T I M B E R C L A N 

Love is in the air, TC! Got any ship ideas? Feel free to add them in!


 S H I P P I N G  P A G E


♥ S h i p s ♥

Ravenstar x Estrella (Restrella, Eaven)

Estrella x Sparrowstar

Estrella x Grizzlymask (Gestrella, Ezzy)

Ravenstar x Echovoice

Shadowsong x Echovoice

Estrella x Sora (Solla, Estora)

Estrella x Silverheart

Radis x Ravenfeather (Radisfeather, Ravis)

Ravenstar x Grizzlymask

Radis x Aria (Radia)

Radis x Acalia (Race, Acadis)

Radis x Estrella (Eadis, Restrellis)

Shadow x Cumulus (Cudow, Shalus) 

Ravenfeather x Pierre (Ravierre)

Flarepaw x Riverpaw (Riverflare)

Ichthys x Cadmium (Ichmuim)

Migraine x Echovoice (Migrainevoice, Migcho)

Meta X Sigma (Sita, Megma, Miga,)

Nightterror x Nani (Nighni, Narror)

Fawncry x Nani (Fani)

Apathy x Canarysong (Capathy)

Kian X Colubrinus (Colian)

Kage x Ayumi (Kuami)

Aprilrain x Stormfall (Aprilfall)


♥ C a n o n  S h i p s ♥

Grizzlymask x Sparrowtail (Grizrow)

Zion x Pebbleflight (Zibble, Pebion)

FeatherBreeze X Splash (Flash, FeatherSplash)

La Vie en Roses X Lowe (Rowe, Rouie)

Raissa X Finnegan (Faissa)

Nani x Fawncry (Fani)

Nico X Adele (Adeco)


♥ J o k e  S h i p s ♥

Sparrow x Ramen Noodles (Sparmen Toodles)

Grizzly x Tea (Gea/Trizzly)

Grizz x Ms. Frizzle (you are welcome)

Estrella x Everything/Everyone

Clover x Boopable Noses

Raven x Lovely Tree

Shadow x Poinsettias

Shadow x Board Games (We all know it's happening)

Shadow x FNaF

Shadow x FNaF songs

Shadow x Toy Bonnie

Sparrow x Slime

Raven x Voldemort (Ravenmort)

Wren x New Jammers

Shadow x Dance Moms (Shance Moms, Dandow Moms)

Radis x To be, or not to be-that is the question

Shadow x Watching Dance Moms (yes pls)

Shadow x Mystic Messenger (Mystdow) 

Radis x O C E A N M A N

Shadow x Zen (From MM) (Zow)

Shadow x Yoosung (From MM) (Yoodow)

Shadow x Jumin (From MM) (Shumin)

Shadow x 707/Luciel/Saeyoung (From MM) (Sheven, Shuciel, Shaung)

Shadow x Unknown/Saeran/Ray (From MM) (Shawn, Sadow, Radow)

Nani x All 16 Don't starve characters

Acalia x Chat Noir <3

Danse x Mama's Belly

Vendetta x Gore (Vendore)

Meta X Caboose (Ceta)

Sigma x The Dark Forest

Vie x D a G e R o U s hOrSeBaCk R i D i G

Stone x gAy mEmEs

Skull x Wanting to be friends with Clairvoyant

Skull x GoAnimate Caillou and Dora

Skull x Clairvoyant (Clairvoyull)

Ayumi x Food

Aria x Third Wheel for every ship


♥ S h i p  T h e m e s ♥

"Sad Song" Sparrow x Grizz

"Only Us (Dear Evan Hansen)" Zion x Pebbleflight


♥ C o n f e s s i o n s ♥

Leave a message for your special someone. You may sign it Anonymous if you wish.


Oh My Dear Radis, Your Amber eyes amaze me and take me in to a different world. I love to be around you, you just make my day even better. We may have had some rough times. But I never stopped loving you. I tried to get you out of my mine but it never worked. I always thought of you. I may not be the most strong or beautiful canine, but maybe you still would love me. I want to spend the rest of my days with you. I would bet my life for you. I hope you know my feelings

Your Dearest Aria

Dear Estrella,

I know I have said this once before, but I will say it again.. differently this time tho.

Estrella, you have helped me through tough times, especially when I was at that depressed moment. You always kept me company when I needed it.

I don't know how to make it up to you but..

WIll you be mine?

~Anonymous you-know-who (yes its silver)

"Dear Cedar,

You do not know how much I have missed you.. For the last few moons I have been unable to get the regret and guilt from my head, living in sadness while mourning your loss, when all along you were alive. I love you more than words can say, Tiger Toes, you're truly a special tom... I just wish that I was good enough to deserve you <3"

~Shedo, aka your Snuggle-boo~

Dear Echo,

I tolerate you.

But seriously, I really want to get to know you. You've so far been a great friend with the best humor, and you tolerate me. That's some serious dedication. I feel like we've been cubhood friends, but that's just me. You were definitely an easy pick for co-deputy.


Dear Lion,

Oh lionkit.. whenever I see you I get butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I'm not sure even why, but I have an idea. Maybe there's something more than our friendship out there..maybe it' I'd think that's it..since you're the prettiest, kindest cat I've ever seen. We can relate a lot,'re eyes are beautiful. They catch my eye, and when our eyes lock together.. I feel something special. I day you'll see this..and know it's special.


Je t'ai toujours aimé, mais je pensais que tu avais été emporté par un autre amour. Dès que je t'ai vu, tu as volé mon cœur. Tu es mon seul ami ici qui parle français et qui connaît le vrai moi. Je... Je t'aime La vie à Roses. Et je t'aimerai toujours.

(English Translation):

I've always loved you, but I thought you'd been swept away by another love. As soon as I saw you, you stole my heart. You are my only friend here who speaks French and who knows the real me. I...I love you La Vie en Roses. And I will always love you.

Dear N/A,

Roses are red,

Clouds are grey,

I have one question for you...

Do u know de wae?

~ Noelle <3


Hunting, I heard a voice so beautiful and vibrant. My heart had followed it, and I crossed over rivers and streams just so I can encounter the brilliance revealed upon discovery. There stood a feminine feline with a fur coat like a winter wonderland, with a pattern of black splotches. As she turned her apex, her optics had glimmered bright and with a golden glow from the reflection of the warm, sun's beam. First time I saw you, I knew the forest has guided me to a cat of sweet fruitful personality, radiant confidence and great traits that shined in those eyes he had seen. Like she has performed a finale and the forest cheered for her, cherry blossom petals had fallen gracefully around her from a cherry blossom tree. It was a day of not just any ordinary hunting he had been through. He had gone on a treasure hunt to seek the cat of special and unique personality. He found special treasure under a cherry blossom tree.

~Anonymous Secret


♥ G a l l e r y ♥

  • Capathy by MythArtist
  • Radis X Acalia
  • Zion x Pebbleflight
  • Meta x Sigma
  • Canarysong x Apathy drawn by Aria
  • Grizzly x Sparrow
  • Grizrow!
  • Shedar (Cedar x Shadow)
  • Hmm.. Is it official?