"Do. Or Do not. There is no try."

-Yoda, Star Wars.

Introduction Edit

The trees began to darken with shade as the sun was setting across the hills. The sound of leaves crackling are heard beneath your paws as you quicken your pace across the dense forest floor. The sun began to look lost behind the trees, leaving the woods with barely any light. Your paws start pounding faster against the floor as you look for a way out of the dense forest. You skid to a halt as you notice a decent sized ravine in front of you. In a matter of seconds before reaching the edge of the ravine, flashes of fur were thrown into you as you were slammed into the ground. "Trespasser!" The cat spat. The group of cats swarmed around, leaving no way out. The commander of the group flicked his tail as a signal and the group of cats slowed down and eventually stopped. The cat who pinned you down releases his grip and backs off along with the others. "Why are you here." The dark colored tom-cat asked. "I'm just lost.." Was the reply. The tom-cat waved his tail as another signal and the group of cats went into some sort of position as it turned out to be a line. "Follow us. We will bestow upon you some prey and we will escort you out of our woods." You follow them into a crevice large enough to squeeze through. After going through the crevice you come face with a large group of cats and dens. "Welcome. To the Tribe of the Endless Woods."

Rules Edit

  1. The Leader's word is the law and order of the Tribe.
  2. Respect your Tribe members as you respect yourself.
  3. Honor your friend, ally, and your enemy.
  4. Protect and fight for your Home and Tribe, even at the cost of your own life.
  5. Remain loyal. Betrayal will not be tolerated.
  6. Do not command your Tribe what to do if you are not a Sentinel, Leader, or the Elder.
  7. You are not to harm any Youngling, even if it is your enemies'.
  8. Respect every Clan, Pack, and Tribe's tradition and code.
  9. Do not try to cause drama or tensity throughout the Home.
  10. Show courage. Show bravery. Show honor.
  11. You do not need to kill to achieve victory.

General Info. Edit

Tag color - Green (No tag color is considered copy-right.)

Territory - Sarepia Forest : Elbe.

Camp den - Since we are starting off small, it will be held at Jakspeed's den.

Theme song - Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons.

Religion Edit

We do not exactly believe in a Religion; we believe in honor, courage and dignity.

Dress Code Edit

Head Edit

Fox hat, Skull helmet, or nothing.

Body Edit

Pirate sword, Spartan armor, Bow, Bow and arrow, or nothing.

Tail Edit

We do not allow tail armors. But for Younglings it can be used as a regular cat's tail.

Legs Edit

Elf bracelets, Leaf bracelets, Glove, or nothing.

Neck Edit

Spiked collar, Ribbon scarf, Jamaaliday-scarf, Leaf necklace, or nothing.

No nontraditional items such as Butterfly wings, diamond encrusted gold leggings, etc.

Q&A Edit

Do you allow Wolves, Foxes and Rabbits?

Yes. We stick to the original roleplay tradition.

Do you allow advanced vocabulary or anatomy?

No; we roleplay traditionally. It is unnecessary to use such things.

Is power playing allowed?

Absolutely not. No likes a power player.

Is double clanning allowed?

No. Your focus should be on the Tribe, not other clans/packs/tribes.

Are there gatherings?

Right now, that is uncertain. But possibly in the future.

Can we mess around sometimes?

Of course. But not all the time. Some times you have to be serious.

Do we have to kill in order to win?

No. But if it is the only option, yes. Try not to kill as much.

Titles Edit

  • What are titles? Titles are a sort of job that you choose when you reach the rank of Successor. They are not ranks but they are something you are assigned to do.

Hunter - The title for ones who will hunt and feed for the tribe. For the ones who are the skilled hunter.

Protector - The title for ones to guard and protect the home and it's residents who dwell in it.

Elite - The title for one who shows courage and strength in the midst of battle. A cat who honors all enemies and friends as him/herself.

Scout - The title for the ones who are lean and swift. The ones who wish to quicken their pace like lightning.

Predator - The title for one who seeks death to others. The title of a skilled killer who looks death into the eye.

Naming Code Edit

When joining, your name must start with either a color or adjective. The end can end in a noun or animal.

Ex : Blue Talon, Brisk Sky, Force Tooth.

Ranks Edit

Youngling Edit

In other words, a kit. They are to be protected as your own kit. They are the future of the Tribe and we must protect it.

Beginner Edit

In other words, an apprentice. After a youngling reaches the age of 7 passing's (full moons), the youngling will be anointed as a beginner and will be assigned a teacher.

Successor Edit

After the beginner completes his/her teachings, she/he will be anointed successor. The ceremony must be held at moon-high.

Mender Edit

The healer of the clan. He/she will aid to the ill and injured and to allies also. The healer is an important rank and must be respected.

Guardian Edit

The Guardian is a special rank for those who seek to protect, fight, and aid the Tribe in any means necessary. They will even sacrifice their own lives to save another.

Sentinel Edit

The second in command of the Tribe. In order to become a Sentinel, he/she must prove her self to the Tribe, Leader, and Elder that he/she is capable of assisting the Tribe in any way.

Leader Edit

The head of the Tribe. The Leader must be anointed by the Elder in order to become it. The leader must guide his/her Tribe into glory and honor. If he/she fails to do that, the Tribe can be lost and could be destroyed. He/she must be willing to sacrifice everything he/she has to save the Tribe.

Elder Edit

A cat who speaks words of wisdom to the Tribe. He/she shares secrets to the Leader and anoints the Leader. The Elder is a wise cat and must be respected.

Senior Edit

The retired, old, or crippled. Even though they are, they should be treated fairly and be respected as your own.

Members Edit

Leader - Red Falcon [X4X4TheHunter] - Large dark brown-red tom-cat with black markings and a dark grey underbelly.

(No Sentinel yet.)

(No members yet.)

Joining Application Edit

Username :

Tribal name :

Gender :

Passing's :

Requested rank : (If it is Guardian and over, you must be tested and trusted.)

RP Example :

Why do you want to join? :

Etc. :

News + Information Edit

1/25/2016, Birth of the tribe ;)!

We do not have an official camp den yet. Since we are starting off small, we'll start off in Jakspeed's den. It is unlocked so you can go visit it (I know, the introduction makes no sense.) If you have a den you can spare and wish to use it as camp, please and thank you.

And yes, this Tribe is lead by a non-member. There is no difference between a Member and Non-member.


Thank you for your time!

-Red Falcon.