Tornado was formally the Leader/Alpha of The Rasp Whispers Of The Forbidden Feline Pack. She has actually passed, but I felt the need to make her profile.

Appearance: Edit

Tornado is 32 Moons but looks slightly older than she seems. She has a dark grey pelt which mixes up in with a black pattern also surrounded on her fur. Tornado is a fluffy Cat, making her seem 'unfit' whereas she actually is surprisingly slim under her coat of fur.

Basic information: Edit

Sex: Female

Species: Felis Catus

Age: 32 Moons

Group: Pack (The Rasp Whispers Of The Forbidden)

Position: Leader (was)

Theme song: If today was your last day -Nickelback

Family/Relations Edit

Mother: Breeze -below- Father: Hurricane -below- Mate: Shadow -below-

Former Mate[s]: Iron, Shade

Kits: Silver, Feather, Sparrow and Rowan

Siblings: Brother, Kiken (Deputy) -below-

Backstory: Edit

Tornado grew a simple life with her only sibling, Kiken. After her mothers passing because of Kikens birth, their father, Hurricane, raised them to be great warriors. Moons later, Hurricane passed shortly after and Tornado and Kiken ran away. They stopped upon a large abandoned camp. They each knew this would be their ticket to survival.

Likes/Dislikes Edit


Trustworthy cats

Peace and quiet


0ver the top Cats who think they are the best




Her role as a Leader: Edit

Tornado led the Pack with pride, welcoming fellow cats nearly every day. The whole pack was devastated to see she had passed on that fateful morning. Whilst the Cats mourned her goodbye, she lay dead next to her brother. If you looked above on them, the two Cats would of made a heart shape. I suppose this represented their sibling love with one another. But then again, all good things must come to an end. Everyday Tornado would be sorting out alliances and making the Pack eat well. Kiken was in charge of Patrols and ambushes. In the middle of Tornado's reign, the Pack grew stronger every second. Although Tornado wasn't any way related to Eclipse, they treated each other as though they were mother and daughter.

In memory of Tornado... Edit

She will always be remembered in our hearts... If you were in the Pack when she was the Leader, you would know just how amazing she was. Tornado was a great Alpha who took care of the Pack as well as a Queen with its Kits. In the camp, Eclipse buried her in top of the cliff, so she was related to the sky, as of her chosen name, and if their was ever a Tornado, the Pack would look up to the sky in memory of the great Ruler.

Her life: Edit

As a kit, she was a very mischevious Cat who would sneak around the Camp at night and wake up all the Kits. She would then play with them until her father had woken up to the sound and taken her back. (Tornado as a kit -below- cartoon version)Once she was finally old enough to start her training, Tornado worked hard to become a Warrior. She trained with her mentor, Ash, who gave excellent training skills to her. (Tornado as an Apprentice -below-) (Young Apprentice)And after moons of training, Ash knew she was ready to become a warrior. (Tornado as a warrior -below-)Finally, she was granted to be the Leader after her exceptional ambush performance, basic skills, and love of the Pack. (Below)That was Tornado and her beautiful life. Thanks for reading. ~Eclipse.