" We always stick together. We are strong like the boom of thunder, and as swift as the flash of lightning. "

*Intro* Edit

You are venturing in the forest, searching for prey. Your stomach growls in hunger as fatigue takes over your body. You tell yourself to keep going, but you collapse onto the hard terrain. When you wake, you see an average sized calico she-cat standing in front of you. You flinch as her claws slide out, and you quickly haul yourself to your paws. Her bright, river blue eyes pierce through you. "Who are you?" She demanded. "I'm sorry, I was just passing through..." You stammered. "You're on Thunderclan's Territory." She hissed impatiently. "I didn't mean any harm!" You suddenly snapped. The she-cat's fur bristled in fury. "Lose that attitude, you're talking to the leader of Thunderclan." She spat. "Leave now, before I tear you to shreds." She continued on. "Or, you can join my clan." You stared at her, wondering if you could trust her. "Fine, I'll join you." You responded. You sighed quietly as you saw her sheath her razor-sharp claws. "I am Redstar. Follow me." She turned around and padded along the dirt path. You nodded, following as she ordered.

She stops as you reach a clearing. It had a small lake, with a sturdy rock at the edge. You look around and see a passage that leads underground. You peek through, seeing a lot of moss nests and herbs. You smile, knowing you were in the right place that you've been looking for all along. You turn to face Redstar. "Welcome to Thunderclan."

General Information Edit

Recruiting?: Yes

Season: Leaf-Bare, close to New-Leaf

Camp Location: lpswolf07's den

Member Count: 2

Territory: Mt. Shiveer, Zios, Kimbara, and Sarepia.

Members Edit

Leader 1/1: Redstar (Jammer7njjb) Redstar is an enchanting calico she-cat with river blue eyes. *More to be added soon*

Deputy 0/1: *None at the moment*

Medicine Cat 1/2: Darkmoon (kka66) *More to be added soon*

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 0/2: *None at the moment*

Warriors 0/No Limit: *None at the moment*

Apprentices 0/No Limit: *None at the moment*

Queens 0/No Limit: *None at the moment*

Kits 0/No Limit: *None at the moment*

Elders 0/No Limit: *None at the moment*

News Edit

None at the moment!

Avatars Edit

Tag Color: White

Tag Symbol: Lightning

Animals: Bunnies for kits, Foxes for apprentices, Wolves for other

*Any animal besides those that are listed will NOT be tolerated*

Rules Edit

  1. Respect any higher rankings the same way you respect the leader!
  2. No kittypets allowed.
  3. No constant drama. (Unless the leader says it's okay for the roleplay).
  4. No powerplaying such as NN or NM.
  5. Don't leave the camp without Redstar's approval.
  6. Elders, queens, and weaned kits eat before anyone else.
  7. Something must surround your actions. :action: or . action . is allowed for people with no free chat. If you do have free chat, VV action VV or CC action CC or anything with letters is preferred.
  8. No double-clanning. This will result in exile.
  9. No attacking your clan-mates or allies!
  10. Make sure to have fun! But when it's time to be serious, there will be no messing around!

** The Warrior Code still applies here! **

Dress Code Edit


Head: Skull Helmet, Fox Hat, or Head Flower. (Head Flower is for MedCats and Queens only. Exceptions can be made as long as you still look like a warrior).

Neck: Spike Collar or Leaf Necklace.

Back: Jamaaliday Bow, Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, or Worn.

Legs: Elf Bracelets, Legendary Glove, or Leg Armor.

Tail: Elf Armor, Feather Tail, or nothing.


Head: Fox Hat or nothing. (Head Flower may be an exception).

Neck: Jamaaliday Scarf or nothing.

Back: Worn, Nm Sword, or nothing.

Legs: Nm gloves or nothing.

Tail: Nothing.

Allies/Foes Edit

Allies: None at the moment.

Foes: None at the moment. And we wish it stays that way.

Form to Join Edit

OC Name:





Roleplay Example:

Why you wish to join:

How you found us:

Recent or Past Clans/Packs:

OC Page (Optional):

Free Chat?:

Member or Non-Member?:

Shared Account?:


Form to Ally/Enemy Edit

Name of Pack/Clan/Tribe:

Leaders Username and OC Name:

Your Username and OC Name:

Your Rank In Your Pack/Clan/Tribe:

Why you wish to ally/foe: