"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." -
Walt Whitman

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Wishstar's account, Bubblingsprings, is working!

~Intro~ Edit

You walk through the slushy, drippy wet snow. You're paws stamp onto the dark ally's ground. Twoleg trash scuffs beneath you're paws. You then hear a crack like a dog snapping out a cat's ribs behind you. You're ears flip back and you start running aimlessly away from the twoleg place. Snow falls onto you're mottled grey pelt. You're heart beats like a rabbit's feet pounding the ground. But quickly, you're lost in a dense forest.

Is all hope lost? The idea sparks you're attention.

No. You answer yourself.

And quickly, you heave your tired frame forward.

Just to that rock....

....Just to that frozen brooke. These encouraging thoughts shove there way through you're mind.

And finally you smell something. You pad forward and overlook a huge snow covered valley.

"Clan meeting!" you hear a strong voice say.

You're ears prick and you dart down the valley. As you approach the crags where the voices came from, aromas of cats of all shapes and sizes tumble into you're nose. You run forward, you're collar jingling. Then a broad shouldered dappled tom cat padded out from the stones. He spots you.

You quiver.

"Wishstar! You'd better come here..." he growls. A scratching sound and the thump of huge paws clambers around. Then, the sight of a terrifying, marvelous animal stuns you.

A huge Amur Leopard, at least 7 feet, obviously mixed with other felines, pokes her head from the shadows. Her pelt is dusky grey and a grey-blue crescent moon mark can be shown on her forehead.

"Welcome to Tideclan, young one. You seem... Like a worthy cat."

Current Info Edit

Season: Early Newleaf

Leader + lives: Wishstar, 7 lives

Active: Yes

Camp: Spring/Summer/Fall camp

Recruiting: Always

Religion- The Ancient Guardians/Starclan

Accepting Allies: Not currently 

Accepting Enemies: You can't just ask to be an enemy. You have do to something.

Realm: on the lighter side, but we don't hesitate to attack

Prey: (Winter) voles, rabbits, mice and fish

Tag: Aquamarine

Badge: Kit- Clover, Apprentice- Zios, Warrior- Mira, Queen- Heart, Medicine Cat- Leaf, Deputy- Lightning, Leader- Star. Nonmembers can have a ribbon scarf that matches their pelt to show loyalty. Pinecone necklaces are also accepted.

Roleplay: Traditional, so NO anatomy whatsoever. We only accept domestic cats and some canines such as wolves, but Wishstar was an Amur Leopard in the first place and I am lazy to not change the OC.

Member Count- Around 16

Animals: Kits- Bunnies, Apprentices- Foxes, Queens/Med./Deputy/Leader- Wolves. NM apprentices can use bunnies. If you're cat's breed/is extremely small for a full grown warrior, use a fox please.

Clan emoji: 💧, it symbolizes our bond with water.

Clan Crest: --->  


Recent Battles: None

Theme Song- Warrior by Kesha

Derpy Song- Graystripe is Tacky by MamaTad

Gatherings- Real full moons.

Wishstar, Indigo and Dotpaw's time zone is the Eastern Time Zone.

April 22: with Heatherclan and Bastetclan. Times are going too be arranged soon.


When a leader is on, report too camp immediately unless noted not too. We will not take time too jamaa-gram each late cat too come.

1 day : 1 hour

1 moon: 1 week

1 night: 1–4 minutes, but can be shortened or extended

Most of us are probably at school in the week, so here are the times:

Week-days: Wishstar gets on after school @ 5:30 and the roleplay ends @ 6:30 - 6:00

Week-ends: Wishstar usually gets on around 7:00-7:30 in the morning. The roleplay ends whenever a leader is called off.

Couples Edit

None yet. 

Warrior cat couple base....

About UsEdit

Tideclan consists of cats who have a bond with the waters. We are swimmers. We are climbers. We are Tideclan.

