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Welcome to WhisperClan! We are the fierce survivors of Jamaa! We live in the world Desna (Please let me, Ravenclaw87, know if it is taken. Thanks!). I do allow double clanners, but no spies. NONE. Even if you claim you are, the leader and deputy will be overshadowing you.

What we look likeEdit

In Character: WhisperClan cats have pale, long thick fur to keep warm in the cold mountains.

Out of Character: Raven allows pale blues, purples and silvers. If you are a member, please make your tag white. Badges you can pick. We do not allow dark colors, like dark blue and black. If you have questions about a color, please comment and ask me.


Because we are a new Clan, we are still looking for new warriors! Thanks!

So here we go...

Leader: Flamestar (NessieLynn444) Apprentice, Silverpaw

Deputy: Iceclaw (PirateFox1111) Apprentice, Waterpaw

Medicine cat: Owlpool (BabyBunny40)

Medicine cat apprentice: None


Blazingfire (NeNe001)

Goldensoul (Jewels1283)

Rosedapple (FanGirl188)

Firestrike (GoldenFireBlossom)

Leafheart (LightningStorm123)

Snowfeather (ShadowSnowWolf)

Feathertail (Blooming21354)


Silverpaw (PJPWolf)

Waterpaw (CookieDog5)


Bubblewish (BlueLove05)


Ravenkit (KaylaMe12)

Crystalkit (Ravenclaw87)

Nightkit (xxTidalWavexx)

Fluffykit (Reese00283)


  • We have claimed the entire world of Desna except Coral Canyons:). EVERY LAND IN DESNA EXCEPT CORAL CANYONS. Cuz we can. But if it is taken plz let me know (I sure hope not).

Joining WhisperClanEdit

Fill out the given picture and I will see to it that you may join. We are always accepting new warriors and apprentices. Whisperstar is the founder of WhisperClan and she is worshipped throughout the Clan.


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