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This is just a basic guideline I have composed, it does have a few holes in it, feel free to add anything.



Teach your apprentice the differences between stalking different prey; for example, a mouse will feel your pawsteps before it smells you, but a rabbit will hear you before it sees you. In order to get them used to the feel of aiming their prey, start with the gathering of moss. It gets the apprentice used to scooping up their prey, and holding two morsels of prey.


Teach your apprentice the Hunter's Crouch.

How and when to move when they are stalking prey to not alert it, such as staying downwind.


Test your apprentice on their hunting skills; if they are catching prey, you can move on.

If not, troubleshoot your apprentice by watching and see what they are missing.

Once you find that, work with them on it.



Show your apprentice opening moves, such as slamming a paw above a foe's eye.


If you are incorporating Anatomy, start training them now. Anatomy is a complicated skill and takes a lot of time to learn.

-If you don't use it, skip Step 2!


Assess the apprentice on their beginning skills.

Watch closely to see where they are, so you know which harder moves to begin teaching.

Classic harder moves include:

-Tripping their opponent -Tricking their opponent (i.e going limp, and then suddenly pushing the opponent off when they least expect it)


Start training apprentices to work together.

When they face an opponent too large for them by themself, they need to know how to cooperate.

Practice attack formations.


Play a game similar to hide-and-seek. Test your apprentice and see if he can catch your scent and find your using his senses.​​

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