~ Important News ~ Edit

2/14/16 - Thunderclan has requested that we help them out in defending them against Shadowclan. Nova and I will speak to our Star-Gazers and make our final decision, the Full-moon is coming up, if it shines on the left side of the crystal, it will signify Twilight is angry and we will most likely not be involved.

2/14/16- The full moon is coming up! This will be our first Ethereal Endure. Everyone be on their best behavior and may Twilight guide your paws.

2/19/16- Attention! The new leader of the tribe is Spectrum, may the twilight guide his paws to glory!


~ Introduction ~ Edit

The high winds buffeted your fur, brushing back. The flowers were withered and seemingly buried under the thick layers of the white substance. You followed the lithe embodiments of the Snow Leopards up ahead. Their luxurious coats glistening in the moonlight. They came to a sudden discontinuation, the superior Leopard, a magnificent tall female, twitched her tail back. The silent and mysterious creatures moved on, trudging through the snow, though it was supposed to slow them down, it seemed as if it were an advantage. As they walked further ahead, the snow seemed to glow, glistening magnificently, bits of white crystal shards were appearing in the snow. "We're getting closer." One of them spoke, his manner seemed sinister. Though you didn't know what lay ahead, you imagined it was pure and good, like the nursery tales that the elderly have been passing down for ages about this holy place.

Too lost in thought, you didn't notice the cavern, about to loom over you, you lost sight of the felines in front of you, and suddenly you were engulfed in blackness. You reached your paw out, fear beginning to writhe within yourself, your adrenaline discontinuing abruptly. There was nothing on front of you, just darkness that seemed to go on for miles, but it was a comfortable darkness, the inky blackness was mysterious.

Suddenly you felt the cavern widen, you saw specks of shimmering light up ahead. You rushed towards it, your white thick fur brushing up against a towering rock. It seemed as if it were a dream. It was breathtaking, glorious massive crystals, shining lustrously, lighting up the cavern walls. You gasped, the brilliant shining lit up the luxurious coats of your companions, their faces were solemn, their eyes were content on a monumental, illuminate crystal. You wanted to speak, no words came out, you seemed rattle, the luminous crystal towering over you, it was truly a masterpiece. Casting it's brilliant rays of light within the cavern. You just couldn't help yourself, you had to explore this extravagant paradise. You slinked away from the others, their gaze was so fixated on the crystal they didn't even notice you. Behind a crystal, you looked around contemplating the premises.

"A passage." You breathed, your breath visible in the icy cavern. You compacted yourself, attempting to squeeze yourself in the small tunnel, their seemed to be echoing voices inside, something was calling to you. As you managed yourself into the passage, it seemed to widen as you wriggled through, it seemed as if you were underground, engulfed by dirt, instead of the chilling stone. Finally as it widened you found room to stand up, while sauntering amongst the icy sedimentary ground, it came to an abrupt stop, you plummeted down, descending into the thick layered snow, relieved that in broke your fall.

You got up. You seemed as if you couldn't breath, before you was an exquisite, azure river. Though there was no moon in the cavern, it seemed to light up. The current descended downwards, flowing rhythmically over and around rocks. Flecks of crystal shards also appeared in this river. You whipped your head around, excited, but instead of the brilliancy that you hoped for, there was a massive dull rock. Scarlet fluid was marked on it, it was a spine tingling sight. It seemed evil. You looked back at the flowing, underground, translucent river. Did it ever stop? You wondered.

Suddenly a shadow was cast on a crystal, it's shape made out a Snow leopard, tall and fair. You flinched, turning around to come face to face with one of your comrades. "I'm so sorry..." you whimpered. "It will never happen again." You bowed to the authorizing tom. He curled his black cracked lips, looking at you expressionlessly. "You better be. If this happens again, you'll be the sacrifice, you're lucky the moon chose the light side of the crystal, otherwise you would've gotten a displeasing, yet undeserving death of your own." He snarled. You winced, you heard of the rituals that your companions had preformed, many sacrifices were made in this Tribe, it was all apart of our philosophy, one day you might become one of the sacrifices yourself, it's a dangerous, beautiful, uplifting Tribe. You were lucky to be apart of the Transparency of the Prehistoric Tranquility.

