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"I have my style and you have yours; never underestimate Twist" ~Twist
Old: Pack of Fallen Hopes (madjasterrf)
Current: DeepClan (dogislandiscool)
Current Rank: Apprentice
Last Rank: Kitten
Mother: Spike
Father(s): Brave
Siblings: None
Mate(s): Crimson (merrywether)
Kits: None
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 4 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Private

Twist Edit

Twist could be known as many things; Twisted, Twistkit, Twistie. But her name has always been Twist. As you may notice from time to time, she sits by herself, drawing attention by her friendly gaze. Her breed of cat is the Grey Maine Coon. Her glushes pelt has missing fur tufts and she has the tip of her tail missing, no one knows how it was torn off. She may be a bit tinier then the average size cat, but she does know how to fight. Her main, famous blow is called the Twist. That's how she got her name. She clamps her jaws around any bone she likes, then with a twist of her head it will dislocate the bone. Many of her friends know her famous blow, as she uses it on all her foes. Even with her prey she will use the Twist. Her age is 4 moons. Although she is young, she is not to be underestimated. She is stronger then she looks, and her muscles show in quite a few places. She is confident and is not afraid to admit to the usual things one would not. She is brave; she would face down a fox pup if she must. Twist had many friends. Some, at times, she would call not very nice friends. She never had to many enemies, but she had a great dislike towards ----------. But her best friend was Inki. A black and white tabby that always played with Twist. Her other friend was Ashfur. He was nice at times, but other times she grew to dislike him as well. Twist always felt that he was asking too much whenever around him, but she still was nice to him, she never teased him. She always called him a bad friend, because whenever he was with another friend, he would always ignore her. She and Inki grew to dislike him more and more by each day. Twist soon later met another shekit. Her name was Amber. She started chatting with Amber almost as much as Inki. A few days after she met Amber, she came across another tomkit. This tomkit was almost the same as Ashfur. His name was Hound. It was an odd name, but Twist and Amber never humiliated him. Sooner that day, he attacked Twist, she defended herself, breaking his leg and tail. He took aback from her after that, and she never saw him as much. Twist also had her family. Although she had no siblings, she did have her family. Her mother was Spike and her father was Brave. Twist also had her cousin, Ame. And Ame's parents, Spikeclaw and Yuki. Yuki and Spikeclaw soon split up, making their seperate ways. Twist never really saw them much after that. But, she is here to tell her story. She is here to tell her story, not yours, not anyone elses. Her story. So please keep your ears high to listen to her story...

Chapter 1~Friendship Edit

Twist strode around the forest, finding her way back to the oak tree where she sat. As she was getting herself comfortable, she saw another kitten lying on the ground in front of her. She wanted to introduce herself, make a friend, but she noticed a tom and shecat standing near her. They didn't look related to the kitten nor like mates, but just like the usual cats, talking to their friends. I didn't want to introduce myself just yet, for fear I would get hurt by those cats. Though instead I sat watching the black and white kitten sleep in the sun. The shecat trot off in the end, leaving the tom and kitten all alone. I watched the tom glance at the kitten and sigh. He looked as if he knew the kitten, but was obviously not a relative of it's. I watched the tom walk away and saw the kitten waking up. I decided to go over and talk to it, but before I could it ran after the tom shouting its name. It happened so suddenly I didn't know what to do. Before I could stop myself I was running after it and I stood nearby thinking it was no use. Then the cat walked up to me and said "Ello," I glared at the kitten unsure of what to do. "I'm Inki!" I forced an innocent smile at the strange name and replied "Hi, I'm Twist." Right after I had spoken, she seemed sure of what to do. "Are you a rogue? I'm a loner!" I started to think that this kitten was more then she seemed. "I am a rogue, but I have relatives in clans that I am unsure of." I knew that this was the wrong thing to say as Inki performed a sigh and a frown from her cheerful ways. "I have no family. Or at least I know none of whom is my family." Twist felt a soft sympathy for Inki. "But, I have great friends to make up for family. Although I do not have a many to train me." Twist watched her eyes glow then her ears flatten against her head. "I could teach you a little. My folks call me the best of my trade!" Twist smiled seeing Inki's eyes aglow again. "Would you? Really?" Inki looked astounded. Twist felt deep in her heart, the great sympathy for Inki.

To be continued