About me!

Tabby maine coon cat-12-


I'm a long haired brown tabby with amber eyes, resembles Tigerstar

Kit name: Tigerkit

Apprentice name: Tigerpaw

Warrior name: Tigerfur

Future names: I do not know, hopefully I stick with Tigerfur throughout the rest of my life, maybe Tigerstar

Rank: Warrior

Mate: None

Father: Iceclaw(deceased)

Mother: Riverwing(deceased)

Brother: Rainpaw(deceased?), Frostgaze(alive)

Sister: Petalpaw(deceased?)

Uncle: Darkshadow

Nephew: Halfpaw

Cousin: Hopesong

Daughters: Brightkit, Petalkit

Son: Lightkit, Rainkit


Tigerfur is the Tsundere type, but has the softer, sillier side. He can be quite rude if you tick him off, but can also be quite crazy. He can be serious at times, usually during meetings, training, and battles. His voice is cold and vicious. Tigerfur will not hesitate to challenge you or hurt you, so be careful around him if you want to continue living your short, pathetic life.

Tigerfur is a mix between a British long hair and an American short-hair. He has a minor British accent which can slip in and out of an American one, but stays in a British accent most of time. His body is full of scars, but the most notable ones are one on his neck, shoulder, muzzle, one on the top of his eye, and torn ears, those are just some and there are many more. He has a muscular build, but isn't noticeable through his thick fur. He has really bad insomnia, causing him not to get much sleep some nights. He also has bipolar disorder, causing him to have frequent mood swings and depression.










Anyone else you know who you are



A certain Dark (not Darkheart)

Likes & Dislikes


Most of his clanmates


Windex(Just a joke not really)


Respect(just respect him ok?)

Not you trololololo

Dislikes: Edit

A certain frost *cough cough*



annoying people


lazy cats(dont be lazy m8)

rude cats or people

Dont be like one of these guys and you most likely will be on his good side and a friend of his. Edit

Theme song: Donut Hole~Levi Version and Valse di Fantastica Edit


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Battle theme: Guren No Yumiya and Jiyuu No Tsubasa Edit

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Alternate theme: Bad Apple,Reluctant Heroes or Self inflicted Achromatic Edit




Attack On Titan - Guren No Yumiya OP Lyrics01:33

Attack On Titan - Guren No Yumiya OP Lyrics

Skill Set

Combat: 11/10

Hunting: 7/10

Swimming: 9/10

Leadership: 6/10

Initiative: 10/10

Wits: 8/10

Teamwork: 2/10

Cleanliness: 10/10 <center>


The difference in judgment between you and me originates from different rules derived from past experience.~Tigerfur

How can anybody live in a world so cruel and beautiful?~Tigerfur

Only the victors are allowed to live.This world is merciless like that.~Tigerfur

This just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline I believe pain is the most effective way.~Tigerfur

This is just my cherished opinion, but I think that pain is the most effective means of discipline. What I think you need right now is not lecturing, but precept. And since you’re on your knees, you’re in just the right position to be easily kicked. ~Tigerfur

The only thing that we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.~Tigerfur

My StoryEdit

It was a chilling, newleaf night on the aching sodden riverside. A pregnant molly sat by the final layer of crunched pebbles, constricting and making whining like purrs. Atrocious caterwauls came after a large spasm, and a wet bundle slid out by her hind left foot. Vigorously, she leaned to the squealing kit, chewing off the amiotic sac so the little scrap could breath. The fur plastered to his black tabby bodice, flecks of white here and there.

It had been a good two hours, and she was on her third kitten. The second kit was pure black, with a white chest. the spasming process went on..

Once her small, unnatural litter had been birthed, she carefully eyed them, their little squaks muffled as they tasted their mother's milk.  The third kitten had been a creamy tan kitten, most likely inheriting from Riverwing's father. Her mother had been a classic tortoiseshell, but was killed. slowly by mange. The black, newly made queen cringed at the memory as she licked her kittens now drying fur, the only still wet one being the cream kitten.

Chewed up sticks had been placated near her foot, given to her by a helpless tom she called her mate. He was pure white, with dark blue eyes. Since toms dont usually help in kitting, and the thought of getting a medicine cat could lead them to exile, the tom could do nothing more then give her twigs to help, run off, and pray his mate wasnt found by a scavenging raccoon, badger, or fox. Or even worse, a riverclan cat. His mate's father was deputy, and protected her with his life. If he had foubd out his daughter had been mated with and abandoned by a shadowclan moggy, he would kill him for sure, most likely for ruining her family's pure blood heritage, showing in their webbed feet.

