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Wiki-partnership Request Fill-out

  • Please fill out this form if you'd like to request a Partnership with AJWC and your wiki. Then an admin or mod will respond and tell you if you're eligible.

    Name of Wiki:

    Link to Wiki:


    Is the Wiki active?

    What is the purpose of this Partnership?

    How many active users are there on the wiki?

    Before you apply, please make sure your wiki meets the following: 

    • Has more than 10 active full pages.
    • Has 5+ active users.
    • Has no inappropriate, offensive, disputive content.
    • Relates to roleplay, Animal Jam, or other topics on this wiki.
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    • 1000unicorns
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      19:43, July 6, 2016
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    • Wiki name:Animal jam animal groups wiki Link to wiki:Can't get a link Founder:Petlover00818 Is the wiki active:Always What's the purpose of partnership:Our wikis are basically the same but different titles and groups How many active users on the wiki?:3

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    • Also our wiki relates to roleplaty, has not innapporpriaten content. And also have more than 10+ active pages

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    • Name of Wiki: Animal Jam: BreezeClan

      Link to Wiki: No Link Available 

      Founder: cheetahcat555

      Is the Wiki active? Semi-Active

      What is the purpose of this Partnership? I would like to add a new warrior clan

      How many active users are there on the wiki? Unknown

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    • Name of Wiki: Lakewood Academy Highschool Wiki

      Link to wiki:

      Founder: Mikayla (TheOblivious)

      Founder of Wiki: Tyler (Sol-Pancake)

      Is the Wiki Active: Yes!

      What is the purpose of this partnership? Well since we couldn't make human groups here we decided to make a wiki, although it's a side group and we roleplay in a discussion, but it's welcome to any Aj member.

      How many active users are there on the wiki? About 20

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    • Name of Wiki:  AlderClan Wiki

      Link to Wiki:  AlderClan Wikia

      Founder: Streamstar (XxShadowpeltxXMystic); however Hollypaw (TotallyNotWillow) is the main person who does the designs and backgrounds.

      Is the Wiki active?: We are semi-active.

      What is the purpose of this Partnership?: Well, I'm guessing it would be pretty nice to have a "partner." On our Wiki includes side groups like a rogues and kittypets group, Oakdale High aka a human rp, and a barn cats rp.

      How many active users are there on the wiki?: I'd say 7..

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    • Name of the Wiki:DragonKingdomrpg

      How many Active Users are there on the wiki: I'll say 1, I need help on it!


      What is the Purpose of this partnership?:Well,I'm Guessing it would be pretty nice to have a "partner." On My Wiki, Includes, Like Animals Jams, Groups of Animals,

      Is the Wiki Active?:Yes 100%


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    • i would like to join a clan... how do i sighn up?

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    • A Fandom user
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