FIGHTING STYLE: Tideclan cats have many water-based techniques. A famous one is the Crocodile Swipe. A TC cat waits underwater, holding their breath for awhile. If an enemy approaches, we leap out and drag them under, holding their head down with your paws. If held down long enough, they will drown and die. We have two strong suits—swimming and climbing. If you are perched in a tree, hidden by leaves, and your enemy walks below, pounce with your two front legs extended. Aim for the neck or backbone. If a cat is large enough, you could easily snap their backbone.

HUNTING STYLE: from young seals to hares, Tideclan hosts a unique style of hunting. We hunt mostly in the waves, but are also adapted to treetop hunting. A signature hunting maneuver is the Silent Hunter. We stand, silently, mysteriously in the shallows of a body of water. We wait for a fish to swim by. Then BAM! Lash an unsheathed clawed paw out and slam your claws into the fishes gills. Swipe your muzzle out and tear the fishes neck open. Another style is in the trees. Climb up a tree and wait in a hollow. If your lucky, a bird will perch on the branch. Quietly stalk the bird, getting closer and closer, until... Lash your paw out and claw the bird's underbelly. The bird will be frozen for a moment, so lean in and snap your jaws around the bird's neck. 

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Important Dates for Tideclan Edit

Wishstar, Tigerfrost and Yuuna will 'clean' out the dates, removing ones from last moon. 

4/8/16 - Welcome, Aspenpaw! Aspenpaw is mentored by Wishstar

4/9/16 - Welcome, Lynxkit!

4/9/16 - Aspenpaw changed her name too Jaypaw.

4/9/16 - Welcome, Sunshade! Sunshade is named a warrior.

4/10/16- Wishstar looses a life too a badger, trying to protect Angelpaw of Crescentclan.

4/11/16- Dotpaw is undecided about staying or leaving Tideclan. Wishstar declares she will step down frlom leader shortly.


The Warrior Code and Punishments Edit

We follow the Warrior Code very strongly. Cats who disrespect the code are punished.

  1. No double-clanning with the same OC.
  2. No stealing, eating or hurting ANY kits.
  3. No spying unless instructed to by a leader.
  4. No attacking you're clanmates unless sparring.
  5. No disobeying you're elders. Do what you are told too, no buts.
  6. No prophesies unless a leader or medicine cat says it is okay.
  7. No powers. It is really kittypet.
  8. No anatomy but some vocab is okay. - Just make sure others understand you.
  9. Don't attack unless told to by a leader.
  10. No drama. - It's unnecessary.
  11. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.
  12. Defend your clan with your life, no matter what.
  13. Be active—cats who haven't been will be unbuddied by the leader and exiled after unactivity for 1 week. Tell a leader if you won't be.

Punishments Edit

(from least harsh to harshest)

LEAST- cleaning 3 dens (nursery, elders and apprentices) each day for one week.

Cleaning each and every single den for 4 moons, each day.

One ear torn.

Two ears torn.

Blinded in one eye.

Blinded in both eyes.

Head held underwater until confessions, then exile.

Harshest- Killed on the spot by leader, deputy and warriors.

Don't want to be punished? Then follow the Warrior Code.


Allegiances Edit

Leader (x1)- Wishstar (bubblingsprings)- a large grey female Amur Leopard with darker spots and a blue/grey crescent moon marking on her forehead (apprentice- Jaypaw)

Deputy (x1)- Tigerfrost (xxmysteryofthelakexx) big brown tom with black stripes and ice blue eyes

Medicine cat (x1)- Yuuna (arcticloud12)- a dappled red Somali she-cat

Medicine Apprentice (x2)- Featherpaw (blazingcutepuppy)- grey she-cat, former kittypet

Medicine Apprentice (x2)- Finchpaw (Faunawish12) brown she-cat with a tan underbelly

Warriors (x18) Edit

Ace- (emmysaurusrex) brown/grey/tabby tom with splFalconstrike - (xxfalconstr9ikexx) - brown calico tom, black underbelly otches of color

Shadewing-(alisonthewolfisten) tan she-cat with black marks

Indigo- (shadowxspiritxonyx) russian blue she-cat with pretty purple eyes. Indigo has anger issues due to abuse by her mother

