Timber, My OCEdit

Timber's Family


Name: Dawnie.

Age: 19 Moons (Almost a warrior age).

Looks: Bright ginger pelt with a light brown undercoat and a sleek, longhaired tail. 

Eye Color: Bright green.


Name: Smoky.

Age: 20 Moons.

Looks: Jet black tom with a white underbelly and a swirly pattern.

Eye Color: Warm gray. 



Age: 22 Moons (Counting).

Looks: Dark brown fur with light brown stripes. 

Eye Color: White (Not blind)

Personality: Quiet, shy, nervous, worried, and gay.

Siblings: Leo, Meo, and Cleo.











                                                                                               Timber's Backstory

   When Dawnie was expecting kits, it was around the worst time in the city, winter, which was very cold and brought sickness. It also increased the amount of car crashes. When Dawnie kitted her litter, containing of Leo, Meo, Cleo and the unnamed kit, (Timber), Smoky had an argument with her. He said he never wanted kits. Dawnie argued back, saying he could leave if he wanted to. And so he did. When he reached the road, he ran across, but slipped, and was hit by a truck. He was close enough for the family to hear a crunch of bones and a cut off scream of alarm. Dawnie was in no condition to get up and mourn. He was soon, probably, eaten by foxes.Dawnie was very young when she had her kittens and she couldn’t properly take care of them. She picked up her kittens, and carried them to a suitable home.  

Soon, Dawnie reached the place where she would dump her kits off her shoulders. It was a broken down Twoleg nest, probably infested with rats and disease. As if Dawnie would care. Once she set down the kits inside the nest, she turned tail and fled out of the city. Meowing pitifully, the four kits drew a band of foxes near. Sure enough, Leo, Cleo, and Meo were all taken and eaten by foxes. But when they had finished off Timber's siblings, and the lead fox was advancing towards her, a sweet scent washed over her, and out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a beautiful pale pink kit standing with no trace of fear on the nest.   

With a yowl of defiance, she turned and kicked down a plank of wood, which loomed over the foxes. Yelping with alarm, the foxes turned and fled away from the Twoleg nest. Crouching, shuddering, Timber looked up at the shekit.   

"Who-who are you?" Timber stammered, her eyes wide. Perhaps, this kit had a family of her own?  

"My name is Rose." The shekit meowed, leaping off the Twoleg nest gracefully and landing on all fours in front of Timber. "I come from a large band of cats, near the ocean."  

"The ocean?" Timber echoed. "What's that?"  

Letting out a mrrrrrow of amusement, Rose answered. "It's a very big amount of water which circles the land we're standing on right now."  

Timber squeaked. "Can we go there?"  

Rose chuckled. "Soon, but first, I have to introduce you to my family.                

The two young she kits padded on through the Twolegplace, warily glancing around. Worry rolled off Timber in waves, her ears flat. Her paws were shaky, she had only been alive for a few days. Seeking comfort, she wriggled towards Rose, pressing against her.