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  1. "We are tundraclan! Our leader is Goldstar. She decided she wouldn't let loners of other animals rot and stuff. Our deputy is even a fox! Anyways, i'm getting sidetracked... Goldstar is really nice but sometimes in war she gets really mad.." said a young maned wolf with a splash over his eyes. "I'm Splashpaw, a maned wolf as you can see!"

Classes Edit


Leader is the highest Rank. His/Hers word is Law!
Deputy Sorts out Patrols and is second in Command
Medic The healer of the Clan
Warriors They defend and feed there Clan
Apprentices Trainers to become Warriors or Medics
Queens Nursing/Expecting Cats
Elders The old and wise/retired of a Clan.
Kits The future of a Clan

Dens Edit

"The blossom tree marks the leaders den while the brambles mark the apprentice and warrior den in the meadow." Yipped splashpaw, leading you on."That cave with the moss is the nursery where kits and queens reside. Oh and- that tunnel we passed is the Medic den."

What are our rules? Edit

1) Never disrespect anybody in the clan.

2) Leader's word is law. You may ask to tweak it though.

3) Be free. If you don't like something, speak up!

4) Have fun.

5) Be whatever animal you wish.

Q&A Edit

1) Can I doubleclan?

1a) Sure! We don't mind that. We roleplay on here anyways but if you make us attack another clan there will be consequences.

2) If I wanted to, could I be a fish?

2a) If you really wanted to, no problem. We lean towards land animals though.

3) Can i do drama?

3a) We love drama. Not too overboard on your first month though. Or any time. Normal drama.

Form Edit







Ally Form Edit


Leader/Alpha ect:

Deputy ect:

Why ally us?:

Consequences Edit


1) Ear bit (for ignoring a kit)

2) Apprentice for a day (for acting like one)

3) Apprentice for a moon[if you are an apprentice:Cleaning your nest} (for ignoring the deputy)

4 going into major) Confinement (for attacking a clanmember in non training)


1) Public shunning (for throwing a kit)

2) medic apprentice for a moon (for attacking the deputy)

3) {SECOND MOST MAJOR} Confinement for a moon (for attacking the leader)

4) {MOST MAJOR} Ignored by everybody even kits (for attacking a kit)

Customs Edit

The Clantraining: Every moon at a certain time, the leader will call for a clan training. Clan training is where all Apprentices train with each other.

Who we have helped/Help list Edit

Whisperclan-Help Featherclaw and Whisperclan in finding their kits-Completed

Quotes :3 Edit

"You've been beaten a hundred times.But never then had you heard the chimes.We shall help you, dearest in need.Maybe then you'll see a steed."Goldstar.

"Just because we look to others doesn't mean we're weak.In all honesty,it means we're stronger."Skyflame.

"Roses are red.Snowdrops are blue.We're sweet as honey.We're as strong as stone.But roses wilt and snowdrops die.Honey can't help and stones can shatter.Roses are red when Starclan says we've gone to far.Snowdrops are blue because Starclan gifts us.Honey is sweet because we care.Stones stay longer because we try."Goldstar in Mourning