I have decided I'll make my own tribe or something, because my other clan didn't really go so well.


You wander across the midnight sky as you feel your paws trembling into a cave which is covered in darkness and fog. You feel bravery and courage through your veins as you keep going further into the cave. You find prey, and lots of useful items. The water in a small puddle still glimmers with no shame of bravery.


1. Respect your leader at all costs. 2. No wandering into another tribe's territory. 3. Hunt for the tribe first. 4. Never be disrespectful to another tribe member. 5. No fighting in camp. 6. Important information goes to the leader immediately. 7. Do not hurt the small, for they will find a way to fight.

Animals In UseEdit

Tigers Cheetahs Wolves Bunnies[Cubs]


Spiked Collars Leaf Collars Swords[If Wanted] Spartan Armor[If Wanted] Elf Bracelets[If Wanted] Tail Armor[If Wanted] Skull Helmets[Again, If Wanted] Raccoon Tails[Another Option Of Tails]


Leader[Mart55556, Improbus] Second Commander[Edit This If Wanted] Warriors[Edit This If Wanted] Smaller Ones[Aka Kits/Cubs, Edit This If Wanted] Apprentinces[Edit This If Wanted] Reginas[Aka Queens, Edit This If Wanted]