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Unofficial Wiki page. Link to Official wiki page Edit


Alligances Edit

Leader: SpiritStar - Light brown Shecat with brown spots

Deputy: Orangeshade - Gray, black and orange Tom


Articpaw - Snow colored she-cat


Lightsplash - Beige colored shecat

Silverbell - Black solid shecat


Lightkit - Light brown Kit

Amberkit - Brown and beige Kit

Lunakit - Starry grey Kit

Medicine Cat:

Birdclaw - Light beige Shecat


None right now.


Serepia and Zios in the congo server and At Fa11enspirit's den.

ThornClan: DensEdit

They have Vine Rug beds. The warriors' den is big. Apprentices and elders sleep in the same grounds. The kits den has pillows and mat. The elders are safely protected. They also can bask in the sun. The medicine cats` den is medium. The vine rugs make up most of it. However, there are herbs to heal any sick or hurt cat. The leaders den has a bunch of Vine Rugs and is like the medicine cat den. There is a coy pond to catch fish. And a fresh meat pile, making sure to always have it full.

ThornClan: TerritoryEdit

Sarepia Forest is used for hunting and battle training. The apprentices` find the place good to explore, along with the kits. Animal`s den is used for Clan meetings, dens, and sun basking. You can also have conversations.


Fox or Lynx: Apprentice

Wolf: Medicine cat, Warrior, Leader, and Elder

Bunny: Kit.

Medicine Cat: Wolf

The animals not in here are NOT acceptable to come into the Clan.


Back Items: Worns, Swords, and bows

Leg Items: Spiked wrist, Leaf armor, and Leg armor

Neck Items: Leaf Necklace, and Spike


To be deputy, you must have mentored ONE apprentice.

You give food to your Clan first.

You don't have to kill to win a battle!

That`s about all.


ThornClan has allied with Shadow clan


Just put a comment below, saying: Your cat(s) name, Rank, and gender!


~Spirit star

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