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Our camp consists of four camps for Leaf bare, New leaf, Green leaf, and Leaf fall. Each is different.

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Leader: Falconstar (dragonlady2004) Formerly Falconheart


Darkclaw (Brambleclaw1019)

Medicine Cats:











Thornpaw (Leila7aj)

Medicine Apprentice:





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Rules Edit

Rules must be followed or else we will exile you or suspend you for a few days

  • Must be an active member!
  • No double clanning, we ban people for that.
  • NO kittypets!
  • No powerplaying like nn, nm, or dodging.
  • Only attack with orders from the leader.
  • We only hunt in Congo, Lost Temple of Zios and Sarepia Forest.
  • Don't fight or attack clanmates.
  • We don't recommend anatomy.
  • No drama!
  • No warrior can do a medicine cats job.
  • Realistic pelts.
  • Black nametags.
  • Must be wolf, fox, arctic fox, or bunny.
  • If you die please reincarnate.
  • No dramatic deaths to get peoples attention.
  • Only medicine cats and leaders can get prophecies.
  • Follow the warrior code.
  • Don't goof around.
  • No powers.
  • No hybrids
  • No big cats

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News Edit

*Thistleclan starts again

Families Edit

Feathertail: Parents: lilacclaw,Mate: Unknown. Kits: Spiritclaw, Petalfall, Blueflame, Siblings ashcloud(rouge, dead).

Darkstorm: Parents: Bearclaw, Echosong. Foster parent: Brambleclaw. Mate: Snakepelt. Siblings: Flowerheart (Dead), Bluestone, Rainkit (Dead).

Blueflame: Parents: Unknown. Sibling: Moonwhisker. Mate: Ashfur. Kits: Silverkit, Whitefang (Dead), Shadowpaw (Dead), Greystorm (Dead), Mistykit, Streamkit, Snowfall, Shadowclaw, Streamsong, Ivykit, Dovekit, Blackpaw. Foster kit: Stormfeather (Dead)

Falconstar: Parents: Unknown loners. Sibling: Mudfrost (Dead). Mates: Fallen (Formerly), Nightpelt (Formerly), Dark sea (Formerly), Snowyclaw. Kits: Tigerpaw, Peachpaw, Sunpaw, Stormfeather (Dead), Moonkit. Foster kit: Icykit.

Sandfur: Parents: Sandpelt and Sandflower. Sibling: Moonfang. Mate: Eagletalon. Kit: Flowerkit, Lightningstrike, Goldenpaw.

Moonlily: Parents: Unknown loner and rouge. Sibling: Shadepelt (Rouge). Mate: Unknown. Kits: Greypaw, Mistykit.

Darkheart: Parents: Honeyclaw and Tanglefur. Mate: Unknown. Cousin: Redpaw (Stormclan).

Redwhisker: Parents: Leo, Blackfeather. Mates: Silverfang (Formerly), Thornsprint. Sibling: Darkclaw. Kit: Tigerkit.

Thorn: Parents: Unknown rouges. Siblings: Unknown rouges. Mate: Moonfang. Kit: Dawnkit.

Snowyclaw: Parents: Unknown tom, Breezestar. Mate: Falconstar. Kit: Moonkit. Foster kit: Icykit.

Moonlily: Parents: Unknown rouge and loner. Sibling: Shadepelt (Rouge). Mate: Unknown. Kit: Greypaw.

Darkclaw: Parents: Unkown,

Memorials Edit

These are the cats who have fallen on our long journey. We honor these cats and mourn for their loss. These cats will never be forgotten throughout history. These cats listed hunt with Starclan.

  • Whitefang: Killed by, force of impact. Whitefang, was a young and kind warrior. She is our most honorable. When Echosong recieved a prophecy to kill Sharptooth, Whitefang did it herself to let her live. She broke a ledge and the rocks crushed Sharptooth. She fell off the mountain.
  • Blizzardfur: Killed by, adder poison. Blizzardfur, was a strong warrior. After a harmless prank with snakes. Blizzardfur sacrificed herself to save Blizzardstar and Falconstar at a gathering.
  • Shadowclaw: Killed by, old age. Shadowclaw, was the oldest tom in Thistleclan he was brother to Dreamcatcher and Silverfang. Soon it came his time to leave from old age.
  • Flowerheart: Killed by, intruders. Flowerheart, had a dark secret that her mate was the medicine cat apprentice. Shortly after she had her kit she died defending her family from intruders on territory.
  • Rainkit: Killed by, hawk. Rainkit was born in the litter of Bearclaw and Echosong. When Falconstar accidentally forgot to make her an apprentice she ran off and shortly after a hawk got her.
  • Greyclaw: Killed by, death berries. Greyclaw used to be the beloved Leafstar leader of Leafclan soon her clan turned evil and turned against us. But she didn't want to be a monster but she was forced to give secrets of our clan to Endlessclan and they attacked. But she was forgiven but her elderly brother fed her death berries.
  • Lilypool: Killed by, wild bear. Lilypool, was the medicine cat her jaw was broken in battle but it did not stop her from becoming the best medicine cat of Thistleclan.
  • Ashclaw: Killed by saving a rouge kit from a monster. Ashclaw, was a young warrior and very loyal also popular in the mates section but soon his heart laid to save a kit from a monster.
  • Ashfang: Killed by, dog pack. Ashfang, was a newly made warrior and loyal to the core she died defending clan territory from a dog pack.
  • Stormfeather: Killed by, badgers. Stormfeather, was the daughter of Falconstar she had a mate Redeye and three kits Blueheart, Sunpelt, and Thunderfang. But when the badgers attacked her mate and Sunpelt were killed and soon she was as well.
  • Redeye: Killed Slby, badgers. Redeye, had Stormfeather as a mate and had Blueheart, Sunpelt, and Thunderfang as kits. Soon when the badgers attacked he sacrificed himself to save Stormfeather but sadly himself his mate and Sunpelt died.
  • Sunpelt: Killed by, badgers. Sunpelt was grandchild to Falconstar had two sisters a father and a mother as a young warrior she died in camp from badgers along with her mom and dad.
  • Echosong: Killed by, old age. Echosong served our clan longer than most cats with a mate and four kits. She received a prophecy that saved the clans but, she and her mate, Brambleclaw died senior warriors.
  • Brambleclaw: Killed by, old age. Brambleclaw came to our clan and become a proud father and a loving mate and stayed beside his mate until death and supported his kits until death as well.
  • Mousefur: Killed By, old age. She served her clan well. although sometimes could be difficult,she was Loved by the clan and will always be rememberd

