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Hi, I'm Tiffashy. You may notice me and blue might have the same attitude and grammar, this is because we've known eachother for such a long time. Just so you know we are NOT the same person. I'm black he's white (I sound racist I know, but a lot of people on other games say we're the same person) Feel free to ask me any questions :D -The creator of 95% of all of Blue's OC's. (I had to brag ^-^)

Personality: Tetris is considered evil, but at the same time fair. She is known for being mentored by Calypso. Like her father, she enjoys being clean. This explains why she always has her neck in the water, rushing water. To clean her collar. She is highly intellegant and plans her attacks in an advanced way and is often done plotting as soon as her foe attempts an attack.


Appearance: Tetris is the only black doberman in her litter. She was born with a bobbed tail, unnatural to say the least. she has amber eyes and a pitch black pelt, darker than even her father's. She has tan-ish brown markings like her mother. When her father quit the pack (Soon) she left his collar there, Tetris wore it ever since. She had to fight her packmate for her father's spot as Alpha. She cloaks herself in darkness, despite her love for the sun in battle or during hunt. The dots above her eyes move as if they were eyebrows. She uses her dad's collection of cat teeth to reinforce her claws. Her dad left his pair behind which was used for Tetris. And no, Tetris has no battle scars.

Height: 2.1 feet (25 inches)

Weight: Consuming the weight of her father, 99 pounds.


Upcoming character~

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