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🌺 Introduction 🌺 Edit

Your lost. There is no other word for the sensation of having no possible remark of common sense nor familiar surroundings. Your muscles ripple, as you slink through the foliage. Your body is tense, as your tenebris pellum begins to bristle as the aroma of other felines enter your plansume nasale. Your body lowers in a submissive manner, as the aroma grows stronger by the second. You know there are many, you sense the immense amount of bodies within the upcoming clearing.

Verdant leaves shield your from the sight of the felines. One of your extensor comunnies digitorm lifts as your epigastricinguinal recticilum pushes through the brush, causing the felines to catch sight of you. Hisses are emitted from their builds,"What do you think your doing on our territory?" A brutish vocal sounds. Followed by a feminine voice, "Don't mind him, I'm Rhynne and we welcome you with open arms to Thrushclan, home to rogues and clan-cats alike." She greets you with a welcoming smile and sweet raspy vocals.

🌺 Ranks 🌺 Edit

Leader: Xenon (venoncio23)

Deputy: Rhynne (bealsg)

Medicine Cat/Healer:



Medicine cat/Healer Apprentices:


Rules Edit

"I am Xenon, and welcome to my clan. To be accepted as 'loyal' to me and Rhynne you must follow these rules.

1) You must have rogue or clan names. Such as Hawktail or Abyss

2) No kittypets allowed in my clan. ( If you have a name like Jake or Tom, you are considered a kittypet. No collars or kittypet devices like that)

3) Respect Everyone.

4) Follow the Warrior Code, anything broken from it will have consequences.

5) We have different beliefs since we are a rogue and clan cat Clan here! Most of you will believe in StarClan ( like I ) and others wont believe in it.

6) Follow these rules and myself will think of you as a loyal medicine cat, warrior, apprentice, elder, kit, or queen.

Members 2
Activity Active
Roleplay Level Advanced/Moderate