"Like a volcano, we stay active, keep our inner fires burning, let off steam, be uplifting, go with the flow, it's all a matter of time before we strike. We will burn the forest ground, the beseeching flames will overlap you, there is no mercy here."

~ Introduction ~ Edit

You strained your eyes to see over the thick expanse of land. Towering rock monuments, stretching across the land-frames, loomed over you. An ominous feeling crept over you as you padded up the mountain some more.

As you looked up at the dank horizon, there was smoke encircling the dusky indigo sky. How curious. Another curious smell. Blood.

In front of you sprawled out a body of a youth-like figure. Dread consumed you as you stared at it's lifeless body. There was a gash on it's throat. Rocks pulverizing it to the ground.

How could anyone survive here, there is no way there is any life-form here you thought. You started padding down the mountain, then suddenly a belligerent hiss resonated from beyond the hill.

A Tiger. The dread returned, compelling you. You came to an abrupt discontinuation. Ecru eyes interlocked with yours, staring right through you. The behemothic figure turned around, then seemingly it vanished, leaving you isolated.

Suddenly there was a harsh collision on your rib-cage, sending you reeling. "You killed her!" A voice spoke nefariously. The Tiger you saw from earlier looked up. "That was my apprentice." The manner was sinister, but grief was flooding through it.

"I didn't kill her." You growled and challenged the Tiger, though the feeling crept instantaneously over you. I'm going to die.

"If you didn't kill her then who did."

Suddenly the crevices seemed to split and break apart even more. "Rock fall!" You screeched. The Tiger snarled in rage, there was a sharp collision against your embodiment as it knocked you back. "Run, eagle-brain."

The once beautiful, bewildering, scenery was now a slaughter-house. The rocks were etched with catastrophic points. They plummeted onto the terrain. The Tiger stumbled downwards, his abnormally large embodiment pushing against a rock.

"What are you doing!" You screeched. The Tiger didn't seem to hear you, suddenly the rock came loose from the crevice it was wrenched in. "This way!" It roared, you followed, sprinting into an unknown cavern with slight chasms in the crevices. There was a light up ahead, and the hope seemed to overwhelmingly flood into you. I'm going to get out! Suddenly a paw slammed upon your rib-cage, you were knocked to the floor, sent reeling.

Above you was a behemothic, orange tiger, with stripes that ruptured through it's pelt and battlescars from earlier victories. "Why have you brought me this pitiful nuisance?" The Tiger bellowed in a sinister manner. "I saved her from a rock-fall, I think she's suitable to join this Clan." The other Tiger replied. "Very well. You have two choices, join, or die."

~ General Information ~ Edit

Active? - Yes.

Recruiting? - Yes.

Member Count? - 2.

Breeds? - We are strictly Tigers.

Names? - Rogue names

Orientation - Dark

Targets? - Forestclan.

Roleplay - Traditional, Anatomy, Latin, Advanced/basic Vocabulary.

~ Summary ~ Edit

This may seem like a neutral realm clan to you, but trust me. We have a moral dark-side. We have the toughest paws and longest legs. Why do you think we live up here in the harsh climates. We absolutely despise forest-walkers. We will target a Clan one by one. Join us, we rule the mountains and we will erupt together like a volcano.

~ Strengths/Weaknesses ~ Edit

Jumping - 88%

Climbing Mountains - 90%

Climbing Trees - 30%

Physical Strength - 91%

Intelligence - 76%

Swimming - 68%

Courage - 100%

Brutality - 100%

Loyalty - 100%

~ Ranks ~ Edit

Shaman - The ultimate superior figure of the Clan. They will not be disobeyed or talked back to. They are completely in charge and what they say is law. They also heal the wounded tigers of the Clan when wounded.( Closed )

Deputy - The second in charge, they will be respected by all lower ranks by all means. They follow the Shaman but help distribute the weight of responsibilities ( Closed )

Warlord - The ultimate assassin and bounty-hunter in the Clan, they have permission to kill you from the Shaman and are basically powerhouses ( Closed )

Delta - The lead Warrior, they make sure the Warriors are doing what they're told, and they command warriors in battle and hunting. They bring out the hunting patrols and are respected. ( Open )

Bounty Hunters - Bounty Hunters are also Warriors, they take command from the Warlords and they track down and find victims. ( 0/6 )

Elites - The most advanced warriors ( Open )

Warriors - The Warriors are the ultimate fighters and hunters of the Clan, they protect the Clan and go out on patrols, they obey higher ranks and are honored and respected. ( Open )

Apprentices - The apprentices are the young that are trained by a Warrior at 6 moons ( Open )

Cubs - The playful Youth and heart of the Clan, the most heavily protected, and watched over. ( Not Accepting )

~ Allegiances ~ Edit

  • Snowstar
  • Azureclaw
  • Aspenfang

Snowstar - A white-tiger, ice runs in her veins, scientifically confirmed, long legged. Snowstar is merciless and quick, a catastrophic and fatal opponent. ( Fortysixandtwo )


Azureclaw - Muscly compacted, a Tiger, black stripes rupturing through her sleek pelt. Fierce, sadistic, if anyone walks onto the territory she'll slaughter you on the spot. ( Buelljam )


Aspenfang - Silent, deadly, a thief in the night, commanding. If you're Clan isn't heavily guarded at night. Aspenfang is allowed to raid with the Bounty Hunters without the leader's permission. It's one of her casual activities. ( Xxthesaberibis )

~ Traditions and Activities ~ Edit

Slaughter House - The felines of Volcanoclan despise the Forest grounds, knowing it's where weak cats hide and the only place kittypets dare to roam. We choose a Clan that lives in the Forest every so often, and we ambush them with every member of the Clan. We will leave absolutely no survivors. Then we will wreck their Camp. Then we haul their corpses up the mountains for a feast to celebrate the savagery.

Savagery Feast - We're not always so full of insanity. But after the Slaughter House, we feast on the bodies of the Clan we ambushed ( optional ) under the full moon. Also at this feast we celebrate new members and warriors.