Visions Of TimeEdit

I forsee you will ask what it this is. 

This is a dream. A dream in which, you have seen me.

Talking to you. 

My name is Dream Catcher, and welcome to The Visions Of Time.

What are we?Edit

The Visions of Time are the protecters of time. These cats walk among the mind-scape, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.


High Ranks

The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher is the leader, and can predict the future, and read minds. As well as walktrough dreams, and travel through time\the mindscape (all of which are given by the Fates). They have connection to The Fates (which is the StarClan of the Visions). One the cat becomes Dream-Catcher, they change their name to Dream Catcher. Dream-Catchers also have 9 lives, granted by The Fates. They are trained all their lives, and are always the Next-One from the time they are born. For more information on the process of becoming Dream-Catcher, see The Next-One.

The Next-One

The name says it all. The Next-One is the next Dream Catcher. Usually, the Next-One is somehow realated to the current Dream-Catcher. They are given 8 lives by The Fates. They must have all the abilities of the Dream Catcher. When a cat is born, and posseses all of these abilities, they immediatley become the Next-One. Basically they are like princesses and princes, and are trained all their lives to become Dream-Catcher. They do take the same training as normal Future-Ones do, and when they are of age, they take more responibilities. Some are, border patrols, mind-scape patrols, hunting patrols, and helping with herbs.

The One Who Heals

Much like the medicine cat of the clan, the one who heals, heals the sick and injuried. They may take a mate and have kittens, once they have a future-one. They must have a connection with The Dream Catcher, and The Fates. They are given 7 lives from The Fates. They must also be able to read minds.

Normal Ranks


Basically the hunters and warriors of the clan. The protecters make up the bulk of the clan, and all must have the ability to walk in dreams. 


The future-ones are trained by protecters, or the one who heals, to become a protecter or healer. Once their mentor decides they are ready\when they come of age, the Future-One must preform all the tasks that they have learned in front of the entire clan (excluding the mentor). The Dream Catcher approves , or disapproves the Future-One's protectership\healership. A day after, they have a ceremony for the Future-One.


Caretakers are she-cats who are currently nursing, or taking care of kittens. They are highly valued by the Visions Of Time, and are treated with utmost respect.


Kittens are cats from 0-8 moons, and are the group's bane. They are highly spoiled, and get many things that they want.

The Past-Ones

The past-ones are the senior citizen cats who have served their clan as a caretaker\healer\next-one\protecter. They are typically 80-death moons.

The Rules Of The Fates

  1. I will never meddle with time.
  2. I will never harm a kitten.
  3. I will not harm a protecter in need.
  4. I shall not kill for victory.
  5. I will respect all cats, even if their view is different from mine.
  6. I will not kill for revenge.
  7. I will not use my abilitie to harm, black-mail, or embaress anyone.
  8. I shall never insult any catin the Visions Of Time.

Dress CodeEdit


Head- Skull mask, flower crown, flower (healers only), racoon hat, fox hat, feather earrings (high ranks only), or nothing

Neck- Firefly necklace, leaf necklace, spike necklace, studded necklace, turqois necklace (high ranks only) or nothing

Back- Arrows (all colors), Pirate sword, samurai sword, blanket, rags, stone dagger (or whatever its called lol), or nothing

Paws- Spike bracelet, turqois bracelet (high ranks only), flower bracelet, studded bracelet, leaf bracelets, or nothing

Tail- Feather tail (dream catcher and next-one only), elf tail armor, racoon tail (normal ranks only), or nothing


Dream-Catcher, Next-One, Healer, Protecters, Caretakers- Wolf

Future-Ones- Fox, Artic Fox, Wolf (nonmember), Lynx

Kittens- Rabbits, Lynx

The Past-Ones- Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Tiger


Allowed Hues (pelts)Edit

Black, White, Grayish Blue, All Grays, All Cream Colors, basically any realistic pelt colors.

Allowed Hues (eyes)

All blues, light gray, all greens, orange, all yellows except that super bright one that  hurts my eyes, and the light purple


Our tag is blue for higher rankings, and black for normal rankings. When you are on a mission, please, change it to silver.



Dream Catcher (Azure)-  A long-furred, battle-scarred, dark gray she-cat with bright blue eyes, and black tabby markings. She is blind in one eye due to a skrimish with a rouge- 33104snowy


The One Who Heals






The Name Choosing CeremonyEdit

When a kitten is born, there is ceremony held in place. 

The current dream-catcher will gather the group, and announce the birth of kittens. They will call the parents up to give the kittens to them. They will then see into the future to see what will happen to them. What they are like. What they will look like. For example Dream Catcher was named Azure for her eyes, which will end up intimidating her peers, and get them to listen to her.

Common Names Edit















Banned names are: Vision, Time, Fate, Light, Dark, Dream, Catcher

How To JoinEdit


Name: Azure

Gender: She-cat

Appearance: Azure is a battle-scarred she-cat. She is blind in her one eye due to a skrimish with a rouge. Her eyes are a striking blue that are known for scaring her peers. Azure's fur is long in length, and is a dark gray. She has black tabby markings, as well.

Desired Rank: Dream-Catcher

Mate: Ghost (deceased)

Kits: None

Cat's Special Powers: Walk amongst dreams, read minds, foretell the future, travel through time\mind scape, has nine lives (all required powers)

Roleplay Example: ... The dark pelted shecat padded amongst the undergrowth in searchof prey... 

Why Do You Want To Join?: I founded this group

Important PagesEdit

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I foresee, a future ,in which, we will meet again...Edit