The exhausted queen molly lapped at her matted and fear stinking bodice, washing the area where the birthing fluid had ruined and tangled in a dry formation. She had hoped to starclan the river water would splash at the pebbles, drifting away the large red stain she left from kitting. She grabbed each kitten by the scruff, craning her head, and sheltered them in a large fern. She then sneaked into the sleeping Riverclan, tiptoed to where Mallowchest lightly sleep, and sniffed out yarrow,daring not to breath incase the friendly tom sniffed her out, she grabbed the masking herb and pelted out, hearing approaching footsteps of a guard. She kept running till the milky scent of her kittens bathed her, and she sniffed them out, the black tabby squealing for milk. The queen secretly swallowed the yarrow, knowing that it would stop her milk and mask her scent. She looked at her kits, sending a prayer to the sky to watch over them, as she knew she could never reveal that she was their mother, and that she would have to lie and say she found them. The longhaired black molly meowed at her kits as their sealed eyes and ears pay no attention, she tried fitting in the bush, sheltering them till dawn came. She quietly whispered her love and each name to every kit, Tigerkit standing out the most. 


Dawn had approached. The molly got up, ignoring the squealing mews of the kittens finding out her milk was nowhere to be found, except in tiny sour droplets. Her pelt was groomed and she had made sure she rubbed in a big patch of catmint she found during her kitten's sleep. She grabbed each kit in her small mouth, choking on the heavy mount that sagged her neck. She paced to camp, met by shocked eyes and faces. Her father ran to her, confused and worried. She felt bad, he looked as if he had gotten no sleep and had been looking for her all night, scared he would lose the last thing he had left of his mate. Riverwing dropped the heavy bundles, panting, her sore neck trembling.

" I found a dying queen next to our camp on the riverside " She lied. Her father widened his eyes.

" She begged me to take her kits, so I did. " She struggled to come up with a none cliche and believable story. Obviously she was relieved, as only the cream kitten had long hair, pointing no resemblance to her if it was in the black or grey tabby kits.

She froze in guilt as her father believed her, lapping her head. He took the kits, bringing them to the nursery, leaving the never to be known, broken queen to mourn.


Tigerpaw blindly raced through the camp, only just finding out about his parents. He wanted to rip their throats out, letting him believe he was a pure riverclan tom, happily parented by Berrytail and Dampfur. He was not paying attention to where he was going, until he ran into a large, burly tom. The cat advanced, flanked by a ginger tabby alongside the first cat, who was a grey and white bicolor. They hissed, but then realized who he was.

" You are the poor scrap with the exiled parents, eh? " The concerned ginger cat meowed, looking at the scrappy cat called Tigerpaw.

" Um.. yes.. " Suddenly, Tigerpaw's hackles raised, baring his teeth in a hiss.

" How do I know you wont betray me like Iceclaw and Riverwing? They lied to me for moons! I grew up thinking I was raised by loyal, pure, parents. Not some lying molly and a iresponsible moggy! "

" Hey, hush now. Do you even have a clan anymore? " The grey tom mewed, hinting at something.

" I dont want to. I ran off after Riverwing's dad attacked me for being a disgrace, My siblings ran off too.. I.. Think I heard them screeching somewhere in the forest and a fox yapping.. I.. think they were killed.. Or they hate me for not going with them to the city.. Redoak.. Her father,. Told me I was the most obnoxious complaining kit he has ever seen.. " He held a feeble paw to a cut on his cheek. 

" Come to Shadowclan with us. "

" Why? "

" We feel your revenge can prove to be strong in the future, you can get payback on those lying mongrel parents, and you will be named noble for proving you, deep down, are pure, like us. "

" .. "

" Is it a deal? "

" I guess so.. Yes. "

~~ A few years later ~~

Tigerfur sat in camp with Willowtail, the brown tabby flicked his amber gaze to a dark shape looming towards them. "Well, well, well." The dark shadow slithered forward. "What do you want Darkshadow?" Willowtail hissed. "I want my position back." "Well you are exiled and can't get back in." Darkshadow lunged at the russet she cat.

Tigerfur yanked the tom of the russet she cat and threw him to a tree. "Don't touch her." He snarled. Darkshadow recovered and lunged at him, slicing his neck, blood splattering over the snow. The brown tabby grabbed his head slamming it into a nearby rock.

"I guess you regret coming. Your hopes were too high." With that, the tabby slammed Darkshadow's head into the water, holding it down. He didn't care if he was cold, he would do anything to protect the one he loved, Willowtail.

Tigerfur watched the water, smirking as the remaining bubbles disappeared. The midnight black tom's chest didn't rise anymore. Tigerfur released his grip, tossing the carcass to the side.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome."

Willowtail looked at the crimson-stained snow and looked at Tigerfur. "You know, you didn't have to do that." Tigerfur touched his neck wound and looked at the she cat. "It was for someone I love." Willowtail embraced the tom with a smile. "I love you."

~~ A few months later~~

Lightningstar walked up to the newly made co-deputy, Tigerfur. Tigerfur looked at Frostgaze and Arrowhead, both had a look of disappointment in their eyes, but Arrowhead had a look of happiness for the brown tabby. Frostgaze, on the other hand, had a look of disgust and jealousy in his eyes and on his face.

"Will you miss being a general." Lightningstar asked.

"A little.." He responded.

Frostgaze walked past him with narrowed eyes.

"This isn't over..."

Sorry for editing your story, I wanted to fix it so it was a little better since it looked a little flat and lacking plot. I hope you wont be mad.

- Howdidilive