Micah- (xxbetaspiritxx) white she-cat with pale patches

Sunshade- (zeldasky05) orange she-cat with a lighter underbelly and brown dapples

Apprentices (x5) Edit

Akain- (xxnightriderdogxx) brown/tan/gold she-cat (mentor- Sayuri)

Dotpaw- (jujubeelong) white/grey bengal she-cat (mentor- Indigo)

Ivypaw- (blueclaw01) blind black she-cat (mentor- Tigerfrost)

Jaypaw- (furyoftheforgotten) short-haired white she-cat with grey spots (mentor- Wishstar)

Kits and Queens (x6 kits, x8 queens) Edit

Chickadee- (warriorscatts) blind grey she-kit with a darker grey stripe from her lower back to forehead, without a mother (5 moons)

Lynxkit - (wolfy43412) long-haired brown she-kit with her left hazel eye blinded

Camps and Places Edit

Spring, Summer and Fall Camp Edit

We migrate from our Winter Camp to our Spring/Summer/Fall camp on the eve of March 1 every year. Our SSF Camp is in an abandoned badger den. It is protected by bracken. All the dens are in the burrow except for the leaders. It takes a whole night to get here from the Winter Camp. When going to the Winter Camp, we cross through a twoleg place, rugged canyon, a sandy pathway and our Crystal Beach territory.

Winter Camp Edit

We migrate from our SSF camp on the eve of December 1 every year. Our Winter Camp is a large outcropping of rocks in a valley. It is protected by sharp rocks and boulders. All the dens are inside the camp. It takes a whole night to get here from the SSF Camp. When going to SSF camp, we cross through a twoleg place, rugged canyon and a sandy pathway and our Crystal Beach Territory.

Crystal Beach Edit


In server: Kilamanjaro, Crystal Sands.

Prey: Salmon, Trout, Crabs, Cod, Minnows, Snakes, Lizards, Small Birds, Mice, Rats and sometimes very young or wounded seals.

Dangers: twolegs, dogs, adult seals, crabs, rogues, snakes, and rarely sharks, alligators and crocidles.

*Spring, Summer and Fall territory*

Green Moss Ruins Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, Lost Temple of Zios

Prey: Salmon, Trout, Minnows, Needlefish, Sugar Gliders, Lizards, Mice, Snakes, Birds, Rats, Squirrels, Moles and Voles.

Dangers: dogs, rogues, rats, sometimes twolegs, swept away by the river, quicksand, alligators, snakes and poisen.

*Spring, Summer and Fall territory*

Snowy Ice Mountains Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, Mt. Shiveer

Prey: Hares, voles, mice and grouse

Dangers: Cliffs, Crags, Ice, Freezing, Frostbite, Wolves, Hares, Loners, bears, hawks, falcons, eagles and owls.

*Winter Territory*

Healing Hollow Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, bubblingsprings's den

Prey: Fresh kill, mostly mice and thrushes, some honeycomb.

Dangers: deathberries.

  • A medicine cat will bring their apprentice and train them more in the Healing Hollow. Cats will use different OC's to help train, posing as sick or injured cats. The apprentice will learn from this.

Sparring Hollow Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, bubblingsprings's den

Prey: Fresh kill, usually voles or grouses

Dangers: Brackens, thorns, brambles.

  • Warriors, apprentices, the deputy and leader will all spar om seperate rinks around the hollow. We go before battles or just for training.


Hunting Hollow Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, bubblingsprings's den

Prey: just about every kind!

Dangers: falling, thorns and brambles.

  • Apprentices are brought here to learn hunting strategies and skills.

Gathering Hollow Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, bubblingspring's den

Where the four clans/tribe meet every full moon in peace for a gathering.

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 11.55.11 AM

From left to right, where the clan/tribe leaders sit.

Heatherclan - Tideclan - The Tribe of Hidden Shadows - Bastetclan

The mats are where the deputies of each group sit on during the gathering. On the top level is where the medicine cats meet. It does not matter where the meds. sit.