Blogs/Stories Edit

Echosong's Story-



Darkheart's (And Redpaw) Story-

Falconstar's Story- animal-jam-clans

Available Cats:

Outlaws/Rouges Edit

These are cats formerly of our clan who have violated the warrior code or betrayed our clan.

Crimsonstorm: He was one of the first cats to join, his thirst for blood happened when he attacked Falconstar during a clan meeting. Then after he took one of her lives he attacked Shatteredstorm and started taking out cats one by one. He was banned and attacked whenever the camp was poorly defended.

Shadepelt: He was one of our most loyal warriors and sister to Spottedclaw (Moonlily), but one day when Streamsong's kit was playing by the fireplace he said "Hey kit want to have some fun?" Then he tossed the kit into the fire. He was banned and his last word said one day your clan will fall.

Streamsong: She and her sister were queens of the clan, her kit was tossed into the fire by Shadepelt but all along she was a spy for Iceclan and she was deputy her sister leader and they attacked us in battle though we won not long into the fight.

Stonestorm: She and her sister were queens of the clan, she and her sister were spies from Iceclan soon we had a battle with them and easily won.

Leafshard: She came with Ashclaw as his mate but really just forced him to become her mate. Soon Leafshard was double clanning in a pack she was banned for it.

Moonwhisker: She was a loyal warrior and medicine cat but one day she left and started Divineclan and we had a huge battle with them but soon we won.

Redwhisker: She was the most loyal cat a clan could ask for she originally came from Featherclan but became our deputy. She also had Thornsprint as her mate and Tigerpaw as her son. But after Falconstar dismissed her clan she betrayed us her and her son became Endlessclan members.

Tigerpaw: He was the young apprentice of this clan. Tigerpaw was born to Redwhisker and Thornsprint and had a happy life. But after Falconstar dismissed the clan Redwhisker and him went to Endlessclan.

Bear: He is our worst enemy yet, he started as a kittypet who became mates with Echosong. He is the real father of Bluestone, Darkstorm, Flowerheart, and Rainkit but soon he became a rouge and began to murder cats. In Darkforest he train his great granddaughter Lunafall. But was banished from all cats in Thistleclan.

Ships! Edit

These are clan couples we ship we are only including real mates no crushes also they are current mates of our clan.

Falconstar X Snowyclaw

Sandfur X Eagletalon

Moonfang X Thorn

Snakepelt X Darkstorm

Theme songs Edit

Snowyclaw: Humble and Kind, Tim mc Graw.

Falconstar: Pass the Love around, Krewella.

Lunafall: I knew you were trouble, Taylor Swift.

Darkstorm: Here I am, Bryan Adams.

Blueflame: Slipped away, Avril Lavigne.

Sandfur: Me, myself, and I, G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha.

Glazestrike: Sky full of stars, Coldplay.

Darkriver: Die young, Ke$ha.

Feathertail: Lost Boy, Ruth B.

Punishments Edit

  1. Clean the nests and change bedding of all the dens. (Least worse)
  2. Take ticks off the elders.
  3. Live in territory for a few sunrises.
  4. Clean the dirt pile.
  5. Forced to sleep outside.
  6. Not allowed to join gatherings for two moons.
  7. Not allowed to eat for three sunrises.
  8. Walk on thistles.
  9. Ear taken.
  10. Eye taken.
  11. Exile.
  12. Execution. (Worse)

Dress code Edit

We don't like our warriors looking as if they were mousebrains.

Head: Fox hats, head flower, skull helmet, spring flower crown. Edit

Neck: Spikes, amulets, leaf necklace, Jamaaliday scarf. Edit

Leg: Elf bracelets, wind gauntlets, leg armor. Edit

Back: Swords, bow, bow and arrow, dagger, worn. Edit

Tail: Tail armor, feather tail. Edit