Frost was a White German Shepard and had a slight mix of Timberwolf in her. (Gained from her father)

Her parents were Zero (The Father) and Kana (The mother).

[1] <- Mother

[2] <- Father

When she was a pup, Kana taught her everything there was to know about herbs so it could help her later on if she ever got hurt when Kana and Zero couldn't be there to heal her.

(Rookie Age) One day, out of the blue, Zero and Kana disappeared. Frost never knew where they went, she didn't do anything about it, she couldn't feel anything but pain and left behind. She stayed in the pack she was in as a pup: Pack of Faded Shadows. However, when her parents disappeared... So did Frost. This is her story..


My eyes were growing heavy as I kept running, trying to find a place, trying to find a new pack so I could forget everything that's went on in my early life. Im just a little rookie, I didn't know everything about the world, maybe I never will... But my pale cold blue eyes were growing dull. I haven't really ate much for the past 2 days, I've been depressed. I padded through the forest until I saw this voluminous figure in the shape of a wolf. "Hello?" I asked, trying to sound calm..

[3]<-- FROST*

I looked around, not seeing anything for a moment, until this massive canine with white beaming eyes came out. "What are you doing here?" She asked. I looked at her for a moment, "Trying to find some place to fit in really.." I said quietly. "Would you like to join the Sovereignty of Baleful Creatures?" She looked intimidating but she seemed nice if you got to know her. " Im Mulous (TheeMulousCat), and this is my second alpha, Renegade (Icefire345)" "Wow, Nice to meet you." I said. They asked me what I wanted to do, I didn't know too much about fighting so I had picked as what they call "Surgeon", turns out.. I was the first one in the Sov to be one too. Renegade had tested me in herbs about what I knew and I got them all right.(Except that one time Renegade made a trick question and Mulous basically spit out the answer xD) I didn't really get to do much since no one ever really got injured, but it was still fun being part of such a special pack.

*Time skip to about a month later*

"I am officially stepping down from this pack, and Renegade will take over." Mulous said. Surprising us all.

(A few days later)

"I am going to lead this pack to the best of my ability. From this day on, we are The Preeminence of Rioting Canines." Renegade said. I stared at her, knowing she'd be a great alpha. No wonder why Mulous had her as a second Alpha. Renegade had that type of appearance as beautiful but yet she could easily tear you to shreds if you threaten anyone in the pack, or her. Either way, she was an amazing alpha. She cared for us, like an Alpha should. She was everything an alpha should be.

(24 Hours later)

I stood in the Snowy Mountains (Mt Shiver to be specific) I collected herbs since we were running low. I found it funny that Im pretty invisible in the snow because I'm the exact color of snow. I heard mild growling coming near, I knew I wasn't on anyones territory, in fact, I was where I should have been. Maybe they have this place mistaken, I'm not a fighter, I believe everything can be resolved. But sometimes you have to fight to prove something. I looked up, and there was black timberwolf right in front of me. I stood my ground, I wasn't afraid of die, I would just be worried about my daughters, [Stone & Void] It's not that I'm afraid of being killed.. it's about what people will think of me when my time comes.

He snarled at me, I snarled back. "What are you doing on my packs territory?" I bellowed at him. "Your packs territory? I believe this is mine." He snapped. He was wrong, he knew he was too. "You're wrong, this area belongs to Preeminence of Rioting Canines, go, before they come and snap you in half." I snapped back. "You're funny, you think your pack will catch me? Ha, No." He said. "Well, it's not right that you've came onto our territory and testify it's yours!" I barked. Next thing I knew... He pinned me. I tried so hard to wiggle out, but it was no use, he was a HUGE timberwolf mix, probably with a czechoslovakian wolfdog mix. I felt his sharp fangs rip into my neck, it hurt, badly. I threw my head up, bumping it into his with all my powers, making him knock back.


I tackled him with my weight, piercing my fangs into his stomach, ripping some skin off. I heard him whine at the pain, he tucked me under him, he fell back, knocking the wind out of me. (I fell under him) I let out a whine, I knew I wasn't going to make it. I rolled with my weight, tossing him off. I lunged at him, full speed, (The fastest Frost goes is like 38 mph) He rolled off the edge, but his claws were huge, he was hanging onto the snow rocks. I growled, my crimson oozing down my neck. "How does it feel now." I said. He was slipping, but I wasn't far from him, he swiped his forearm at me, he pulled me down with him.

And that's how I died.

{Hope you enjoyed Frost's story. Im skipping Brook's story and doing Drift's later.}

Some info about Brook: Brook is a coyote, however her name originated after those creeks that smol fish swim in so yea. She is the niece of Frost, wondered why she had some of Frost's personality? Yea, that's why. O3o

~ To be continued ~