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☆ I n t r o d u c t i o n ☆


Many moons ago, the ancient and beautiful civilization of a world renowned group of felines dwelled upon the earth. These cats were healthy and strong; as swift as the gales which combed through the tall grasses of their territory and as brave as a ruthless pack of wolves. Ꭲhey were said to tread the toiling trails of legends that only resurface through the dusty tones of an elder’s tale— Ꮇany of these cats were said to be legends themselves. Ꭲhe clan was honored and distinguished throughout the land.Though time, a devious and merciful force, soon began the slow decay of the legendary Clan. Unable to restrain the loss of ranks and members alike, the foundation crumbled. And soon, the once powerful nation was a silhouette of its past self. A mere shadow of a legacy marked in stone. Ꭲhe clan lost its power and endured many raids from hostile outsiders in a weak state. Rogues and loners believed the territory to be even abandoned; there was no energy to spare for border patrols. By this time, the Clan had already vanished from gatherings, isolating themselves from the other Clans due to the lack of stability, solidity, and strength. Ꭲhe small, remaining group of survivors sealed themselves off in the forest ranges deep within their reducing territory. However, the assumption that StarClan had abandoned them was all but true— the cats of the stars only needed time. Ꭲhey had sent down to earth a legion of ambassadors to lead the broken remaining felines who had been scattered by the lack of law. Ꭲhe plenipotentiaries were former leaders of the Clan multiple generations ago, and were reincarnated to bring leadership and aid to those who had lost hope. However, these leaders would have no memory of their past lives and would be guided only by instinct and the voices of spirits whispering to them in their dreams..

Ꭲhe Clan will soon be restored to its former glory..

as the new generation of ThunderClan.


☆ I n f o r m a t i o n ☆


Founder Madjaster
Tag Color Gold
Species Feline
Orientation Light realm
Religion StarClan
Camp Tyrannosaurus' den, unlocked when online

• C l a n C h a r a c t e r -- In peace, respectful of other Clans. In battle, fierce, courageous, and loyal. ThunderClan cats speak out for what is right and are not afraid to challenge the warrior code.

• P r e y -- Mice, voles, squirrels, the occasional rabbit, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

• H u n t i n g S k i l l s -- Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of their prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard.

• S i g n i f i c a n t C l a n L e a d e r s --

Canon Redstar, Thunderstar, Owlstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Bluestar, Firestar, Bramblestar
Non - Canon

Redstar, Sunstar, Amberstar, Metallicstar, Firestar, Stonestar, Runningstar


☆ T e r r i t o r y ☆

Founded June, 2011

Newleaf [Spring]

Server Flint
Land Sarepia Forest
Prey Abundant

• [ In the Lake Territories ] --

The Lake territory for ThunderClan is called the Hare Hill Woods by Twolegs. Twoleg landmarks nearby include the Hareview Campsite, Abandoned Workman's House, Quarry Road, and the Quarry.

Landmarks in this territory include:

• Camp - The camp is well protected by the side of a cliff, and surrounded by a thorn barrier.

Greenleaf Twoleg Place - This part of land was given to ShadowClan until ThunderClan fought for it back. It is a resort used by twolegs in the summer.

• Abandoned Twoleg Nest - Herbs and prey thrive here, though it has an ominous feeling inside.

• Ancient Oak - An ancient oak where squirrels love to call home. It also has an old rabbit burrow inside. It is where ThunderClan apprentices practice their climbing skills.

• Old Thunderpath - Marked with blue Twoleg markers, cats often stay away from this road.

• The Clearing - A training hollow much like the old Sandy Hollow in the forest territory.

• The Lake Shore - ThunderClan has the north-eastern portion of the lake.

