Introduction Edit

You enter the shadowy territory looking around you see a she-cat. The she-cat growled at you. ''Hey You're on My tribes and i's territory! You have no idea what to do you just stood still. The she cat Shook hear head. ''Just another rouge,longer or a kitty pet." You Looked around and answered. "I need a home". The she cat nodded. "You came to the right place. follow me" The she cat padded up the hill and into a patch of brambles. And then your story began........... Tribe Of The Shadowy Figures......

Rules Edit

Here are the rules you must follow.

  1. Always listen to leader
  2. When the leader tells you to something do it
  3. Double-clanning not accepted (Unless you dont get caught)
  4. Roleplay right

Questions Edit

  1. Should i Make allies/eneimies/Gatherings
  2. Should i allow kits
  3. what den do you want

Ranks Opened Edit

Deputy: open

healer: open (Since the leader is a healer there will be another healer and an To be.)

Guards: Open

( have any other ranks/ideas i should add or even a tradition let me know )

To join Edit

-copy this if needed- Fill this form-

User: coolkitten105

Cat name:sorreltail

Roleplay exampe: (Optional)


Extra Info Edit

If you don't want to join. Please ask someone who might need a tribe to join in.

Anatomy is at least needed: Basic at least.

IF you do want to join. my username is xxautumx.

see you later cats