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The waterfall hit the jagged corners of the series of cliffs that abruptly cut off into a 1,982 ft drop. Despite the sheer size of the drop, from that point the water looked swollen. Heavy slaps against the gradually shifting rocks drown out the sound of wolves steedly running through the ravine. The light that managed to linger beyond the horizon was consumed by the rapidly falling night. Only the dramatic illumination of the moon lit the darkening landscape. Pale translucent light glazing the pillaring and accumulating clouds above, ruffled and sprawled. A canopy overhead of freckled stars; dull and lifeless.  Coldness hit in gradual waves as the warmth faded off with the sun. The territory of the tribe of whispering galaxies stretched out seamlessly out into the vast landscape.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Returning to this Wikia after a long period I have seen a number of edit not done by people who have been permitted to do so, please do not edit without permission.

The tribe is under construction and is being developed currently The tribe will not be fully open u ntill futher notice
Founding Date 20 August 2015
Founders Inkdoll,Juice1212,Maria919


Orientation Neutral
Recruiting Accepting
Tag Color Gold
Badge Mira
Roleplay Advanced Vocabulary

& Traditional

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In the comments of the wikia fill out this joining application and wait for approval or jam-a-gram one of the three main Startellers.



Free Chat or Limited Chat

Member Or Nonmember

OC Name:



Past Associations: 

Reason You Wish to Join:

Fighting Example:

OC Description:

Realistic Picture Of Your OC:

Note: We do not use anatomy but vocabulary is allowed.

Tags: Gold tags (If any other 'Major' clan or tribe has this tag then please refrain from working yourselves up over it, there are over 50+ clan and tribes and only 10 colors.)

Names: We use tribe names for example: Star-that-carves-through-space
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(Disobeying certain rules can lead onto a strike, members will only have two strikes before they're kicked out)
  • Only certain people can edit Wikia/Wordpress/Instagram pages of the tribe.
  • No Drama. It would be appreciated to keep this to a minimal.
  • Although it’s not common please don't do incest (Being mates with your brother/sister etc)
  • No attacking and ambushing other clans/packs/tribes without the Startellers permission.
  • We would like no double names (two members having the same names, this also includes the start of names like for example, “river that flows” and “river that channels through rocks” we don’t use full names in roleplay and names are often shortened to the first word)
  • Please no switching statuses between days, like becoming a bandit then switching to a adult, time rules do apply (Continue reading further below)
  • Disabling (killing) another member within the tribe unless Starteller say so, or they’re a traitor/spy then this is approved, but still ask first.
  • Please be kind and respectful to other members, but do note some people just have a ‘grim’ personality. If anyone does not follow this rule, Please go to Starteller if not sorted.
  • Please only have two members between one person.
  • No Mary-Sues or Sparkle wolves.
  • Please read all necessary rules before applying to join, otherwise most likely you will not be accepted.
  • Don’t take your anger out on another member because of what happened outside of tribe between you.
  • If you have a complaint about anyone, please tell Starteller.
  • No bullying.
  • Please RP at least once a day or once every two days. This is to keep members up to date with the tribe. If there are circumstances that will prevent you from roleplaying, please send a note to the Starteller with a reason. If you do not roleplay for at least three weeks your characters will be killed off to keep the flow of the RP going.
  • You can kill off a character and create another to replace him/her, (Your own)
  • Double clanning is a strict no (some exceptions could be made) if found double clanning you will be kicked out immediately or possibly killed.
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[Max: 3]

The Tribe's Healer's are basically the same thing as a Clan's medicine cat and leader put together. Not only does the healers lead the Tribe, they also use healing herbs to cure wounds and sickness. Unlike tribe cats, Healers do not dream. The Healers almost never leaves the cave, because unlike leaders they do not have nine lives and it's easier for them to be killed.The only times they come out of the cave is for to-be ceremonies and such. Every Healer changes their name to Teller once they become the Tribe's official Healer.
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Name: Username: Species: Lives: Gender: Mate:
Star that carves through space Inkdoll Red Wolf 1 Female N/A

Dark that swallows the light Acesanella Mexican Grey Wolf 1 Male N/A



Canyon-Guards are thick, strong, and lean cats that protect and guard the entrance of the tribe's cave. They are the main fighting force of the Tribe and have the responsibility of defending the cave from predators such as big birds.Watching the skies to protect the prey-hunters from hawks and eagles while they hunt is another one of their responsibilities.They are also the most experienced with fighting.
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Name: Username: Species: Gender: Mate:



Prey-hunters are the lithe, quick cats of the Tribe who can jump high to catch mountain birds such as eagles or hawks to feed to their tribemates. Prey-hunters are tribe cats whose only duties are to catch prey for the tribe. They are the hunters of the Tribe, using stealth and surprise along with camouflage to catch their food. It is their responsibility to feed the Tribe and catch their prey, especially for the nursing cats, and the young and old. They depend on speed, for there are not many places to hide in the almost-bare surroundings, like WindClan. Normally prey-hunters hunt in teams to help catch prey. Prey-hunters often coat themselves with mud; this disguises them, covers their scent, and protects against the wind. A group of cave-guards accompany them to spot trouble. Prey-hunters are chosen from birth for their lithe and agile build.
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Name: Username: Species: Gender: Mate:



The equivalent of an apprentice, to-bes are young cats in training. To-bes are trained in either prey-hunting or cave-guarding. They train with their mentors and learn the skills of what they have to learn. When they are finished training, they are made into either prey-hunters or cave-guards by the Tribe Healer. Tribe cats believe that they are born into their duty, though they can change positions. Unlike Clan apprentices, to-bes start training at the age of eight moons. The Starteller will receive a message from The Tribe of Whispering Galaxies when it is time to choose his own to-be

Name: Username: Species: Gender:


[Max: One]

The den mother is a selected she-cat from the tribe whom's duty is to look after the newborn kits. Often after a Kit-Mother gives birth she is quickly assigned to look after the kits till they come of age to become a To-Be

Name: Username: Species: Gender: Mate:



Kits are young cats that are not yet to-bes; the same as Clan kits. They are too young to do to-be duties, so they stay in the nursery with their mother. Kits stay a kit for 8 moons. At their birth, it is foretold by the Tribe healer if they will become a prey-hunter, a cave-guard or the next Teller of the Riddled Stars. Kits that seem fast and lithe are prey-hunters; kits that look strong will be cave-guards. They can be to-bes when they are eight moons old.

Name: Username: Species: Gender:



Elders are the oldest and weakest cats in the Tribe. Elders are retired cats that have stopped doing their Prey-Hunter or Cave-Guard duties.They are often consulted in difficult times. The elders of the Tribe have a very similar role to the elders of the Clans. They are fed by the Prey-Hunters and are protected by the Cave-Guards.

Name: Username: Species: Gender: Mate:
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Clothing Edit

Skull, Flower Crown, Spring Flower Crown, Fox-hat
Scarf (if non member), Spike Collar , or Leaf necklace
Elf Armour, Spartan Armour, Sword, Jamaaliday Bow, Worn
Elf Bracelets, Legendary Glove, Glove, Leaf Armour

Animal Edit

Starteller, Canyon-Guard, Prey-hunter, Den-Mother, To-be's, Pups or Elder:
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Almost six generations back two wolves found themselves straying from their pack into the desert, famished and staved along with the side effects of heatstroke they both in desperation eat anything they can find. This is where is begins. The beliefs of the tribe of the whispering galaxies came from these two wolves, both a highly honored to this day and festivals monthly are held in respect. Their names; Nawat and Ashenaee. Nawat a young and delusional wolf at the time was panicked and frantic, while hunger driven. Plants that sprouted despite the brutal conditions were often poisonous; despite the multiple warnings on the journey across the desert at the moment Nawat no longer thought of the possible negatives of eating the shrub. What he had consumed was creating voices and images, triggering paranoia and hallucinations. Taken at night, Nawat was taken through what he thought was a enlightenment. The sky was speaking to him, telling him where the water was, where the food became abundant. Gods darted back and forth in a blurry haze in his vision.

Nawats ‘amazing’ discovery reduced his hunger for the moment being, taking this as a sign from the sky gods he brought Ashenaee into it, giving her the drug like plant. These two crazed wolves screaming and shrieking in the ravines caught attention of other lone dwellers. Both soon spreading news of the plant and its connection to the gods. Forming a group of wolves all in a frenzy of the gods. It wasn’t until a few generations where the consumption of the plant become forbidden as high dosage and giving it to young pups caused casualties but the customs and traditions from the sky gods forever passed down to this very day, even though no one knows the exact origins as to why. The story of the talking sky gave the tribe its name; the tribe of whispering galaxies.


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