The ThunderClan Lake Camp is in an abandoned quarry, described as a stone hollow enclosed by tall cliffs. The main entrance is through a thorn tunnel, which can lead out of the camp after exiting the dirtplace. There is also a secret entrance that is reached by climbing the rocks. The walls offer protection and keep out the wind, but cats must watch their step near the edge as falling into the hollow can be fatal. A tall rock called the Highledge is used by the leader to call meetings. Most of the dens consist of caves and crevices in the rock wall. There is also a Halfrock, which is a smooth low stone that rises out of the ground near the elder's den. At one point, badgers devastated the camp, but it was rebuilt by the cats.


☆ R a n k s ☆


☆ • L e a d e r [ x 1 ] --

The leaders carry the weight of the entire well being of the Clan on their shoulders. They are to be respected at all costs. They represent the Clan as a whole during confrontations with/from other rivals or allies. Their duties include -but are not limited to- calling together ceremonies, helping with organizing patrols, having the final say on important matters, and overall supervisor. The leader is the one to make any important decisions that may effect the Clan. They also make sure to care for their Clan and do anything to make sure it is successful, leading to their full potential.


• D e p u t y [ x 1 ] --

Help to distribute the weight. They organize patrols and pick up pieces that the leader may have accidentally dropped, so to say. They are second in command and will take over leading the Clan if something were to ever happen to the current leader. The leader relies heavily on their guidance, so they must be level-headed, patient, and dependable. They send patrols out twice a day and are often the one to help out the leader in many varied ways. They can not do ceremonies even if the leader is absent.


• M e d i c i n e C a t [ x 2 ]

-- These felines are the healers of the Clan. They have knowledge of various plant herbs and are extremely wise, regardless of age. No cat would ever wish to correct them, for they are greatly respected. They are the ones who care for the ill, lame, wounded, or maimed. They are also the closest to StarClan and share prophecies with the Clan. The medicine cat is in charge of healing the injured, dealing with herbs to cure any sort of disease to come their way. They are in charge of any cat to be sick or wounded, running a den stocked with many different herbs.


• M e d i c i n e C a t A p p r e n t i c e [ x 2 ] --

Are in training to become the next Medicine Cat. They are often the ones to run their mentor’s errands. If a Medicine Cat were to fall ill or die, the apprentice would step up and claim their title. They, too, are to be respected at all times.


• E l i t e s [ x 4 ] --

A step above the usual warrior rank, Elites are typically the most dedicated and recognized felines of ThunderClan. They are normally senior warriors or cats who have gone out of their way for the wellbeing of the Clan. These cats are generally picked to be the next deputies.

• W a r r i o r s [ x ∞ ] --

The warriors are what make up the most of the Clan, working hard to follow orders and keep the Clan strong. They hunt, patrol, and defend the Clan with their lives. [will add more later]

• A p p r e n t i c e s [ x ∞ ] --

These are the young tykes, who are older than six moons, in training to become ThunderClan's next generation of warriors. They are appointed a mentor and spend the next six moons or so being educated and taught the ways of forest cats. [will add more later]

• K i t s [ x ∞ ] --

Honestly as simple as the name implies. Kits are our future and are to be protected at all costs. Until they have reached the required age, kits are not to leave the nursery unless supervised by their mothers. Absolutely no kits outside of camp. If any Clan member were to find an adventurous kit beyond our camp walls, they would help tend to the elders, regardless of age. If this behavior continues, their apprentice ceremony will be held back a moon. Hopefully, by then, they’ll understand. The kits are felines younger than size moons, still awaiting the day they'd bee able to be warriors. They stay in the nursery, protected by their mothers for the time being.


• Q u e e n s [ x ∞ ] --

They are the caretakers of the young. Some are expecting she - cats, while others are there to kit - sit. They together make up the mothers of our new generation and are regarded as what their name states; queens. Queens temporarily put a pause on their lives as warriors to birth our future. But, they’re always prepared to defend their kits. The queens take care of kits, retiring to the nursery until a kit grows up, or rather they choose to start their warrior duties once more.

