hey guys

silvahh quit due to bullying so i am taking over from now on since i love roleplaying and did not want her acc to rot



thysundispaw is your average stereotypical annoying apprentice. 7 moons, stubborn, but loyal. she resides in tropicalclan, and loves the latter. she really only loves it for the food but happily disregard that pls. she is a fawn tortoiseshell femin felid with a brown freckle like birthmark in her ear, and a rabbit like tail. she used to be rogue, but after hearing cat chatter of her now clan, she turned herself in. she has yet to prove loyal.



here is a picture of her!! yay.

by me dont steal pls.

i use minor/advanced vocab but barely any advanced anatomy. it is a waste of time. i only use dentalae oculi or other phrases, so yeah

very kind to people who cannot understand vocab anatomy because hey, we were all once in their shoes and learned on from that very moment. i do not tolerate people being harrassed because of not understanding, either

im xxneonflamez if you want me to join any rogue packs tribes or clans. preferably tribes or rogue packs, or dog packs.


VV Xiao Redeemed Upwards The Oaken Trunk, Nails Pocketing Into The Wood Slivers, Her Moon Blink Snow Pelage Looked Like A Lost Dove In A Pack Of Crows, Except This " Dove " Had Brown Hickory Bruises Littered With Stripes, Above All The Natural Brown Mackerel Tabby Feral Felidae. VV