dig Dinosaur bones :O

" Wow.. Strange... "

I know but I shall explore!

" Go ahead then "

.:goldstar ran off, her paws throwing up snow.: See you later! Also, you might want to get checked!

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. See ya! .:: She sniffed the air, looking for Goldenfeather ::.

.:the golden eagle was sorting the DNA herbs.: Oh. Hello. Do you wish for a DNA herb for your kits? :goldenfeather listed some: Abnayn,Adorn Apenua,Affuenpinuard,Acri shrub,Acri civan,Acri clawed froon,Acri Floren,Acri Floren civan,Acri Apenua,Acri Floren froon,Acri canu,Ainu,Airdaleecanu,Akbash,Akitean,Alian Mutee,Abamoss,Aldabra Gien,Alliplanard.

Thunderstar: Edit

.:: She lightly smiled as she meowed ::. Acri Floren, please

.:goldenfeather placed down the almost rubbery leaf: You do know what DNA plants are?

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. I didnt knew before, until Goldstar told me what they were.

So you are allowing your kits to have contact to the Acri Floren.

" Is it Dangerous!? " .:: Thunderstar asked a bit bit worried ::.

No. It is helpful and safe.

.:: Thunderstar felt two small kicks on her swollen belly, she purred ::. Good then! :3

You have to eat it...

.:: Thunderstar nodded as she ate the DNA herb calmly ::.

I wish you good luck with your kits.

.:: As she finished eating the DNA herb Thunderstar dipped her head in respect and purred ::. Thank you, Goldenfeather

You are welcome, Thunderstar.

.:: Thunderstar smiled as she padded out of the den ::.

.:darkclaw was waiting outside the camp:.

.:: Thunderstar sniffed the air, as she padded out of the camp ::. Darkclaw? What are you doing here?

To wait for you.

.:: Thunderstar blushed, even though she tried to hide it, she couldn't ::. I - i.. Could have do my way to camp....

Sweet, i can't stand thatr long :darkclaw chuckled:

.:: Thunderstar sighed ::. Lets keep moving .:: She started padding out of Tundraclan's territory as she said to her mate ::. I had some nightmares...

.:his ear twitched:. About what?

" With Shatteredscar.... He told me that he had allied with your father... He also told me to join him... I declined but in the nightmare he got me... I'm so scared Darkclaw..."

As if. You would never join him.

.:: She nuzzled him under his neck trying to calm herself down, fear reflected on her eyes and scent ::..

.:darkclaw's ears turned towards the shadows:.

" Whats wrong, Darkie? "

............. .:darkclaw didn't speak:.

.:: Her ears pinned down, worried ::. D-d-darkclaw...? Are you f-fine...?

Dont... Move... .:darkclaw suddenly lept out of his place-landing onto the rabbit:.

.:: Thunderstar stood quiet there ::.

Food .:darkclaw mumbled:.

.:: Thunderstar's ears pinned down ::. Mousebrain! .:: She said teasing ::. You scared me! I thought something bad happened!

.:darkclaw walked off smugly with the rabbit in his maw:.

" Wait for me! " .:: Thunderstar meowed as she followed her mate´s scent :::

I heard you ate a DNA Herb? .:darkclaw asked:.

.:: Thunderstar nodded ::. Yes, i did, it was for our kits.


" Something wrong with it? " .:: She asked, wanting his opinion ::.

No... no....

" Then what is it? " .:: She said chuckling ::.

I was just wondering.

.:: Thunderstar nuzzled him, under his neck ::. i love you Darkclaw...

You too Sweet.

.:: Thunderstar smiled happily ::.

They've allied with Bears...