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From cute and fluffy to blood thirsty savages, we are a serious group when needed, but when one of the Alphas say BUNNY TIME, you can act cute, idiotic, and plain weird.

{~ Information ~} Edit

Date Founded & Founder-- 3-25-2016 cloveaw22
Recruiting?-- Yes
Member Count-- 1 :3
Species-- Bunnies
Orientation-- Neutral, but mostly Good
Beliefs-- Horizomism
Prey-- None, we bunnies
What Food Do We Eat Then?-- Apples, Carrots, Lettuce, Raspberries, Strawberries, Grapes,

Sage, Thyme, Coltsfoot and Rosemary

How Much Food Is Available?-- Plenty of food is currently available, because of the small size of the Fluff
Season-- Early Newleaf
Server & Territory & Hollow Location-- Atlas; Sacred Forest(Temple of Zios); cloveaw22's den

{~ Introduction ~} Edit

Your hopping through the forest happily, when out of nowhere a vicious beast attacks you. Without getting to even see the beast, you get knocked out. You wake up in a strange meadow, not knowing where or who you are. You are in the middle of a fairy ring, and the sight of mushrooms makes your mouth water. You attempt to move but you are too exhausted. Your eyes grow heavy and you black out again.

You wake up for the second time in the same meadow, but this time it is pitch black out. You blink, and once your eyes are opened again you are surrounded by murmuring figures. You can just barely make out what they are saying.

"Is it alive?" "Of course its alive, acorn brain! Can't you hear the thing's heartbeat?" "Okay, okay. But what do we do with it?" "I say we eat it!" "I say we give it to a pack of sails." They all chuckle. "No, it wouldn't survive a second with sails. Let's bring it to the hollow." "Seriously? Do we have to?" "Yes, we do. You do what I say. Bones, Shadow, carry it to the hollow." "Yes Clover" "Alright Clover, if I have to." You black out as they lift you up.

You wake up for the third time in what seems to be a BIG tree. And you are literally IN it, it is hollowed out. Maybe this is why they called it the Hollow. You chuckle silently to yourself, and as you do a dark figure approaches. You prepare your claws to lash out, when the figure speaks. "Fret not, young one. You have not yet know true terror. This is simply the unknown. You have not experienced war, battle, death... blood." The way the figure said blood sent a chill through your bones. But the voice continued. "You have nothing to fear from me, that is if you are loyal. Now, come into the light." Small lightning bugs fly around the tree, illuminating the Hollow. You see the figure clearly now, and many others alike. They are all bunnies. How are bunnies so frightening, tough, and ruthless?? You wonder. But the fear has not left so you come into the light as instructed.

You feel like a mouse standing before a dragon, as you stand in front of a large bunny. "Welcome to the Vicious Fluff. Do you remember your name? Your age? Your gender, because I don't want to have to search for that." You think for a moment, not knowing your name you decide this can be a fresh start. You know that you're 7 moons old, and a boy. You decide your new name will be Yuki, because of your snow white pelt. "I am Yuki, a boy, 3 moons old." You tell Clover. "Well then, we, and I Clover, welcome Yuki to the Vicious Fluff." All the other bunnies cheered, and you feel a surge of pride. "Now follow me, you look famished." Clover leads you to a pile of carrots, lettuce, and many other delicious vegetables. You happily eat, and think, I'm gonna love it here!

{~ Rules ~} Edit

If you break the rules, you will be put on trial before the three Alphas. They will decide your fate.

  • Follow the Horizonism Tribal Code [Deputy is All Members of the Fluff]
  • Don't be a power player, no nm nn nd nh
  • If we find out you are double-clanning, you are banished without any trial.
  • All accessories should be armor or plants, and match your rank colour.

More rules to come soon!

{~ Ranks & Colors ~} Edit

Rank Color Description Number

of Bunnies

in Rank


Limit for


Alpha Black (Couches) The leaders of the Hollow. 1 3
Eta Green The Shamans, or healers, of

the hollow.

1 3
Silverstar Black The eldest or injured bunnies. 0 none
Warriors Blue The battlers and guardians of

the Hollow.

0 none
Finders Orange The gatherers of the Hollow. 0 none
Cottonpaws White The learners of the Hollow. 0 none
Cub Pink The youngest of the Hollow. 0 15

{~ Alpha ~} Edit

Three Leaders of the pack. One specializes in orders, and is the most respected. Another specialized in the Etas and the Betas. And the last is technically an Omega, but is so highly respected they are an Alpha.

{~ Shamans ~} Edit

The Shamans, or healers, of the Hollow. There can be three, including the Alpha Omega.

{~ Silverstar ~} Edit

The eldest or injured bunnies. They provide wisdom, advice, and entertaining stories for young Etas, Betas, and Omegas.

{~ Warrior ~} Edit

The battlers and guardians of the hollow. These fierce warriors spend any and all free time sparing each other and practicing new techniques, many of which Silverstars suggest.

{~ Eta ~} Edit

The gatherers of the clan, these bunnies get food for all the rest. In their free time they replace bedding, and care for the Silverstars and Cubs.

{~ Cottonpaw ~} Edit

The young learners of the Hollow, started at 2 moons, train to become a Beta, Eta, or Omega. Not allowed outside of the Hollow unless accompanied by an Eta, Beta, Silverstar, Omega, or Alpha.

{~ Cub ~} Edit

The Youngest of the Hollow, under 2 moons old. Are not allowed outside the Hollow unless it is a life or death situation, and if so must be accompanied by a Eta, Beta, Omega, Silverstar, or Alpha at all times.

{~ Members ~} Edit

Joining Form Edit

If you want to join, please comment below in the following way:


Fluff Name:


Requested Rank:


Roleplaying Example (fighting, hunting, ect.):


Past groups:

Email (if any):

Why you deserve to be in the Fluff:

Current Members Edit

Fluff Name Username Gender Rank Personality Appearance Email Extra Information
Clover cloveaw22 Male Alpha Omega Editing... Editing... Founder of the Fluff

{~ News ~} Edit

2016 Edit

March Edit

25 - The Vicious Fluff created. First member of the Fluff: cloveaw22 aka Clover, Alpha Omega.