Okay so before I get into detail about the Tribe, I just want to let you know because this is a tribe, you have to use tribe names like: Sage where Blood Flows or Brook where Small Fish Swim and not one part names. You have to know at least basic anatomy, and no kitty-pets allowed, as we are a strong tribe and not a weak one with kitty-pets in it.

Camp descriptionEdit

Ok so as you first go into camp, you see 4 moon peaks, 2 for leaders and 2 for deputies. Moon peaks are high rocks. The first room is, for the travelers (the room that has the small pink trees and black mats).   The second room is for the medic and the medic learner.

The last room is for kits ,apprentices, spies, and elders.  And that's the camp, I know its not too detailed, but I'm not so good at describing a camp.

Leader's background storyEdit

Here's a bit about my cat, Sage where Hearts Darken,

Ever since Sage was a kit, she was brought up on the rough side of life. She was taught how to fight a few days after she was born, with teeth and claws in the first lesson. She was born and lived in the dark woods. All the cats were evil and pure evil. When she was about 3 moons old, she had to fight her first battle and she had to hunt everyday for her tribe. Cold or warm, it didn't matter to her leader. When her leader died, she was 10 moons old and had been a warrior for 2 moons. They had no deputy there, so they had to pick a new leader. Sage was picked for leader—leader of the Tribe of Dark Rivers. And that's it for now. :D


Ok so I have a few rules for my tribe, and here they are!

1.) Don't cause drama, like saying ' OMG GUESS WHAT! SCOURGE IS MY FARTHER, I'M GONNA BE A LEADER ONE DAY!'  Well you're not gonna be my deputy if you say this and drama is punishable by suspension. 

2.) Treat all cats with respect, especially the leaders and deputies.

3.) If you see another cat on our land, you attack it, no questions asked. And if I find out that you let it stay, you will be exiled.

4.) When i'm online or the other leader or deputies are, go to my den. The tribe is always on when a deputy or leader is on.

Dress codeEdit

Neck items: Leaf necklaces, spikes and nothing else (No pinks. Purple is okay in spikes and such, but not for leafs. No greens).

Head: Skulls or fox hats, nothing else (No pink, purple or green)

Leg: Leg armor or elf bracelets (No pink, green, or purple for leaf bracelets)

Tail: Elf tail armor or raccoon tail armor (No pink, purple, or green)

Back: swords or jamaaliday bows (No pink or green. Purple is ok for the bows)

Hunting ground Edit

We use the servers in Sawtooth.

Our hunting grounds are: Sarepia forest, Zios, Coral canyons, and Coral Canyons Pathway.

Tribe wordsEdit

Tribe of Shooting Stars- StarClan

Tribe of Falling Comets- Dark Forest

Moon peaks- High rocks

Tall ones- Humans, two legs

Enemies Edit

Pack of Faded Memories - xxfadedmemoriesxx 



Recent thingsEdit



Archonons- The leaders of the tribe. We will be having to of these, myself and someone else. 

Raiders- These are deputies. We will also be having two of these in the tribe.

Healer- These are the medic's are the tribe, they are the most wise and peaceful cats of the group.

Travelers- These are fighters, hunters and patrol the borders of our hunting land.

Learners- These are apprentices of the group. To be a learner, you have to be 5 or 6 moons old. I will pick for you.

Youths- These are the youngest cats of the tribe, kits. They stay in the nursery for 5 or 6 moons before they are given a mentor.

Queens- We don't have a name for queens yet, but as you know, these are the cats who have a mate and kits.

Tykos- These are the elders of the tribe.

How to join the tribeEdit

Ok so to join the tribe, fill out this form in the comments




Why you want to join the tribe:

Roleplay Example ( must be basic or advanced ):

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