Blizxard - Zico OC 9-20-17

[What Blizxard Looks Like On AJ]

AJ Username Blizxard
Wiki Username Blizxard
O.C. Activity Active
O.C. Life Status Alive
Age Twenty-four Months, Two Years Old
Gender Male
Sexuality Bi-Curious
Species Canis lupus
Breed Pure Western Wolf
Education Self-Taught
Kin N/A
Relationship Status Single
Spouse N/A
Offsprings N/A
Descendants N/A
Loyalty Horror Led By Kadence (Wolfy796) & Suga (firecrystal22)
Orientation Evil
Rank Spartan
Mentor Of N/A

Basic Information

Zico is a member of Horror, a dark-oriented group. He tends to be serious but can also be playful and loving to whomever he opens up to. He tries his best to develop his social skills, since he could be an introvert at times.


Zico is a considerably tall wolf with an ebony-faded colored coat along with a charcoal hue. He also has pale-silver gradient eyes. Zico also endures battle scars that have been implanted underneath his thick fur.


Zico may be jocular wolf to his fellow comrades however, during a combat he turns diabolical and merciless towards his enemies. He is primarily stern or calm at most times, mostly patient to avoid any further conflicts. His rancorous glare threatens to those who impudently challenge his tolerance. Zico is commendably loyal to his superiors at all costs, determined to terminate any nuisances that are against his family and friends. He tends to be overprotective while also trying not to be excessively bothersome.

Mental State

Zico has a personal problem of mood-swings that vary depending on his mood, hence the name. If you were to offend him, he could hold a grudge against you until either he puts effort into understanding why you offended him or when you apologize to him directly. He thinks more about his group rather than having his own opinion. Zico tries to be noble in most cases by sharing a neutral opinion instead of speaking about his biased thoughts.

Judgemental Views


  1. A loyal, thoughtful companion.
  2. Someone who is respectful.
  3. People who try their best in a positive manner.
  4. People who are considerate or generous to everyone else's opinions.
  5. Someone who is noble, admirable, and kind.
  6. Someone who doesn't mind physical affection.
  7. People who know when they should not bother someone else.


  1. A disloyal, selfish person.
  2. Someone who is rude towards everyone.
  3. Someone who thinks they are higher than anyone else and deserves major respect.
  4. Someone who is disrespectful to him and his pack.
  5. Constant growling, snarling, hissing, bellowing, etc. to Draco or his leader(s).
  6. People who interrupt while someone else is conversing.
  7. Someone who is unable to keep to themselves and share negative opinions to others.
  8. People who spread gossip and/or rumors.
  9. People who continuously bother others.
  10. People who are over-dramatic.
  11. People who think others are creating drama when ironically they are instead.
  12. People who don't try or put effort.
  13. Someone who starts unnecessary fights.
  14. People who bother noobs (new role-players) or others who aren't even role-playing during role-play.
  15. Someone who continuously uses sarcasm.

Rank Description of Current Group

"Spartans - The Spartans Are The Fighters Of The Pack. They Must Participate In All Battles, Wars etc. They Shall Put Their Lives At Risk For The Safety Of Horror."

- Copied and pasted off of the Horror page.


What Blizxard would look like depending on where she/he is.

Blizxard - Ebony Wolf Picture

Realistic Photo.