OC Tidesong

Life is tough my darling, but so are you.

General InfoEdit

Name: Tidesong (prononounced Tide-song)

Nicknames: Tide, Tidey, Tidy,

Gender: Female

Clan: ThunderClan (Madjasterxyz)

Past clans: None, born in TC

Past rank: Kit, Medicine Cat apprentice

Rank: Medicine cat

Future rank: Elder

User (AJ/Wiki): Snowpatch101/Snowpatch101

Crush/Mate: None

Status: Inactive



Mother: Ripstar/Littlecami7/18/Alive

Father: Lionstar/xxdragontailxx/27/Alive

Brother(s): Brackenfall/wolvespartylol/22/Alive

Sister(s): Fawnkit, Wolfkit, Spiderkit, Moonkit, Newtkit, Rockkit.

Aunt(s): Bluewhisper, Cloverstream, Spottedstar, Shadeclaw, Oceanpaw, Dreampaw, Ragekit, Sorrelkit, Frostkit, Ryeleaf.

Uncle(s): Stingtail, Smog

Cousin(s) (female): Petalstar, Stormstar, Mistyfog, Squirrelfur, Sandtail

Cousin(s) (male): Firestar, Russetfeather, Lakestep

Grandma: Raincloud/Jammergreen39/Unsure/Alive

Grandad: Northwind/Unsure/Unsure/Alive

Great Aunt(s): Rockstar, Hysteria

Great Uncle(s): Stonestar, Stoneclaw

Mate: None



  • Tide loves healing and helping in the med den
  • She is very adventurous 
  • Tidesong is good at climbing trees and swimming 
  • She has a good memory


  • Tide doesn't listen to orders unless they are given by her mother, leader or deputy
  • Terrified of storms 
  • Tends to go overboard with pranks/jokes 
  • She has a small tear in her left ear from birth, meaning she can sometimes be slightly deaf in that ear

(These will grow as she does)


Pelt: Like her mother, she has Russian blue fur with white/grey patches.

Eye colour: She has light blue eyes, that turn greener in the winter.

Ears: She has two blue/grey ears, but her left ear has a tear half way down.

Paws: Her paws are pure grey, and very fluffy

Tail: Her tail has a pure black tip, but is blue the whole way up.

Scars: A long scar runs down her left hind leg


  • She loves playing tricks (on warriors especially!)
  • She is very bright and lively
  • Easily hurt (mentally)
  • Tide is very adventurous, and loves exploring


(Name-Trust Rate- AJ User)

  • Fawnwhisper - 99% (Wildjungleboy)
  • Ryeleaf - 99% (starlitcat)
  • Ripstar - 90% (littlecami7)
  • Lionstar - 90% (xxdragontailxx)
  • Rosepetal - 85% (jammer3f26n)
  • Drippaw - 85% (kodah123)
  • Cinderberry - 80% (theclansforest)
  • Cloudstar - 80% (scarletthebunny)
  • Cottoncloud - 90% (tigerstar5434)
  • Bella - 90% (cuteanimal17177)
  • Rockcloud - 75% (Horseloverskl)
  • Foxheart - 75% (Isabella86)

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