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Salutations. Welcome To TundraClan. Edit

Listen Up, Roleplayers! We're not taking in you foolish kittypets! Thank StarClan if you're saved in another clan!

I'm OasisStar, a short tempered Tom with a Military Sense! Don't Joke around with me! I'll give EVERY cat a good pep talk before ANY roleplaying on my territory!

Introduction of Tundraclan Edit

You are passing by a long, freshwater bay. Then, you notice an island in the distance. Desperate to investigate, you swim to it! There is only one cat there, a brisky tom. his white fur bristles, its ginger patches no match for his dark Black underbelly. 'Get Off Of TundraClan Territory, Fleapelt!' he shouts at you. You stand your grounds, and you see his intense look saying- Dude, get off or I'll kill you. You defend yourself by saying, 'I'm here to join your island, I haven't seen any other cats anywhere to help me.' The white tom scoffs.'You think you join TundraClan THAT easily?

Nooooho! If you thought you would, that's rubbish!' He hisses at you. 'Shut up, Mousebrain,' you spit at him.'Oh, Nobody Talks To OasisStar That Way!' The tom flings himself forward and lunges at your neck. You kick him off into the ocean, then you shove his head underwater. He throws you onto land. 'Fine, You may stay in TundraClan for a while,' he says, trying not to admit it. You smile gleefully.

About OasisStar (no editing, he is swag) Edit

Pelt- White with ginger patches and black underbelly

eyes- watery ocean blue

Traits- grumpy, stern, ordering, repectful, short tempered,

Also known as- OasisKit, OasisPaw, OasisEyes, Boney,

Struggles- leafbare, when the ocean it too cold to swim and fish in, when twolegs see him on his island

Mother- DesertPelt


Siblings- Drykit, Palmkit,

Clan Orders, (must obey or consequences may come) Edit

Follows the warrior code,

Call Owlstar (Talonclan) Biff.

Don't go on other territories, and don't let any cats not in our clan come on my territory!

No going on highrock

Consequences Edit



Meeting with OasisStar (oh noooooo)

Exiled From TundraClan


Members Of TundraClan The Great >:3 Edit

Leader- OasisStar






Medicine Cat-

Majesticness (we all know it)------------- OasisStar

☯Note☯ Edit


OasisStar i am Leon leader of ☯WhisperClan☯. I would like to be allies with you. If you don't accept its alright. But the whispers will follow you.

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