I'm not weird. I'm different dirt bag.

❝ Just let me do this for you..❞


Creation: 3-15-18

Owner: Solstizvce//MiKeYtMnT

Status: Active;Alive


Current residence: Coastclan

Past residences: House In New York

Past rankings: Newborn, Adolescent


Sign: Piseces

Insperation: Niagara Falls

Gender: Female

Breed: Abyssinian, Javanese mix

Appearance: Acrylic is an Abyssinian, Javanese light slate, cream white pelted she-cat with light heterochromic eyes. She's about average height, and a big below average for weight. Having silky and soft fur, short-medium fur type.


Personality: She is a mainly adventurous cat with hints of sass and feisty attitude. She generally rows in her own boat, but does work well with other cats and can sometimes be overly friendly. However, she tends to back-lash at unfair ideas or action, and isn't afraid to speak her own mind. Acrylic also tends to mess with objects (like leaves, river stones, etc) and likes to make or create designs.

Naming Identity

Acrylic- A type of paint

Sky- The region of atmosphere and outer space seen from the Earth

Meaning- Free;Creative

Past Names- Paint-drop

Thoughts- My name is.. different than most.. I guess I like it.

Currently Visiting

Group- Visiting time

None- None

None- None

None- None

Kin & Bonds


"Dove is a neat cat.. I like her, she's very curios about city life thou.. I wonder if that's weird around here.."


"He's.. ok.. I don't think he likes me very much since I was a city cat.."


pls art pls c':