Intro (or how you found us) Edit

You are a small kit, lost in the cold woods. You rush out into a clearing ahead of you, suddenly falling onto your soft underbelly from the harsh rain in the dark night. You struggle back up and sit down, leaping and fur bristling at a crash of lightning. Hearing a rush of paws you scurry back into the woods behind you, hiding in a bush and shivering from the ice cold air, now coming in large gusts, on your sodden fur. Again, you leap as a crash sounds in the distance and you slowly creep forward into the clearing again, seeing a vole. Thunder claps in the woods in front of you this time, a small fire being put out by the rain, and a large, dripping wet cat loomed tall in front of you and you can only see her silhouette, but a strong she-cat sent hits your nose and you crouch down as if bowing, but looking up at her in fear. Another thunderclap from behind you shows her pelt, a silver mask-shape on her face, all paws deep grey and long, black tabby markings down her thick, long fur, you fur flattens at her soft meow: "don't be afraid my child, for I am Silvermask of Clan The last of the Fire, Deputy. I mean no harm and I am sure the Clan doesn't either. Come, I can tell you are starving..." you raise to your paws and follow her, asking in a horse mew "W-who is in y-your c-clan" you manage to shiver the words and your fur bristles as she puts her long, thick tail around you "very good cats, they will care for you, I am sure of it. We are close now, do not worry, little one." as you look down from the silver-masked face you see a large wall of thistle and gorse, and you pause in front of it. "W-we're going th-through th-that?" as she pushes through it you hear a mumble "yes, the clan is in here" and you follow. You step out and see large bushes, cats young and old, and a large rock of sandstone, an opening in it covered by long leave drapings, and you leap as a loud yowl sounds next to you: "CLAN MEETING!" and Silvermask takes you to a large cat "new kit I found in the rain, starving..."

Welcome to Last of the Fire, a bold clan recruiting anycat who is willing to. At the moment we have no leader, hence the no-gender no-named leader in the story ^. Med cat is taken (by me, Silvermask) but all others are open (leader choosing deputy). No double-claning, clan swapping (unless you have been exiled) and no spying on clans without leaders permission. Join Form below.

Join Form/Entry Edit

AJ User: (mine is snowynin)

Clan name: (if kit/appren. put name :shadowkit/paw: and desired warrior name :shadowfang: and the leader will choose your real name)

Rank: (if kit/appren. put current rank and then rank desired)

Distinction: (brown pelt with white stripes and ear tips)

Gender: (she-cat, tom)

Roll-Play Example: (Shadowsnow leaped at the Blackclan warrior, scratching his ear and biting his paw as she fell, scrambling to her paws quickly)

*all (words with these --->) are examples

Rules Edit

(rules on my jammer-wall, the leader can add on to them on their own wall, thank you for not skipping this area)


Youtube I will be there Greystripe and Silverstream and Youtube Skyfall Bluestar