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This is a Tribe by Mythies123 (queenny1st). Now you may join. Other Clans/Packs/Tribes may ask to be allies.

Welcome to the Tribe of Shadowed Maples Edit

Welcome, traveler. I see you have found your way into the camp of the Tribe of Shadowed Maples. Don't be afraid, the bramble-snagged pelts and glowing eyes of my Tribemates hide pure hearts. We walk on the borders of darkness and light, a place we find comfortable. We stand tall with pride at our inner glow, but enjoy the freedom found in the darkest nights. The perfect balance, if I say so. I am Maple, but that is not my name. My true name is a secret, one that I will carry to the Tribe of Starry Nights and beyond.

Enough about me, the leader is but a small sliver of a Tribe's character. Let's start.

Territories Edit

Sarepia, Zios, Base Camp, Appondale, and Coral Canyons on Appalachian.

Claws 'n' Paws is the training tree.

Rules Edit

  • All the regular rules of AJ apply.
  • Our belief is The Tribe of Starry Nights.
  • To be a medicine cat, you must have a knowledge of herbs and what they do.
  • Please no crazy drama, like "((Falls out of tree and dies tragically))" or something like that.
  • When I say "roleplay on" it means you have to be serious and act in character.
  • When I say "roleplay off" you can be casual and chat.
  • When I say "skip to night" we have skipped to nightime.
  • When I say "skip to day" we have skipped to daytime.
  • No superpowers. Your cat can't have wings, make spells, have fire/ice powers, etc. You are just normal cats.
  • To be in the tribe at all, you must have read at least the first series and have a basic knowledge of clan ranks, the warrior code, etc.
  • You may not double-Clan.
  • Please do not use anatomy. I personally hate it, it slows down chat, and it's just plain annoying.
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • I have the right to exile you.
  • I am picky (because I am sick of the RPing six-year-olds who have no idea what they are doing) about who I let join so please use proper grammar and your best effort when you are applying.
  • No chatspeak. ANYWHERE. Not even when RP mode is off.
  • If you are a deputy than you may act like a leader if members of the clan are on and I am not. However if I get back on than you must act like a deputy again.

Current Stats Edit

Leader- Maple (queenny1st)

Theme Songs- Enternity - Montee

Prey Type- Birds, voles, squirrels

Prey Status- Plentiful but skinny

Season- Leaf-bare, chilly mornings, cloudy afternoons, dense frost, light snows

Training Grounds- The Training Tree (Paws'n'Claws)

Beliefs- Tribe of Starry Nights

Sacred Meeting Grounds- Fernhollow (Zios Statue)

Form for Joining Edit

Your Username:

Name of Cat (You can have Clan names or loner names, but I prefer Tribe names, EX: Leaf That Rides on Wind (Leaf)):



Brief Description:

Past Clan/Tribe/Pack:

Desired Rank:

Brief Personality:

Brief History:

Roleplay Example:

Would You Say You Are a Good Roleplayer?:

Dress Code and Pelts Edit

Allowed Clothes-

Head: Fox hats, raccoon hats

Neck: Leis, spiked collars, non-member necklaces

Back: Bows and arrows, torn blankets, swords, elf armor, longbow, crossbow

Legs: All bracers, natural colored gloves

Tail: Elf armor

Please keep your pelts natural colors!

Allies and Enemies Edit

None yet!

Animals Edit

Kit: Bunny, Fox, Lynx

To-be: Fox, Lynx, Tiger

Adults: Wolf, Tiger, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Arctic Wolf