  • The Holy River
  • The Illuminate Cavern opening
  • The Crystalline River farther down

~ About Us ~ Edit

Transparency of the Prehistoric Tranquility is a Tribe that consists of all Snow Leopards, we perform many special religious rituals Twilight. Which is what we believe in. We live up in the mountains, where even in the summer it's relentlessly chilly. We're majestic, mysterious, swift, and alluring. We are the Lords of the cold, we use it to our advantage. We have different ranks and we seem isolated from others until we go to war. We hope you'll join us.

~ General Information ~ Edit

Orientation- We strive to peaceful and still, though when the moon disappears it corrupts us into evil, all we want is peace, which is why do rituals to Twilight. I wouldn't call us Dark or Light, but we're not Middle either.

Themesongs- Hall Of Fame

Tags- Silver

Territory- Will be discussed

Abbreviation- TOPT

Recruiting- Yes

Active- Yes

~ Beliefs And Rituals ~ Edit

I put this at the top for a reason, our beliefs and rituals is about the most important thing about us, we believe that living is a short paradise where we make our own choices, free decisions, and it's only a short period of time before we live our eternity in Twilight. We do many rituals and here is the list of them.

Ethereal Endure- Every full moon we travel through the Snowy Pass, to the Illuminate Cavern. We circle around the Holy Crystal. We bow, and we wait. Similar to the Moonstone, there is a crack in the roof of the cavern. The moon will shine directly above, casting shadows on the crystal. If the moon shines on the right of the Crystal, it will cast glorious rays of light, that will signify that all is well, and we continue how we do the Tribe. But if the moon shines on the left of the Crystal, it means we'll have to do anEnsanguined Eundure.

Ensanguined Endure. If the moon shines on the left side of the Crystal, during the Ethereal Endure, it will cast a grave shadow. This means we will choose a sacrifice, and a tribute to kill that sacrifice. If the sacrifice attempts to fight back, it won't go to Twilight. The death must be torturous, and the victim's blood must be stained on the dullest rock in the Illuminate Cavern. We must hope that this pleases the Gods of Twilight.

The 5 Dreaded Plagues. If the Ensanguined Endure happens two times in a row, 5 plagues will happen. ( Credit to the makers of the 5th wave for this idea. )

1. A horrific blizzard, cascading over the mountains, it will be strong enough to blow old Trainees away, and no thick pelt can keep it out.

2. Abnormally scarce hunting, you'll only be able to find one piece of prey a day if lucky.

3. The dens will crumble, and the glorious ice that we make our home in will begin to melt.

4. An outbreak of Blackcough will spread.

5. All this will happen, with an additional torturous death and the cubs will suffer before their mothers eyes, the ice will completely melt and the Illuminate Cavern will begin to crumble.

There is one way to stop the 5 Dreaded Plagues before they happen. You'll have to sacrifice one of the Shamans in a Cleansing Decease.

Cleansing Decease. This is how you want to die, to honor your ancestors in Twilight, when you're starting to die you will be taken to the Illuminate Cavern. Your body will be agonizingly dismembered, breaking your shoulder frame, ect, to honor your ancestors and the hardship they went through. After that you'll be placed in the Crystalline River with crystal shards in your fur, you'll be swiftly taken down the current, it is said that that is the way to travel to Twilight, and that your ancestors collect you after your journey.