• E l d e r s [ x ∞ ] --

The seniors of the Clan. Elders are retired warriors who live out the rest of their lives in comfort. They represent the Clan’s past and guide with their knowledge for the future. These veterans are highly respected and are always to be treated with the utmost dignity. Apprentices are assigned to tend to their needs; whether it be a damp nest or a rumbling stomach. The elders are cats too old to continue their duties or to suffer from something to make their everyday life difficult. These cats serve the Clan with their stories from the past and a variety of different tales.


☆ A l l e g i a n c e s ☆

[Current member count: 12]

Any Thunderclan member can edit this page and their characters.


• [ L e a d e r ] --

Name Username Description Lives Apprentice Mate
Runningstar Tyrannosaurus He is a Tuxedo-colored American Shorthair with light purple eyes. He is missing his back right leg from an incident when he was a kit. 8 / 9 Brightpaw xx

• [ D e p u t y ] --

Name Username Description Apprentice Mate
xx xx xx xx xx
• [ M e d i c i n e C a t s ] --


Name Username Description Apprentice
Hollowstream Gravitywolf5 Light and dark brown pelt with dark brown splotches Lilypaw

• [ M e d i c i n e C a t A p p r e n t i c e s ] --


Name Username Description Mentor

• [ E l i t e s ] --


Name Username Description Apprentice Mate
xx xx xx xx xx

[ W a r r i o r s ] --

Name Username Description Apprentice Mate
Saberheart Labyrinthiine A large, brown tabby Maine Coon tom with navy green eyes. Lightpaw Palefrost
Lionflight Gravitywolf5 He is a dark brown tom with the same brown splothes on his paws. xx xx
Bumblefur Animus He is a Somali with a tan overcoat that has tints of gold. He has a lighter underbelly. xx xx
Tinyseed Animus He is a small tom-cat, with the Polydactyl mutation. Due to his moggy genes, he has various fur colors. xx xx
Hollowfern Jazkear She is a light brown tabby she-cat with light green eyes. Canyonpaw Duskstripe
Echosong Erica7899 She is a Maine Coon with a white overcoat and brown splotches. She has bright green eyes. Whisperpaw xx
Palefrost riotingg A slate grey coated tom with a creamish/white undercoat, tufted ears and bright green eyes with a scar on his left cheek. Frozenpaw Saberh
Wickerstrike Tyrannosaurus Shes a cornish rex with a grey overcoat, a sandy undercoat, and brown splotches throughout her pelt. She has bright yellow eyes and a nick in her right ear. xx xx

☆ • [ A p p r e n t i c e s ] --


Name Username Description Mentor
Lightpaw Tyrannosaurus He is a small light brown Maine Coon with blazing yellow eyes. He has a small mane like his father and brother. Saberheart
Whisperpaw Gravitywolf5 A white and dark grey she-cat with light blue-green eyes. Echosong
Brightpaw beautifulskies1 A small, 11 moon calico with a birth malfunction -- born with both her mother and father's tail. Bright green eyes, a scar leading across the left. Runningstar
Silverpaw Polipopy A Silver she-cat with grey tabby markings, she has blue eyes. xx

☆ • [ K i t s ] --

 PARENTS KEY — [MO] is mother, [FA] is father.


Name Username Description Parent(s)
Tarantulakit Tyrannosaurus He is a lanky Siamese cat with dark blue eyes. He has a small cut on his shoulder. Unknown
Roachkit Labyrinthiine A 3 moon old, small Siamese she-cat with vibrant blue eyes. She's very skinny. Unknown
Cranekit riotingg Cranekit is a siamese cross feral, but classes as a siamese, 3 moons Unknown
Violetkit Asiatic Grey pelted maine coon with darker grey stripes, and pale green eyes Unknown

• [ Q u e e n s ] --

Name Username Breed Age Kit(s) Mate
xx xx xx xx xx xx

[ E l d e r s ] --

Name Username Breed Age Past Rank
xx xx xx xx xx


☆ R e g u l a t i o n s ☆


☆ • [ D o u b l e - C l a n n i n g ] -- Double Packing/Clanning is a huge offense to our Clan. This could occur to exile. Consequences may even occur with the Pack/Clan you were in during the time you were in ThunderClan. The common excuse is "I was using a different OC". It is not tolerated and results in exile.

[ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ] -- Kits and apprentices may have crushes but not mates. Friendships with other Clans is allowed, but above all, your loyalty is to your Clan. You may not have outside-Clan relationships.

• [ T a g s ] -- You must have a gold tag at all times. If you do not, you will most likely be questioned and accused of Double-Clanning, which may result in exile.

☆ • [ A c t i v i t y ] -- It is one of the most important things that you stay active. If you are inactive for more than 7 days, you will get a warning. 2 days after the warning, you will be removed from the roster. Legal excuses such as moving, being grounded, or vacationing is accepted. Please let someone from the leading district (such as the leader or deputy) if you are going inactive.

• [ A v a t a r s ] -- Once you enter ThunderClan camp, it is expected you have the correct avatars. These avatars are rabbits and wolves. If you do not have the correct avatar, you will be questioned and told to have the right avatar.

• [ E n g a g i n g I n B a t t l e ] -- If the leader and/or deputy is trying to weigh out a situation, you are not allowed to attack without permission. Usually, you would just make the situation worse. Once it is weighed out, the leader or deputy will give their commands; to escort them out, or execute them on the spot.

• [ R e j o i n i n g / L e a v i n g] -- ThunderClan is not a hotel. There is a limit to how many times you can rejoin after leaving. You may not leave many times, and expect to get accepted back, unless the leader makes an exception. You can only leave three times. Your form will be declined. Please alert the leader or deputy that you are leaving. We don't want to waste our time finding out why or where you went.


☆ W a r r i o r C o d e ☆


1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

3. Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.

9. After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

10. A Gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among Clans at this time.

11. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.

12. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

13. The word of the Clan Leader is the warrior code.

14. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his/her battles unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

16. Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall.

Exceptions --

17. Cats on their way to the Moonpool are allowed to cross other Clans' territories to get to their destination.

18. Cats may travel on other Clan territories if they have something to report or ask for help.

19. The code is flexible about leadership challenges. Cats may challenge a weak or cruel leader if their Clan is in danger, and if their leadership threatens the Clan, the code expects a warrior to challenge their leader.

Additional Rules --

The following rules are not specifically stated in the warrior code but are expected to be followed:.

20. Kits must stay in camp until they are apprenticed, and are not allowed to hunt.

21. The safety of the Clan is more important than the safety of one cat.

22. Clans must not unite together to drive out another Clan.

25. Clans must not force another Clan to share territory.

24. Enemy patrols must not attack cats if they are on a mission all four Clans agree on.

25. Cats cannot eat when going to the Moonpool to speak with StarClan.


☆ N e w s ☆


[xx / xx / 11 ] - ThunderClan was created. [ 2 / 16 / 17 ]- ThunderClan has officially rebooted.

☆ Schedule ☆

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Casual Roleplay


Casual Roleplay

Clan System Gathering


Clan Training Day


Casual Roleplay


Fun Friday

Plot Roleplay

Clan System Gathering


Day off, no official roleplay


☆ Plots ☆

Plot Name Description Cats Involved
xx xx xx

☆ Alliances ☆

Group Name





Members Orientation
Pack of Shadowed Paws Jukei, Riddance, and Kigon Rebelperfection, Tigerlover00294, Drake9265 84 Neutral
Windclan Slatestar MarshyButterfly 20 Light
Elmclan Tinystar vlhv321 49 Light
Riverclan Maplestar Germanshepardlover10 19 Light
Seaclan Lilystar Maaze 30 Light
Swiftclan Albatrossstar and Lovestar Albatrosss and Squirrelycheeks 16 Neutral

We are in a system currently!


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