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The Wandering Stars is a religion practiced by The Pack Of Wondering Souls.

Shinning Stars Edit

This is where all the loyal and great felines head to when they are killed or died. This is where the good cats go to see and live among the Forebears. They can be seen by torchbearers, clinicain, and seniors only cat with a great bond with a past away cat who is not torchbearer, clinicain or senior will see their past away one.

~Past Away Members Under Shinning Stars~


Dim Stars Edit

This is where all dark, evil and/or traitorous cats head to when they are most likely killed. Most cats who go here are never seen by anyone but from one of the oldest Forebear has said that these cats can get into the weak minds of the broken minded or hearted and make them turn on the ones they care for.

~Past Away Members Under Dim Stars~