~ Ranks ~ Edit

Shamans- Shamans are the highest respected and most supreme in the Tribe. They are born to this position and do their best in keeping the gods of Twilight pleased. They also lead their Tribe into battle when necessary, and work as Healers as well. ( Closed )

Commandants- Commandants are the second in charge of the Tribe. They assure everyone is doing the right thing, and they are very hostile towards outsiders. They must be advanced fighters and always know what's right. ( 1/3 )

Stargazers- The Stargazers choose the life of peace over war, they ARE allowed to make omens, such as plagues happening, or sacrifices. They are the closest to Twilight and visit the Illuminate Cave at Half-moon. ( Closed )

Elites- We are still a Tribe, not a cult. Our Elites are our higher Combatants, they don't have much more respect than Combatants, but they are usually stronger. ( Open )

Combatants- These are the Fighters, Protectors, and Hunters of the Pride. They are respected by the young and will do their best to assure protection and freedom for us. ( Open )

Trainees- The Trainees are the young in training, each given a Master ( mentor ) to train them, preferably a Commandant or Elite.

Youth- The playful cubs of the Tribe, by far most protected and become a Trainee at 6 moons.

~ Members ~ Edit

  • Coribeau
  • Nova
  • Keres
  • Yuno
  • Spectrum
  • Snowdrop
  • Tragedy
  • Sage
  • Akane
  • Asami
  • Nyx

Coribeau- Shaman - Buelljam

Nova - Shaman - Fortysixandtwo

Keres - Commandant - Geminiasf

Yuno - Commandant - Caramel56873

Snowdrop - Star-Gazer - Maddie240

Spectrum - Stargazer/Beginning Shaman - Loopie1260

Tragedy - Elite - Wolfclaw

Sage - Elite - Belldawg22

Akane - Elite - Xxthesaberibis

Aster - Combatant - Wonderwolf1

Asami - Trainee - XxbetaspiritxX

Nyx - Youth - Arcticwolf23929

~ The Way Of Twilight ~ Edit

Twilight is the greatest of them all, we worship these holy spirits of our ancestors that roam in our skies over the chilly mountains. Twilight is not just light, Twilight has a moral darkside to them, which is why we're cursed when the moon disappears that we will Purge, being unstable and seemingly demonic

The Code Of Conduct

1. Thou shall NOT attempt to overpower, destroy another Clan.

2. Thou will NOT kill during battle.

3. If thou help another Clan in battle, it must be for a good reason and you may not help them overpower or kill.

4. Thou will reframe from joining a battle at the side of a Clan who already has the upper hand.

5. Thou will follow the rules laid down by a Shaman and respect the Star-Gazers

~ Rules ~ Edit

1. Do NOT disobey a higher rank than yourself.

2. Give respect to our Higher ranks, that includes Shamans, Commandants, and Star-gazers.

3. Doubleclanning/ect. Will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance.

4. You must be loyal, you are allowed to leave if you have a good reason

5. Be considerate of your companions

6. No unnecessary drama, the only people allowed to create omens are the Star-gazers

7. No goofing off during serious roleplay, ESPECIALLY during spiritual rituals.

8. White nametag at ALL times

~ Punishments ~ Edit

1. Embarrassed in front of the Tribe

2. Torn ear

3. Shredded tail

4. Eye gouged out

5. Antagonist of a Star-gazer ( this is really really really bad )

6. First on our sacrifice list

7. Exile

8. Death

9. Torturous death and your body will be burned, and we will put your ashes in a small dirty puddle then splash around in it.

~ Dresscode ~ Edit


Head- Skull, nothing.

Neck- Spike ( R/NR ), Leaf Necklace.

Body- Elf/Sparta armor, Jamaaday bow, nothing

Feet- Gauntlets, nothing.


Head- Nothing

Neck- Scarf, nothing

Body- Nonmember sword, nothing

feet- Diamond glove, nothing

~ The Sacrificed ~ Edit

This is the list of tributes we've sacrificed, they shall forever be honored.


~ The Dishonored ~ Edit

These receive punishment 9. There ashes are to be thrown in the Pool Of The Forgotten. You only achieve this if you fight back during a Ensanguined Endure or you do not have a Cleansing Decease.

1. Yana

~ Alliance Form ~ Edit

Notice- We don't take enemy forms, and we do NOT help people destroy other Packs/Clans, but we can defend you in unfair wars.

1. Pack/Clan

2. Leader's username

3. Leader's roleplay name

4. Why you want to be our ally

5. How you heard of us

6: Roleplay example

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