Hello friends, these are the deceased members of ThunderClan that used to be leaders or deputies. This is created because the ThunderClan Officials thread was crowding. *uses same format from the other page, and needs help so please help me people*


♢ Madjasterxyz- (Redstar) Redstar was the first character of xyz's and lost his final life to Grizzly. He had a few mates during this period but, the true one for him was Amberstar. He had two siblings, Sunstar and Claws. He was probably around 70 moons when he died but no one knows for sure.

♢ (Duskstar,retired) Duskstar made Thunderclan and is highly respected by other cats. His mate is Amberstar (now Amberstone) and together they had 5 daughters Stormlight, Sagepaw, Shard Moonkit, Berrykit(adopted) and 2 sons, Oakpaw and Nightkit. He had two siblings Sun(star/fur) and Claws. (yes the timeline is messed up) His deputy was Sunfur and they are both elders now. He goes by the name Dusksky.

♢ Horseloverskl-(Amberstar, retired) Amberstar, now Amberstone, is Dusksky's mate and is quite popular. She has 5 daughters: Stormlight, Sagepaw, Shard, Moonkit, Berrykit (adopted) and 2 sons, Oakpaw and Nightkit. She is 68 moons. Her deputy was Lunarcry who has now taken her place as Lunarstar.

♢ Xxion- (Metallicstar) Metallicstar was a great leader and died young, at 19 moons. He was a pitch black tom and was mates with Quailstar. He always wanted peace but died in cold blood by two dogs. His deputy was Nightpelt who is now Nightstar.

♢ Disasterology- (Wolfstar The First) Wolfstar was a very muscular, silver-brown tom with icy blue eyes. When Wolfstar was first made leader, he was very passionate and hard working. He mainly focused on making sure every last apprentice got a mentor, no matter what. Despite his passion, being a leader of such a massive clan stressed him out. The stress turned into depression and even suicidal thoughts. He had one mate, Creamfeather. At first, Creamfeather was very loving and kind. Creamfeather knew Wolfstar was starting to loose it, so she began to beg for leadership. Wolfstar quickly put an end to this by demoting Creamfeather and replacing her with Aspenfeather. Nearing the end of his leadership, Wolfstar turned into a jerk. He became extremely depressed, suicidal, paranoid, etc. He eventually quit ThunderClan, knowing he was not mentally stable enough to lead, but that wasn't enough. Even after quitting and making Aspenstar leader, he was depressed. Wolfstar, now Wolf, found out that Mud would be attacking ThunderClan, so he fought on ThunderClan's side. Stonestar, his brother, wanted Wolf to stay at camp and guard but he refused. Wolf wanted Mud to kill him. During the battle, he launched himself at Mud and let Mud slam him against a tree and snap his neck, killing him for good.

♢ Saberfang (Stonestar) Stonestar had been made deputy of Lunarstar when he helped fight off a raid of badgers. He was then promoted leader when she stepped down. He was an unusual calico and fathered five kits with his mate, Maplestar. He worked hard to bring about respect towards the Clan and thrived to make it great once again. Although, he was a very prideful cat, which led him into many fights. He died due to a broken neck, which many still speculate about to this day.

♢ Hjlee (Stormstar) Stormstar was the deputy of Firestar. Then Firestar stepped down and Stormstar became leader. She was a pale she cat with one blind eye. She was killed by the leader of Russetclan and 2 other cats. She was 32 moons and died on Jan, 31st, 2016.

♢ Snowpatch101 (Sandstar) Sandstar was the deputy of Willowstar, and promoted to leader when Willowstar left ThunderClan to join another clan. She was a cream and dark grey shecat. She left ThunderClan multiple times, yet returned and worked her way up to leader 2 times! However, she still resides in ThunderClan as a loyal, hardworking warrior. She has no mate or kits. None of her deputies were ever promoted.

Do NOT add yourself to the page if you are NOT an official leader. Thank you.


♢ Xxena- (Sunfur, retired) Sunstar used to be an official leader and most people still consider him one. He had many kits, too many to list. He has two siblings, Claws and Duskstar. When he retired he had no mate. He quit Thunderclan to live the life of a rogue but later came back to serve his clan. He is now an elder.

♢ Myimmortalbody- (Sunchaser) Sunchaser was the deputy of Amberstar (now Amberstone) and was hard working and would have made a perfect leader. He was sadly killed in a fire while trying to save a kit. He was a swift, golden tom with pale blue eyes.

Horsecrazymcm23- (Echosky) Echosky was one of the many deputies of Amberstar, and as her sister. She was eventually reincarnated as Vita but she died jumping off a cliff. She as about 48 moons when she died.

♢ Yoyo442 - (Willowsong) Willowsong was the deputy of Leafstar and 26 moons when she retired. She had 14 kits.

Medicine cats Edit

♢Wolvespartylol- (Brackenfall) Brackenfall, the son of Ripstar and Fogheart, was a brave, handsome tom. His brother was none other than Sagegaze, a former medicine cat, and Brackenfall was always known as a loving, kind tom. He healed many cats, and retired at the age of 69 moons. He was reincarnated as Rayu, a deputy, before he died at the age of 73 moons of a stroke.