The Moon-Fall Edit

In server: Kilamanjaro, bubblingspring's den

Where the medicine cats of each clan/tribe meet at gatherings. They put there noses to the water and receive a message from Starclan—it could be bad or good. If the medicine cat has an apprentice, the apprentice will sit next too them.

There are four mats for the main meds. and none for the apprentice's.

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 12.06.28 PM

Dress Code Edit

We have a tight dress code that is actually easy to follow.


NM heads: flowers/Fox hats or heads/nothing
Screenshot 2016-02-21 at 8.32.09 AM

NM necks: ribbon scarves/nothing

NM backs: nm swords/nothing

NM paws: freedom bands/gloves/nothing

NM tails: nothing


Heads: skull caps/headdresses/nothing

Backs: Elf armor, spartan armor/nothing

Screenshot 2016-02-21 at 8.37.14 AM

Paws: legendary gloves, elf bracelets, leaf armor/nothing

Necks: spikes/leaf necklaces/nothing

Tails: nothing

Inside Jokes of Tideclan Edit


The 'sporks' started when Wishstar and Yuuna where hanging out in Crystalclan camp. We were talking about taking Donald Trump's eyeballs out. Then, I said, " VV takes Donald Trump's eyeballs out and puts them in a dish in aAbyssclan (Fox U-boat with Yuuna VV I ACTUALLY HAVE THAT EXACT SPORK :D


Wishgoat and Yuunagoat:

Happened the same day as the sporks.. We dressed up our goats to look like Wishstar and Yuuna.

Next OC's Edit

These are the next OC's after some of the cats in BC die. Cats not listed have not given me the info to be put up.

Wishstar to Mongoosekit

Death: in battle


Indigo to Mosskit

Death: old age


Chickadee to Greykit

Death: in battle

Alliances, Neutral and Enemies Edit


Glowclan (pinkiepie1g)

The Mesa of Affliction (buelljam)

Enemies: We prefer to keep it to at least two.

None at the moment


cats/groups we've run into with requests for allying or had a scuffle with, etc.

Solitude- (Xscar)

Why: joined Tideclan for a bit then left a bit rudely.


The Tribe of Hidden Shadows - (thedarkestspirit, superbowl6, silverknight4) 

Why: attempt to ally failed 

Alliance and Joining Forms Edit

I will respond in at least day saying yes or no.

Alliance Form

Clan name/pack/tribe:

You're leader's OC name:

You're leaders username:

You're username:

Why we'd help you:

Why you'd help us:


Member Count:

How you found us:

Why you want us as allies:

Joining TC form

OC Name:



Past Roleplay Groups with this OC:




How you found us:

Desired Rank:

Member or nm:

Shared account?:

Roleplay example:

Gallery Edit

Any Tideclan member or ally can add anything TC

related! :)

Quotes Edit

"This is your decision too live or die. Choose live, you won't be sent too die. Choose die, and your eyes will see Starclan," - Wishstar too Indigo.

"Confidence comes from maturity, being more accepting of yourself," - Tigerfrost (in wiki page comments)

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 7.12.10 PM

Chickadee of Tideclan

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 7.07.39 PM

Dotpaw of Tideclan

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 7.25.15 PM

Wishstar as a cub!

Some Notes Edit

I (Wishstar) have a life of my own off the computer. So please don't pester me with questions you know the answers to..! :)

Ways to Connect: through the wiki, and Pic Collage. My Pic Collage username is BubblingSprings. I will be creating a TC Wattpad account so I won't share my personal one. The password will be shared with all of Tideclan, but only cats whom we can trust.

Members allowed to edit the wiki: Wishstar, Tigerfrost and Yuuna. All else will not be tolerated.

Wish List:

Things in game that Tideclan needs!

- plants (nm/member)

- nm swords for the nms

- purple mats 

- armor, any unwanted spartan/elf

- elf cuffs, silver nm gloves, legendary gloves, leaf paw/neck armor

Trade with whoever needs the item most, gift if you want, plants/mats go to the camp den owner (Wishstar/BubblingSprings)

Bubbles!Not my cat XD