Stonestar (Saberfang) : Stonestar had been deputy of Lunarcry(star). He died falling from a log bridge, his neck snapping and taking all 3 lives at once. He left behind a litter of now fatherless kits.

Ashstar (stallion215) : Ashstar was one of the official leaders of ThunderClan and was killed by a rogue named Falcon.

Wolfstar (Disasterology) : Wolfstar was one of the official leaders of ThunderClan and was killed by a dog named Mudclaw.

Metallicstar (Xxion) : Metallicstar was killed by a canine from Mudclaw95's dog pack and HOC when they raided the ThunderClan camp.

Redstar (Madjasterxyz) : Redstar was killed by Grizzly.

Stormstar (Hjlee) : Stormstar was killed by Russetstar, leaving behind her kit: Soulheart. She was the

deputy of Firestar (firestarlead).

Swiftstar (whiske56) : Swiftstar died due to drowning and injuries from river currents.

Rayustar (Wolvespartylol): Rayustar was killed during a pack raid in camp. He left behind 5 kits, and his mate, Snowflight.


Sunchaser (Myimmortalbody) : Sunchaser was the deputy of Amberstar (now known as Amberstone) and was killed in a fire in ThunderClan.

Echosky (horsecrazymcm23) : Echosky was her sister, Amberstone's deputy. She was reincarnated as Vita, and died by jumping off a stone bridge.

Darkstripe (dogsrule52290) : Darkstripe was the deputy of Pinestar and died trying to save Hawkstar of CypressClan.

Emberstorm (musiclover2350): Emberstorm was the deputy of Ripstar and died of old age.

Rockcloud (horseloverskl) : Rockcloud was the deputy of Bella and died from a rock slide. Will be updated if needed.

Darkshade (unknown user) : One of the older deputies. He was killed by a rouge named Poison.